Cold Comfort [Closed: Steel]

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Twilight ate her food in a chipper mood. Something about being back at her home base sent the mare about her activities large and small in a good mood. Being surrounded by such a vast reservoir of knowledge and capability always did wonders for her attitude. Knowing that around them swirled the answers to thousands of important questions and a thousand more questions they didn't even know needed to be asked, this was her idea of a spa resort. She had the capability to get up and work on any one of a thousand artifacts, each one unique and strange in its own way. The world was her oyster and the oyster was a reality-warping space-fold. She was just happy to be here, safe and sound, in the safest place she could imagine surrounded by the most dangerous items in Equestria. All hers to study, understand, and make safe for Equestria. It was a fascinating place.

Yet it seemed to matter very little to her in this moment. Her mind wandered to other subjects, more immediate and physical, the demands of the moment's socialization overriding her basic sense of adventure and scientific curiosity that lay at the very core of her being. Instead it seemed to venture over to the other side of the table. Deadalus, and indeed the little magical artifact he had, were so unique in their own way that she couldn't help but feel more than a small twinge of curiosity that was somewhat more silly, slightly more deliciously malicious than she would normally have prescribed herself. What made then tick? A playful series of queries danced in her head for a few moments. She felt herself blush and then shake her head free out of her revue, her guest, friend, and Keeper seemingly more on task than her. Had to focus.

“Yes. We must understand this artifact. Truly it is...unique, and powerful, though I'm not sure if it is dangerous. It seemed oddly...protective. Of itself mostly, but not in a harmful way. A sentience was there. Thought. Where you have thought you have planning and consideration. While it would be a stretch to call it living, I don't think it would be wrong to assign some manner of intelligence to it,” she began, continuing to eat.

“But whatever the case may be, the artifact is now in our possession and it can be studied at any time. We have been working on it and the after effects of it for a while now. Perhaps we should take a break, return to this when our minds have been cleared of the fog of direct action and impact?”

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