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Undertale Comic Dub: MEGALO (Spoilers)

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Hello all, name's Avery. Don't know me? Yeah, I wouldn't know me either. But I wanted to share with you something that a friend and I made, that being a Comic Dub! My friend Voiced Sans, I voiced Flowey (And yes I say his AND Papyrus' name differently, don't hurt me) and I was in charge of the editing! I even messaged the author of the comic and she absolutely loved it! So, why not be a pal and give it a watch yourself?


ALSO! If you have not at least seen the endings to Undertale, please do not try and spoil yourself. Because this comic does contain spoilers


That being said, let's get on with the show!



Enjoy this artshow of voices! Feel free to give feedback! This IS my first attempt at something like this, so I'd like to know how I could improve a lot!

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