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Grayson Steelfeather [Ready]

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Truth is the greatest weapon.


Name: Grayson Steelfeather, Cpl., ARM (discharged)

Sex: Male

Age: Adult

Species: Griffon


Feline half: Resembling a Canada lynx.  Golden brown-yellow fur with light grey stippling throughout.  Bob tail.

Raptor half: Resembling an eagle owl.  Ash white feathers with dark grey highlights; “horns” are highlighted in black.

Eye Color: Amber.

Physique: Fit and compact, the product of both service with the Aquellian marines and the rigors of his own brand of activism.


Residence: Talonopolis.

Occupation: Investigative reporter, political activist, agent provocateur.


Unique Traits

Grayson’s skillset run the gamut from fieldcraft to archery to photography.


As a scout in the Aquellian Marines, Grayson learned the art of fieldcraft and survival.  Though he rarely ventures into the uncharted wilderness anymore, the attitudes that were ingrained in him help him to stalk his “prey” unseen in the urban jungle that is now his home.  He is agile both on wing and while prowling on the many rooftops and landing pads that make up Talonopolis’ multilevel construction.


Grayson is a skilled bowman, able to quickly deliver arrows with pinpoint precision.  While he no longer shoots to kill, Grayson’s “mission kit” includes a custom-tooled folding compound bow and a variety of arrows to distract, disorient, and disable potential foes who might not be as reluctant to use lethal force.  His training with the marines also gives him experience in defensive hand to hand combat and evading pursuit.  Other gadgets involve nonlethal explosives such as smoke bombs, flash grenades, tear gas, experimental suppressor charges to deal with magically empowered foes, and a collapsible baton for close quarters fighting.


Photography is Grayson’s greatest passion and most important weapon.  A lovingly cared for camera and a full arsenal of lenses and audio recording equipment accompany Grayson wherever he goes.  Years of experience have allowed him to quickly dial in his shots even when in the thick of the action and an eidetic memory allows him to quickly recall and record corroborating details when in safer circumstances.


Character History

Grayson grew up poor in the Base level of Talonopolis.  His parents worked the factories, as did his many brothers and sisters when they came of age.  Despite the advertisement that hard work would eventually lead to upward mobility, Grayson grew jaded with the promise of a better life after watching generations grow up, grow old, and die in the same squalor that they had been in for decades.  When he became of age, he decided to enlist, hoping that the government pension would help him bring his family out of poverty.


Grayson’s journey overseas was eventful, but not due to enemy action or any sort of armed conflict; in the corps, Grayson found himself butting heads often with officers who came from upper class families and did not comprehend the hell that the working class had to live through every day.  It was a miracle that Grayson did not end up in court martial with dishonorable discharge.


Upon his return home, Grayson forewent his education subsidy, taking the time to apprentice with a newspaper company to learn the ins and outs of photography and reporting.  While at the company, he discovered he had a knack for rapid composition of shots.  It was there that he realized he could use his talents for good.  If no one else would bring down those who had kept his family down for generations, he would do it himself.


Because of his borderline criminal activities, his military pension has been revoked, forcing him to resort to odd jobs, donations, and guerilla reporting to keep himself fed and supplied with munitions.  Grayson relishes the challenge however, and wouldn’t have it any other way.


Character Summary

Grayson is nothing short of a firebrand.  Growing up poor in the shadow of the factories gave him a sound understanding of the plight of those less fortunate and an insider’s understanding of the consequences of rule of the Triumvirate.  Suffice to say that his views of the current Aquellian government are not very positive.


That said, he believes that violence and direct action will not provide decisive solutions.  Instead, that which hides in the darkness must be brought to light and the corruption exposed.  He has thus hung up his lethal arrows and his sword in favor of his camera and microphone.  Stories are delivered in guerilla fashion with limited run press and film from small companies; most publishers unwilling to be associated with the activities of whom some would deem a criminal.


Grayson is still absolutely ruthless when it comes to pursuing a story.  If he suspects foul play, he will continue to stalk, snapshot, and record his targets until he gathers enough information to destroy them.  He shows no remorse for any corrupt individuals he has exposed and subsequently ruined.  Because of his operating methods, Grayson no longer has officially sanctioned press credentials; though for now he is still technically a free griffon.


Activism is Grayson’s life.  His articles focus on exposing corruption within the Aquellian government and giving a voice to those who have none, namely the impoverished and the disenfranchised within his country.  He has a soft spot for children as a result of his being “big brother” and part-time caretaker while growing up.

Grayson sends a percentage of any of the money he is given back to help support his family until such time he can improve their circumstances.  His parents worry about his safety often, but trust that Grayson knows what he’s doing.

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I'd reject this app completely and utterly, but that would risking turning one griffon's mission into a crusade.



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