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(this is a fun anime/manga rp. i will ad pictures of what zebra and kiri looked like then and now along with the other kings and her cousin komatsu the theory is this:okay now thats out of the way ONTO MY THEORY! ok so zebras appetite demon is a Voice Demon, which devastated planets with its voice and arm strength. It is a humanoid bat-like creature with black, heavily scarred skin. Its small, dome-like head sits on top a heavily muscled body, and is dominated by a wide, toothy maw. note i said VOICE demon. Zebra hunts using his ability to create and manipulate sound waves through his super-humanly powerful voice, resulting in very powerful sound-based attacks and other abilities. what other animal has this ability mostly? BIRDS! FREAKING BIRDS! and what animal isnt affected by pheromones.Ya guessed it BIRDS! They rely on mating calls so it makes 100% sense that zebra would want a partner that not only is like komatsu with honesty,modesty and kindness but also has a power that can complement his and tame the voice demon in him. Enter kirisuto's gourmet cell ability.The user can manipulate and generate music, an art form whose medium is sound and silence. Its common elements are pitch (which governs melody and harmony), rhythm (and its associated concepts tempo, meter, and articulation), dynamics, and the sonic qualities of timbre and texture. her only limits are the same as his 
music manipulation and ill bold the ones in common
May be unable to create music, being limited to manipulating only from already existing sources.
Distance, mass, precision, etc. depend upon of the knowledge, skill, and strength of the user.
Music, like sound requires a medium to travel through, whether air, ground, water, or something else.
Sound Nullification
Sound manipulation
May be unable to create sound, being limited to manipulating only from already existing sources.
Distance, mass, precision, etc. depend upon of the knowledge, skill, and strength of the user.
Sound requires a medium to travel through, such as air, ground or water, though it can be virtually anything.
Sound Nullification can nullify user's powers.
Users of Sound Immunity or Sound Absorption are either immune or highly resistant.
ya their pretty much the same but in different modes. so i can imangine the gag moment where toriko sees the same blushing face when hes matching the child voice of his crush from his memories and it matches)




In the past as child Zebra watched a juniors cooking competition with Sani Coco and Toriko. They are between the ages of14 to 10(ish) and Sani was curious about a girl named kirisuto nagano who was making a dish and was humming.Like she was singing to the food. When they asked her what her goal was besides winning the money to get gourmet cells for her half deaf and half blind problem. she proudly said "To make a dish worthy of a heavenly king!" Which made zebra's heart skip a beat. beginning his deep dark feelings he would forever hide. Years pass now 29 he still would never love any other woman except her. Even Loves pheromones wouldn't work on him when he was in honey prision because the only woman on his mind was Kiri. He never thought he would see her again till Toriko asked him to join for a Shinobeef hunt because Komatsus cousin, Kirisuto Nagano, Needed it for a recipe and she was also coming along. (zebra is the tan redheadded one)





~the oc to help with the theory and yes i allow other ocs to help with the plot~

Image result for anime girl with brown hair and brown eyesImage result for magical doremi reanne
name: kirisuto nagano
race: human

nicknames: 'the divine gourmet singer' (to the press mostly) 'the hyper jellybean'(mansam) 'stubborn fox' (Komatsu)
gender: female
birthday: August 7th 478 GA
age: 26
height: 4'11" 
weight: 125lbs
blood type: O+
occupation: gourmet chef at the harmony spa and resort.
combo partner: (none at the moment)
collab partner: Her cousin komatsu
pet/partner: Elusive the baron tiger
related: Komatsu (her older cousin by 3 years)

her voice when she sings one of her musical dinners: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qe6un0dUWf8

crush: Zebra

Bio/personalty:  When she was little she entered an IGO jr cooking contest singing a song while making her favorite meal. rainbow tarts to win gourmet cells to save her life.This began her crush on zebra then and her dream to make a meal worthy of a heavenly king. Now
Working at a 6 star restaurant at the harmony spa and resort owned by IGO as the head chef is a blessing and a god forsaken CURSE to kiri. She is a gentle being to most of her friends and if she sees a weakness in them or in someone flirting with her for the wrong reasons or being a complete prick to her 'which she calls the song of their life'  she will either help them or exploit it to no end to where their exposed. She also can be quite the stubborn hard donkey when she needs help herself and when she does ask she feels like shes burdening people. like her cousin she can get timid but only around her crush Zebra. she can be quite energetic and drives manson(aka mansome) insane with how much she can talk sometimes if she had too much rainbow cola. When around her friends like toriko she loves experimenting creative ideas to help gourmet cells evolve while helping the body find its harmony. When around Zebra...shes a emotional mess. She wants to impress him but knows he hates cocky people. And she can be honestly a lil cocky if someone makes her mad. Shes 101 on IGO's list and was near close to beating  Ega. 
Appetite demon:
A kitsune In classical Japanese, kitsu-ne means come and sleep, and ki-tsune means always comes.Her Music demon reflects her personality since they are tricksters, with motives that vary, but act as faithful guardians, friends, lovers, and even wives. The music demon knows her playful nature and kindness and wants to be allied with the Sound demon. But getting close without a blushing idiot of a hostess(Ak kiri) is a tad difficult.

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"A kitsune is a nine-tailed fox"...fyi

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18 minutes ago, Lyipheoryia said:

"A kitsune is a nine-tailed fox"...fyi

Kitsune is actually just a fox. Kyubi no kitsune is a nine-tailed fox.

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(ty i was reffering to just a fox not the ninetaled one hehe ^_^ i knew the difference i was just making the ref of it. its not the ninetaled one its just a regular kitsune. heres a photo i was saving for when zebra 'sees' the music demon)

Image result for fox art

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((Eyy, my mistake then.))

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