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Golems are a species that were actually created long before the reign of Celestia and Luna. No one knows how the Golems were made,  or what they were made out of. Over the centuries,  sub species of Golems have come into existence such as the "Timberwolves" of the Everfree Forest which act as it's guardians. Golems possess intelligence on par with that of ponies, and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and even looks. The Golems are typically a race who are capable of magic, their magic exceeding the levels of normal Unicorns and being about the level of prodigies, such as Twilight Sparkle, Starlight Glimmer, Starswirl the Bearded and a few others. 

Golems are known to be friendly towards ponies, and other creatures. However there is an exception to this. Should one ask how to make a Golem it will almost automatically guarantee that the Golem(s) nearest them will become hostile and attack the pony or creature asking. To do such is tantamount to sacrilege among the Golems and is something none of them will tolerate. Golems have a variety of shapes and sizes. The level of mental faculty depends on a large variety of factors as well. The golems do have a few sub species however. 


  • Timberwolves:  Timberwolves are the Guardians of the Everfree. They possess their own communication, and intelligence. Yet they cannot speak the language of the ponies. Most of these are guardians of magical relics and protect the Everfree. They are hostile towards any pony who comes inside the Everfree Forest. They possess the power of regeneration magic, and can regenerate no matter what unless extreme heat or cold magic is used on them. 


  • Aerial:  Golems that are made that possess any form of flight. These all fall under the classification of "Aerial" and little is known about them. 


  • Minotaur Replica (Flawed):  A flawed replica of the Minotaurs. These are bipedal and possess the ability to use magic via their hands. They are capable of learning various languages, and their personality/intelligence levels vary. They also have limited shapeshifting powers in that they can disguise themselves so they don't appear to be golems, but appear to be flesh and blood. 











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