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Name: Garrett

Sex: Male

Age: Adult

Species: Gryphon

Eye colour: Red

Other colours: Black pelt (panther) with silver patches, charcoal grey feathers (great black hawk) and light grey beak and forelegs.

Physique: Average gryphon size. Lean, fit. Scarred left eye.

Appearance concept - Civvy



Appearance concept - Hunter



Residence: Itinerant. He can sleep rough without any trouble, and frequents settlements with a lot of rural area around, however he might turn up in a more urban place looking for a job or to sell what he finds (possibly tap the black market). Given his strong wings and assuming there are no impairing factors, he could be all over the country in a short time frame.

Occupation: Hunter. Problem solver.

Unique Traits: Garrett will hunt anything. He is a good shot with a bow, quick with his talons and agile in the air. Additionally he is proficient in the area of travelling and wilderness skills - keeping a covert presence, tracking, trapping, fletching, cooking, herbology, basic alchemy and the like.

History: He hails from the mountains of the Gryphon Kingdom. Once, he was a soldier. Pretty good at it too. In those days he was essentially defined by his avarice, like so many other gryphons. He had a sterling service record; he was Garrett the hunter, the implacable, the feared. At the height of his career, opposing outposts sometimes just disappeared. Where he walked he never left a trace.
Until that decisive week. This life came crashing to a halt when he got caught up in the politics of an insignificant conflict in a backwater corner of the world. He drew the ire of the wrong lord. That story concluded with an error that put him in the wrong place at the wrong time, with an injured wing and a complex of ruins that had him cornered. He engaged the lord’s private military in one last stand, and eventually a kukri-wielding officer took him down. That was the end of Garrett the soldier.
Or perhaps it should have been. His heart slowed and grew cold. He was left for dead on the grassy knoll, accepting the overcast grey sky as his last sight, when an old gryphon came from the village down the mountain to find him. It was Grace, a captive medic he had unwittingly rescued while picking apart one of the lord’s strongholds. Her compassion and selflessness moved him, it had literally saved his life after all, and so…
He gave up real soldiering and looked for something else to do. He wasn't going to completely abandon his old ways of course.

Character Personality: Garrett is cynical, aloof and just a bit surly. He's inclined to a pointed joke or comment now and then. He might come across as scary to some, but the truth is he is mostly indifferent to strangers. He doesn't view pony kind with particular prejudice or distaste, but them being small herbivores might impact his impression of them. He doesn't know much about magic and tends to be suspicious of its use. Piercing through his steely exterior to befriend him would be a significant achievement.

Character Summary: Gruff hunter gryphon. Not super approachable.

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