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Name: Detective Hard-Boiled

Sex: Male

Age: Stallion

Species: Aerion

Eye Color: Plum

Character Color: He has a smoky white coat, and a dark grey mane. His legs share the same color as the mane, and comes up into a point at the front of each leg, and ends just past the knee.

Physique: The stallion is about average in height for stallions, and features the typical streamlined features of the bat ponies with a few hard edges here and there – and slimmer in some portions. This all is building closer into what resembles a canine like appearance. Along those hard edges, he has tufts of fur jutting off of his body. He has an angular face that features a sharp chin, and a curve from his nose up to his fore head.

His mane is cut short and slicked back with a bit of gel, then grooved with a comb. He usually wears a polo shirt. A  tie. And a trench coat with a matching vintage fedora. His badge is usually worn on a chain around his neck and tucked away.

During the day time, he wears patrolmen shades to help with his vision in the bright sunlight. But they are removed at night.


Residence: An apartment in the city of Manehatten. Just an average one. Not too expensive, and not cheap enough to be placed in the ghetto. He has a fluff ball of a Pomeranian named Faraday

Occupation: A Law Enforcement Officer. Currently a detective.

Cutiemark: An Egg Shell white police badge with a crack in it.

Since Hard-Boiled was a foal, he had always been a rather cynical pony. Always watching ponies, and their actions. Or doubting the nature of many. Perhaps he had been a tad bit paranoid. Which is fair, given that there exist a loop of darker caverns in Night-Light City that most bat ponies wouldn’t even set foot in, or see all too well in. And guess where his home happened to be? Right on the cross roads between that deep cave system, and the shallow one.

One night there was an intrusion in his home cave when both he and his mother was away. Not much was stolen. But Hard Boiled did find that a pocket watch that belonged to his father was missing. He began his amateur detective work then. And steadily found that he was pretty good at what he was doing, and that he liked it. He discovered small but significant bits of evidence. He questioned ponies he knew would be around during the hours of the intrusion. The details had lead him to the Low Town cave system in that unsavory loop. And there he had found a foal who was walking around nervously with his father’s pocket watch.

After apprehending, and ascertaining about the foals intentions, he was informed that he simply did it under a dare with his friends. Appreciating the foals honesty, Hard Boiled let him go and returned the watch to his mother. It was then that he gained his cutie mark.



Born to a mare tavern owner named Sunny-Side, Hard Boiled grew up with the sort of cynicism and understanding of reality and the streets that’d match a more stereotypical meaning of his name. He never had a chance to know his father as a foal. He was good contractor that helped carve homes and other structures into the cave walls of Night Light city. However, as good as a pay that brought in, there were dangers along with it. A tragic accident with nature caused the ceiling to cave in. No other details are needed to tell that story.

Hard Boiled had never been a very social pony, and often kept to himself and watch ponies roam the caves. Eventually, as he grew older he did grow more outgoing, though he often kept himself to a small circle of friends. And while there were a large ring of ponies he was “fond” of, his trust and loyalty was beyond comparison for his friends.

When he was of age, he joined up with the cave’s police force. He started off as an onion in the academy. However with sheer determination, and a strong desire to improve, he graduated within the top of the class.

After a few years of service, and Luna’s return to equestrian, Hard Boiled said his good byes and left Night Light city for the city of Manehatten. He joined up there, and was enlisted as a detective.

Character Summary:
Suave and careful on a good day. A grouch, and grim on a bad day. And the contrast between the two is like night and day. His views of the world are realistic, if not pessimistic or cynical at it’s best. And while he rarely breaks the restrictions that holds back a police officer, he is definitely a cut-throat pragmatist with a passion for justice when it’s needed. That is to say, he’ll quickly find a loop hole to solve his case. No criminal is ever safe from him, and he makes it known.

Now make no mistake, he’s not always a grim dark bat. Even when his face seems to be fixed in a grimace. There are still things that brings a wide smile out of this stallion. For example, he has a love for dogs, a fascination born for being a pet that’s rather difficult to keep and rare back in his childhood home.

Unique Traits:

Hardy: Back in Night Light City, his old stomping grounds had been it’s dark loop, with a strong preference to Low Town. Street Crimes were definitely common, and he often ended up in struggles with his suspects. Those experiences made him stronger, and definitely a hardier and rugged pony.

Night-Vision: Areion’s ability to see in dimly lit environments. What else is there to say?

Street Smarts: The knowledge of survival in an urban environment where people try to be your friends. It also gives him the benefit of knowing exactly who to go to during his investigations, where to go to, and personal contacts.


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