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Canterlot's Caves (OOC)

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Excited to learn about what hides beneath the Caves of Canterlot?

Eager to know about how Chrysalis was able to hide Princess Cadenza below Canterlot without anypony knowing?

Well-here's your chance to find out!

Come explore the caves with renowned explorer Aventura!  


Fill this out to join in (or post the app to the OC you'll be using):


Approximate Age:



Why he/she is interested in the Caves:

Weapon of Choice:

Special Area of Knowledge:

Appearance, General Personality and Cutie Mark:


Name: Aventura (her first name is a secret)

Approximate Age: Young Mare

Gender: Female

Race: Earth Pony

Why he/she is interested in the Caves: She's an adventurer for a living, and loves to find out the things that nopony knows about!  She also loves to learn new things, and going to new places allows her to do just that.

Weapon of Choice: Tribal staff.  She received it as a gift from one of her adventures in Unyasi.  She also knows some traditional hoof-to-hoof combat.

Special Area of Knowledge: Decrypting codes, solving puzzles, and reading maps.  She has a very good, almost photographic memory.

Appearance, General Personality and Cutie Mark: Long, straight brown mane and short tail.  Tan coat.  Doesn't wear any jewelry or accessories.  Occasionally wears a leather cowboy hat.  Likes to travel light.  Very patient and kind.  Loves learning.  Hates it when other ponies think they are a liability or don't trust themselves.  Dislikes ponies with little or no confidence.  Believes strongly that exploration and learning should be the areas Equestria should be funding.  Dislikes current Equestria government.  Hates the upper-class attitude.  Loves little children.  Loves her family, but is very secretive about them.  Has many acquaintances, but few friends.  Her cutie mark is an olive leaf wreath encircling a large black "X" (similar the the "X" seen on treasure maps: "X marks the spot").     


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Sounds fun I want in! 

name; Augercorn


age; early 20's (doesn't know how old he acually is)


gender; male stallion


race; earth pony, Clydesdale 


interest; "why not?" A natrally explorer and trouble maker augercorn has the curiosity of a child and will natrally put himself in dangerously situwations. He loves seeing New things and never backs down from a fight or challenge.


weapon of choice; anything he can get his hands on. Currently yields the legacy blade. A 7 foot long; one foot wide at the base; sword that weights 15 pounds. fully balanced by a pommel and expert craftsmanship. It is forged from the steel of previous legendary weapons. Contains ethereal properties that allow him to slay ghosts and otherwise immune  monsters 


specialtys; combat, survival and medicine 


apearance and general; 

augercorn is a tall muscular stallion. He has an orange body with wild unkept white Maine and tail. Always wears a helmet that was meant for a unicorn and has a long horn on his head. 


His cutie mark mark is a pill bottle which he still struggles to understand the meaning of to this day. Some say it's because he is so crazy. Others that he was meant to be a doctor. And some say it means he is a cure to the problems of the world. Thru his streangth and random adventures


augercorn was born along side his brother. They were raised in an orphanage. But somehow his brother became very intelligent and ambitious. He kidnapped augercorn and raised him as a henchman. Forcing him to learn to fight and defend them. They went on "adventures" where his brother would attain dangerous knowledge or power. This stunted his development and he became a man child; but a very strong man child. One day he realized how bad his brother was and after a climactic duel he defeated and jailed him. Since then augercorn has traveled the world as a village idiot/ sellsword. He has gone on many adventures at this point (previous Rp's) and built up a reputation as a heroic madman. 


Augercorn is immature, boisterous and silly. But deep down he is very intelligent able to support himself, very skilled in medicine; and very good at figuring out strategies for combat and defeating extremely powerful monsters and enemies. And when push comes to shove he will always do what's right and protect those who need it.



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why interested: Why not? Might help make a new song. 


Special skills: basic training using axes, more in-depth training with using instruments and dj equipment. 

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