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Gash [Ready]

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Name: Gash (Hot Rod, Hotty, Glider)
Sex: Female
Age: Teenager (15 in human years)
Species: Griffon (Golden Eagle and Lioness)
Eye Color: Teal-ish Blue
Coat: Her lion part is a pale yellow with a white strip on her stomach, underneath her tail, and underneath her paws.
Mane/Tail: Since she's a griffon, she doesn't have a mane, but she does have a bird head. It's base is a golden brown with a reddish brown around her eyes and under her beak. She also has a bright orange on the back of her head and at the tip of her feathers. Her feathers are all rough in the front, showing her three white spots in between her eyes. Her tail is a normal lion tail with a reddish brown for the fur.
Physique: Tall, slender.  She is very light and a little underweight. Her legs are thinner than the average griffon, but they are also longer, making her a little shorter than Princess Celestia. Her wings are a lot larger than the average griffon, as well as her tail being longer.

Residence: She doesn't really live anywhere per say, but she's normally found in Canterlot or Ponyville. She always dozing off on clouds during the day.

Occupation: Gash is a racer in the air. She also plays a majority of other sports. She's young so she doesn't have a specific job.  
Cutie Mark: She's a griffon, she doesn't have one.
Unique Traits:
Gash's wings are everything special. They are the things that carry her through the sky, quickly flapping to keep her form perfect. Her wings are always angled perfectly, making her spin in the sky, do flips, and keep her balance to show off her quick moves. Gash's wings are larger than the average griffon's, making it a little harder to control them, but they still keep up with her in advance.
She is also extremely smart. She can get herself out of a pickle quite quickly, using her time to think of an option. She can read and write very well, and uses her words rather appropriately. She does tend to over think tons of things though, which makes her get frustrated easily. She isn't the most patient.
Gash was born into a nonfunctioning family in Griffonstone. Her mother (a short, stubby unicorn) grew up with being surrounded with makeup and trying to be pretty, while her father (a tall, muscular griffon) grew up with loving to kill bugs and small, unwanted rodents. Gash was also born with a twin sister (a artsy, skinny unicorn) who turned out to be the complete opposite of her. Her parents were surprised that her and her twin came out as two completely different species, especially since they were living in Griffonstone, so her mother gave both the girls a griffon name and a pony name. Gash was Gash's griffon name, and Hot Rod was her pony name. Their parents taught them the basics of manners at a young age, making them known as the best younglings in the family because of all the problems going on. The two cuties never knew of the problems going on in the family, so they never were open to all the bad things in Equestria. They always thought everything was bright with rainbows and happiness. All of that came crashing down when their little sister was born.
When Gash was 2 years old, she always used to all of the attention that she got when she was little. Her fellow griffon community would always say how cute and well mannered she was, but when her little sister was born, all of the attention went to her sister. Gash grew to become jealous over every little thing her little sister did. Her parents were also not paying attention to her, so Gash became a little brat, wanting some sort of attention, even if it was bad. Soon enough, Gash's parents became over protective of their children, never wanting them to go outside into the world because of how "special" they were, even if she was a brat. They were afraid that their little twins and foal would get captured by a stranger. So Gash was always staring at a wall in her bedroom for a few years until her parents decided it was time to move to a different part of Equestria.
When she was 6 years old, they moved into a much bigger house in Canterlot. The sudden change from a dark, small town to a bright, large city scared her a little bit. Not only was the setting changed, every pony looked different. They were more posh instead of dark and gloomy. They were ponies, not griffons. Her and her family looked to be the only mix-matched family, which scared her. She went from a well mannered foal, to a bratty filly, now to a shy, introverted cub in just a matter of a few years. So finally when they put their large house together, unboxing all their stuff, school started for her and her sister. Gash was absolutely terrified; the thought of meeting new ponies scared her. She was nothing like them. They were all bright and happy with gorgeous, perfect manes. Gash was the complete opposite. She was dirty and had messy feathers, looking like she had rolled in the dirt then jumped into a well. She didn't wanna show up to school looking like the inside of a full trash can.
So on the first day of school, she woke up extra early to try and look nice. She brushed her feathers, or tried to, which ended up looking like a cat attacked her head. So she just tied her messy feathers into pigtails, which looked pretty good on her. She then curled the tip of her tail, making it look extra nice to that when ponies were looking at her from behind, all they could see was her perfectly curled tail. For a six year old, it worked out perfectly. Gash didn't think she looked nice enough though, so she decided to put on some black eye shadow. It ended up all over her eyes, but she thought it looked perfect.
When she got to school, every pony was staring at her. On the outside she was giving out fake smiles and waves, but on the inside she was freaking out. She was scared that somepony would walk up to her and start talking. She's never actually had a full on conversation before from somepony other than her family. Finally a group of fillies walked up to her and started talking. Gash took a breath and started responding to their questions about her, and she finally calmed down. They weren't making fun of her, they were saying how great she looked instead! She was still incredibly introverted, but at least she had friends. Gash became pretty popular, until she became a teenager.
At the age 13, Hot Rod's parents decided to go out and move again. Gash was heart broken, having to lose all her friends that she had grown up with over the years. She became depressed, but that didn't stop her parents from moving anyway. They ended up in Ponyville, the small town below Canterlot. Once again, Gash was scared of starting at a new school, especially because she hadn't seen any griffons there. Her fears soon went away though as she was met with nice ponies who quickly went over to her and became her friend, just like Canterlot. Of course she had the minor bullies that would bully her for her looks and being different (which she now fears), but she tried her best to ignore them. She was still super shy, always waiting for somepony to walk up to her and talk, but she loved talking to others.
Now we're in the present, knowing what she wanted to do with her life as of now. She races in the air and does sports for others entertainment.
Character Personality:
Gash is a shy, hotheaded griffon, at first glance. She is quite confusing to know, because one second she's super sweet, and the next she's yelling at you for being annoying. Her brain is completely different from others. She over thinks everything, like thinking how a certain outcome would happen in a situation then going too deep into it, causing her to freak out. She has horrible anxiety, which makes her decisions on things very hard for her to accomplish. She is terrified of walking up to others and talking, but she quite enjoys talking to others for their opinions on things. Gash basically has two personalities. One for the outside and one for the inside.
On the outside, Gash comes out as a headstrong, rude, angry griffon, just like her species's stereotypes. She tries to act cool and not care about what others are saying. She brushes everything off like it's not happening, while trying to be as calm as possible. She tries to be laid back, wanting everypony to see her as awesome and chill, she wants to fit in, which causes her to lie a lot. Gash tries to make stupid jokes all the time, trying to make others laugh and like her, but she isn't trustful. She is also very flirty, wanting to grab anyone's attention that she finds attractive. She is quite literally a bully in some aspects though.
But on the inside (or reality) she is absolutely terrified of almost everything. This is when her anxiety comes along. She is shy, super nice and sweet, and is extremely sensitive. She only shows this side when she knows the other pony/creature really well and is comfortable around them, but is scared to show this side to others. She is super scared of being judged negatively. Gash is really smart and doesn't give up when she knows something is wrong. She is pretty upbeat and funny, always finding something to laugh at.
Some bad things about her is that she lies a lot. Every thing she lies about though is to hide something she doesn't like about herself. She has very low confidence and can be found as annoying and bratty. She complains about everything she finds wrong, like a little child. She tries to be funny in unnecessary situations, like when somepony is upset, and to be funny, she makes fun of the situation like it's nothing. She's pretty intense in the way she says things, like her tone of voice. Gash is also very impatient. She can't stand when others take forever walking down a street or taking forever to respond to something she's said. She is really just a typical teenager.
Summery: A griffon who uses her speed and coolness to get along through the day. She has a golden personality in the inside, but is afraid to show it.



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This is very well written. You've developed this character and given her detail. I also like how you had her not being bullied and making friends. That is a refreshing change from many of the apps I read. 


All this being said...



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