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Witchling London

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Hello, all! I'm a bit new here, but not new to OCs! Any constructive criticism is most definitely welcome!


Name: London the Witchling
Gender: Male
Age: Stallion
Species: Unicorn
Eye colour: Light Bue
Character colour: Aqua
Mane/Tail/Other: Large wavy mane, gradient white to blue from start to end 
Physique: Lithe and average-sized, London is a young stallion.
Residence: Hasn't found a home yet, roams Equestria hoping to find a suitable place to call home. 
Occupation: Uses weird, otherworldly magic that isn't like unicorn magic. Considers himself a witch.
Cutie Mark: Crystal ball, glimmers surrounding
Unique Traits: Much is unknown about this pony, like how he came to Equestria, as no one recognizes him. However, he excels in future-telling and home remedies for many states of being. 
History: Not much is known about his past, he is an enigma. What is known about him is that he is well-known to help anypony who needs it. 
Character Personality: He tends to keep to himself, always urging himself to be more social and learn the cultures that Equestria has to offer. Including but not limited to, harmony, friendship, and kindness and various foodstuffs. Always lighthearted in speech and veers away from certain topics that are touchy for him, he definitely hides some things from other people. Generally has a sunny disposition. 
Character Summary: London is a wandering unicorn who is kind to all, and mysterious at the same time, if not because of his unusual innate abilities, then because he still hides much from everypony.

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