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[{ The story. }]
Ξ •·• In a future of an alternate universe where the Elements of Harmony are used as a weapon of war, it will take a hero to to save the land of a steampunk Equestria . Prepare for a long epic adventures through a world unlike any other you have ever seen. •·• Ξ

*~>_ Quick summary _<~*
•~. you've heard rumors of the Royal army sending troops out to the southeast pass the mountains to the river lands and rumors of the princesses' of powers slipping and she plans to conquer other lands to provide resources like the highly energized and rare crystals known as "harmonium". Little is known about harmonium. Some say harmonium is powered by the saviors of the past. Some say there radioactive gems powered by demonic spirits. But that's not important right now. Tomorrow you take a train to canterlot to take care of business.

•●·. Rules .·●•

ㅇThis RP has "action RPG elements"
و Jobs and stats are set by you, but your class is chosen by me.
** "Job" is basically what kind of skills you get and your "class" will be your fighting style

◎You can even come up with any moves you would like.
You'll even be able to learn moves. Moves that are learned have the ability to improve and have a greater effect. Availability for a type of move to be learned will be said by me.

☆✺Anyone can join!✺☆
--• Just post me the details of your character. And he/she/? shall be implemented in the time appropriate. sign ups are right here --> [link]

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