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On 5/11/2018 at 1:37 PM, Dusty said:

We can use some more heroes to get things moving! So if you are looking for something to start off with, take a look. 


Are you specifically looking for young heroes, or could more senor heroes, heroines, or freelance figures join in? Perhaps more to observe, and if needed assist the younger heroes, but still. Not so much as a teacher perhaps, unless there was any students will particular focus involving magic or with more supernatural elements/origins to their powers, but still someone who could offer help in perhaps more subtle ways that could make for some interesting scenarios or roleplaying.


Yet, though I am eager to play as my character Mythos, as shown above, there was an idea I had for a technological speedster who could fit well as a young hero and student of Canterlot Hero Academy. The idea being something of a mix of the Flash/Ironman, or in this case more Kid Flash/Ironheart (the young African American counterpart to Iron Man). I wont be able to jump in right away if I did go with "Golden Haze", as would be his working superhero name, because of the color of his coat and even power suit but because of a... side effect of his suit going at such high speeds. In that the suit builds up of excessive amount of heat overtime with the kinetic energy generated, which can created something of a haze effect especially when he expels or releases the heat to help the suit cool off.

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don't see why not, will put us at four! four sounds nice. 

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Thanks, just wanted to make sure.

I will see about putting together a post within the next hour, as it may take me some extra time to get up to the detail being shown already by members for their posts. It is such detail I can match, even exceed, yet I normally tend to take extra time deciding on such details and now I want to going about my character's actions.

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sweet, be glad to see it!

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Red Jarl App:

Superhero/Supervillain: The Red Jarl, the God-Killer

Powers: The Red Jarl was always a peerless warrior, a match for the greatest mortal warriors even before his transformation into The Red Jarl. Unarmed and armed, he was perhaps the greatest Caribou warrior of all time.

After the betrayal of the Gods and his fateful meeting with the World Serpent, the Jarl changed drastically. He can never be entirely killed. He can be destroyed, upon which he will dematerialize and show up at a later date and time, at a random location that the World Serpent deems him to be most useful. It is difficult to kill him anyway, however. His flesh is highly resistant to all forms of damage and his armor, fashioned from the bones of the World Serpent, bits of Golem, and enchanted Whitescar Wood, is notoriously difficult to deal with. It affords excellent protection against all threats, physical and magical, and any piece that falls off of him instantly turns to dust and vanishes.

He is extremely resistant to pain and regenerates wounds swiftly. This combines to make him extremely difficult to kill, but it is far from his greatest power. That lies with God-Killer the axe that he wields with extreme efficiency. Made from the remains of the World Serpent, forged in the flames that built the weapons designed in the Formation, it is capable of going through any defensive measure- magical or otherwise. He can slam it into the ground and cause a bevy of environmental effects. He can use it to burn away the oxygen in a space and, it is rumored, use the tip of it to fire an extremely powerful beam of divine might.

He rages constantly. The more he rages, the more he gets hurt, the longer the fight drags on, the stronger and faster he gets. He is never more dangerous than the moment before his destruction. It is said that a swing of his axe when he is angry enough is enough to split whole mountains. Perhaps his most powerful ability, however, is one he is not responsible for. Gods never fully die and covered in their essence, he has a little bit of their power. This translates into otherworldly strength and speed, but more importantly, effects the area around him.

Old Gods of Death and Fear cause even the most stalwart opponents to have to fight down rising tides of panic. Gods of War and Battle cause level-headed adversaries and military forces to fall upon themselves in extreme bloodlust. The effects are manifold and are entirely outside of his knowledge and control. Decay, Disease, Rot, Lust, Indulgence, and a thousand other effects flow out of him without his knowledge.

Weakness: While he is an immensely powerful creature, the Jarl has several weaknesses. The first is the final trick played by the Trickster God of the Whitescar pantheon, which has left the Jarl unable to ever fully stop raging. He has calm moments, but these are merely shadows on a sun. The Rubric of Saddle Arabia is a powerful spell that makes him more easy to damage by all manner of weaponry, though it is an obscure spell known to only a small hoofull of Saddle Arabians, let alone Equestrians. The Bushido Rite is an important weakness. While it has no effect on his combat effectiveness, he is compelled to openly challenge those he seeks to destroy first rather than simply engage them where they are. This can allow heroes to evacuate the area and prepare to fight him on their own terms. A warning: he is compelled to challenge first, but is not above wiping out cities to force acceptance of it. The Flowing River cast by the Remnants of the Unyasan Pantheon dictates that his grasp at any specific point in time is tenuous. He is rarely able to stay in one time for any more than a few days.

Also, the essences of the Gods that leak from him can have a beneficial effect on his opponents. Gods of Wisdom and Hope, of Love and the Hunt, Intellect and Courage, can all in some ways counteract the negative effects, if only ever briefly.

Alias: None. His old name is dead.

Backstory: The Red Jarl was once known as Brann, a former warrior and leader of a Clan in Whitescar in the age before written history. He honored the Gods in battle, he honored them outside of battle, and was considered both a consummate warrior and great leader of his people. He caught the attention of some of the lower-ranking Gods of Whitescar, who walked the land in those ancient times. One trickster God convinced him to launch an attack against the High King and take the title by force, as his Clan was ascendant and deserving. A minor God of battle imbued him with great power. He did as requested and launched an attack on the High King, and so the legendary War of the Dead Clans. Brann, his Clan, and his Allies were on the verge of final victory when the High King called upon the Old King of the Gods, who looked down upon the battle from his throne and with one baleful stomp shattered Brann and his clan. Other Gods soon came to the High King's aid, eager to please the Old King, and Brann's clan was exterminated.

Brann himself was kept alive, broken in body and spirit, mocked by the trickster god- who had done this all just to ensure that Brann's first born and thrice born sons perished, such was the deal he struck with other Gods who bartered for certain souls. Brann was taken captive by the High King for several years while the High King cemented his pact with the Gods, eliminating all of Brann's allied clans in a war that made Whitescar run red. Eventually he was granted 'peace' by being allowed to wander into the North alone. Brann set off into the great void, everybou thought, to his doom.

Brann would return a year later. He had fought and killed beasts of unfathomable strength as he approached the Spine of the World Serpent, seeking an old legend. He went into the Spine and fought for who knows how long, who knows what, with little to no rest. Rage substituted where thought could not, where the body fell apart due to exhaustion. He went deeper into the Spine than anybou had ever gone. His rage got him far, but as time would tell, something else allowed the berserker to go deeper than any God had ever gone.

There, deep in the Spine, he found his prize: The fractured remnants of the Soul of the World Serpent, undying and hating Gods and Golem alike. He made a pact with the Soul, allowing it to harbor itself within him that it may then escape its final resting place. In return, he would be granted a fraction of its nearly infinite power and a form of immortality. He then went to work in the Golem Forge, long dormant, deep inside the Spine.

When he returned, he returned with the blazing green fire of the World Serpent. He attacked Barn all by himself and crushed the mortal armies of the High King. The High King himself, imbued with the power of the Gods, engaged him in combat- and was soon slain. Using forbidden and dark magics, he opened a portal into the Homeland of the Gods, which he immediately attacked. He fought many Gods; of Death and War, Life, Fertility, the Storm, Madness, and many more. Their tricks and their games came crashing down as those who sought to use him against others only hastened their own doom.

The sky cracked with endless storm and volcanoes shattered the land. War and infertility, an inability to dream and sometimes even sleep, dreadful plagues, the dead rising and souls wandering aimlessly all rocked caribou society. The Gods, one by one, fell from a shattered sky into the land itself. Whether it took weeks, months, or years, nobou can say. But eventually Brann stepped back into the Whitescar a blood-soaked yet triumphant warrior, bearing the personal sigils of the Old King of the Gods, the Trickster, and all those who had wronged him.

Yet his job was not done. He had learned an important lesson: Gods are all evil and must be destroyed, lest they ruin mortal life. Thus he demanded the Caribou build for him a mighty fleet so they may sail to other lands, to find other Gods, so he may slay them all. Some resisted. Some were smote. Such was his power that many began to worship Brann as a God; he smote them as well, so horrifying was this thought. He had all temples burned, shrines destroyed, priests and oracles and those of such inclination killed.

When his mighty fleet was made for his use, he picked only a small handful of warriors to join him. He ordered the records of this time to be forgotten, and forebade any great songs to be sung. He is fine if he is forgotten, as long as the Gods of Whitescar suffer the same fate. And thus he sailed. Of course, he had taken the Gods of Whitescar by surprise. The Pantheons of the World learn quickly. In Neighpon he cut down many, but was destroyed utterly in a final battle. Yet he would reappear in Long Guo, only defeated after much death by the Twin Serpents.

Time moved on, and thus the pattern played true: Brann would violently appear in a new place and attack the Gods. Many would be killed, and in return, so would he. Yet no matter the damage taken nor the manner of its origin, Brann would return. An undying specter of vengeance against all pantheons, a warrior made to make even the mightiest of Gods fear the sound of an ancient caribou war horn.

The Unyasi Pantheon was nearly exterminated but managed to send him into the future at the last moment. This is that moment. Brann sees superheroes and supervillains as little more than low-level Gods, and seeks the destruction of all empowered.

Notable Allies: The Revenants. The warriors he selected to join him on his journey still do to this day, taking physical form alongside him. They are tremendously gifted warriors of their own with minor powers, usually super-bou strength and speed as well as lifetimes of skill, but some show evidence of a slow onsetting of madness due to the passage of eons. While they are extremely talented warriors and rematerialize with the Red Jarl, they can otherwise be defeated normally.

Notable Enemies: He considers all Empowered, hero or villain, to be his enemies.

Notability: Those who study divine legends across the world may know of a figure like him, though almost all would ascribe to these stories little more than the attention given to most mythological stories. This will soon change.

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Red Jarl approved. Expect an adversary soon, Steel=3


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Superhero Name: The Battlemage

Powers: The Battlemage has a stunning array of powerful magical spells at her disposal. Much of it is based on her vast magical studies, meaning she casts spells from across the world and from a dozen or more different disciplines. She can cast devastating magical beams and can even alter the arcane makeup of these beams to attempt a bypass of magical defenses. She can teleport instantly and rapidly across wide distances and has powers of transmutation. She can alter the fabric of reality around her and cross dimensions easily. She knows a great many spells from Abjuration, Transmutation, Conjuration, Divination, Enchantment, Evocation, Illusion, Umbrum Magic, and magic from Unyasi, Saddle Arabia, Neighpon, Long Guo, and even other dimensions. She uses this magic to dizzying effect in battle, dumbfounding her opponents and rending them apart or otherwise incapacitating them with supreme safety for herself.

When the time comes for battle, she summons an arcane suit of power complete with cape, which helps soak up damage. Once a threshold has been passed, it vanishes, leaving a veneer of smoke to mask her. She can conjure up magical weapons and armor for her and her allies. She can drastically increase her power by making pacts with the Personification of Aether itself. She studies her opponents and even her friends obsessively, always on the lookout for exploitable weaknesses

Weaknesses: The Battlemage has immense pride in her vast capabilities and her top graduation from the Academy. She has absolute faith in her abilities and while she is smart enough to seek help, she will only do so when she is clearly overmatched. This is somewhat counter to her tremendous neurosis. She is a nervous mare given to worry over even the smallest details. She has complex plans and when they start failing she can get caught up swiftly in what should have happened, and this can put her behind the curve in battle. As a member of a team these issues can be partially resolved quickly, but the her biggest weakness is not as easily solved.

When the Battlemage accesses her most powerful magic, she does so at the cost of pacts with the Personification of Aether. The costs of this range, but she must always pay, and it is rarely pleasant. Physical pain and illness, mental breakdowns and illnesses, misfortune and bad luck, these are just a few of the things the Battlemage sacrifices to call upon her most powerful magic. And at the end of the day she is still a flesh and blood mortal mare.

Alias: Twilight Sparkle, librarian and magical aide in Ponyville.


Twilight Sparkle was born to high-ranking unicorns who managed the Office of Celestial Movement. Gifted from birth with well-above-average powers, Twilight's life was turned upside down when she visited her father's lab in the Celestial Object Observation Department. She tried levitating one of the objects with her horn when a bright and blinding flash erupted from the object and brought the light and heat of the sun into Equestria. For what felt like eons, Twilight found herself trapped, being spoken to by some being from beyond the stars who spoke of dark gods and tragedy, and of great enemies new and old seeking to destroy the good and righteous. It had been seeking a creature of quality and of power who could help save the multiverse, and offered her a chance to be that heroine. Twilight, a terrified little filly, accepted only to be allowed out of the terrifying light.

Just as quickly as it had come, it went, leaving Twilight to flop on the ground. The adults in the room were knocked out as creatures of pure energy appeared from slips in reality. Appearing to ready themselves to attack her father and his colleagues, the filly fought back with far more power than she had ever believed was possible. The enemies were uncoordinated which was good as she was completely inexperienced. She defeated multiple waves of the beings before the voice chimed in with a positive review, the enemies vanished, and the Sunlight Sentinel appeared.

Princess Celestia had come when she saw the explosion of light and was shocked to find a small filly with nearly uncontrollable power, terrified and alone amongst defeated enemies and hurt ponies. They spoke and Celestia offered her a place at the Academy in order to learn and harness her powers. Twilight agreed and, with the help of the voice (which called itself the Personification of Aether), used a spell to restore consciousness and erase memories of the event from those who had witnessed the event take place. She threw up immediately afterwards as he father politely asked her to not touch the strange object, the first sign that the Personification did little for free.

Twilight maintained a double life, her home life unchanged yet with an added set of tension as she learned to harness her powers and hide them, and her superheroine life at the Academy. Wanting to understand everything that she could about who and what she now was, Twilight read literally every book the Academy library had to offer. A hard feat, considering parts of it were omni-dimensional for security. She excelled in her magical studies and in combat lessons and earnestly applied herself in every ethical and moral discussion. When the Academy was attacked by a rogue military AI project, she played a pivotal role in shutting down.

She offered The Equestrian the chance to reverse the fates of her parents, which prompted a quick cut across the jaw and some hospital time (they would eventually make up years later). For years, The Battlemage had a unique reputation. Alpha-class badflank superheroine with tremendous power and capability who was intensely confident, but also a 'dark' wish-granter and reality warper. She saw this as using her power for good, but others saw the truth before she did: Something for nothing was never the exchange. The fact that she paid the cost personally didn't matter to the gathering of heroes and heroines, it still seemed dark.

Thus even when she graduated from the top of her class at the Academy she wasn't offered a position as a specific city's protector or as a member of a team. Having watched her development closely and knowing that the studious yet emotionally fragile mare needed to find her hooving amongst others or else she could backslide into something worse, the Sunlight Sentinel suggested that Twilight move to Ponyville where a collection of new, young superheroines were starting up. While they weren't yet friends, the Sentinel was sure they could come together and help not Ponyville, but themselves.

This was wise counsel so Twilight took it and was soon in Ponyville. Not long afterwards the Incident with Nightmare Moon took place and she teamed up with other heroines, namely Flash Mob, the Equestrian, and the Rainboom Centurian, to defeat her. While The Battlemage engages in titanic engagements inside this dimension and reality and outside of it to protect Ponyville, Twilight Sparkle is the town's new librarian and general magical aide.

Notable Allies: Flash Mob, the Equestrian, Rainboom Centurian, Sunlight Sentinel, others.

Notable Enemies:
The Whisperer in the Darkness- An omni-dimensional force of evil that seeks to dominate or destroy all reality, and commit every thought and deed to its worship. The very knowledge of it can instantly corrupt you.
Aether-Eater- A mindless monster that devours magic and souls.
The Imperial- A trans-universal empire that detests magic and seeks to extinguish it.
Red Jarl- Immortal and invincible God-Killer.
WRAITH- Secret, evil organization seeking to overthrow the Equestrian government....and more.

Notability: She is known as widely as her allies are, and even more so thanks to her Academy upbringing. She has successfully maintained her alias thus far.

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