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The Great Equestrian War (see OOC)

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32 NCE (New Crystal Empire)

Tall Tale Region

Equestria's longest age of peace has suddenly screeched to a bloody end.  One month ago forces from the Crystal Empire made there way through the Galloping Gorge and into the city of Vanhoover, securing its port.  This sudden act of war has now put two of the known world's greatest super powers against each other in epic conflict.  Later the Smokey Mountains and their surrounding areas were swiftly taken.  Equestria's remaining forces in the area have dug in at Tall Tale, a small settlement north of the occupied high ground.  Now a forward division of mechanized infantry, belonging to the Crystal Empire's 5th Army, are pushing up into Tall Tale in an attempt to uproot the remains of Equestria's 8th Army.

Division is armed with...

The  Goofer 43 (Germany's Gewehr 43): a magazine fed rifle possessing both medium range and fire rate

The Kart98k (Germany's Kar98k): a powerful bolt action rifle with a low fire rate countering its high range capabilities

The Muler (Germany's Luger): a short range but powerful pistol mainly found on officers


You may start with your Bio in the OOC, wait for approval and report to the front with your first actions...



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Dog Tag details in OOC...

The column chugged along a low muddy road through the crisp morning.  Frost had formed on the armored carriages and a large amount of steam escaped their exhaust pipes, clouding up the scene.  On the left loomed the gutted skeleton of Tall Tale.  The settlement had recently been bombarded with endless waves of artillery, leveling almost every structure in town.  To the right was a much more tranquil forest line, Shine Out faced the trees but saw nothing.  Water dripped from thawing branches and small yellow flowers began to peek through their blanket of snow, however these details went unnoticed to the young private whose mind was focused to the right and the looming battle ahead.  The waiting was suicide, his stomach ate away at itself and his bones were chilled by cold and fear.  All the the poor stallion could do was huddle inside his grey coat and retreat deep into his mind.  

Thinking was both his savior and nemesis in this situation.  The memories of a warm home, his loving family, and the normal troubles of school yanked him out of the carriage and back to paradise.  Then storm clouds formed, lightning struck again and again, soon his paradise looked like Tall Tale.  The vicious cycle of hope and terror continued in his head, the slight bob of his helmet setting the rhythm of his thoughts.  Seated at the back opening of the vehicle, he continued to gaze out at the peaceful forest.  Meanwhile, he continued to fight his own private war. 

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I think you might want to put this in the OOC section.

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