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Yin [Ready]

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Roleplay Type: World of Equestria

Name:  Zhēnzhū Míng, which literally translates into "Brilliantly Shining Pearl." However, she only answers to her nickname of "Yin", with family being the sole exception.

Sex: Female

Age: Young Adult

Species: Qilin

Eye color: Purple, with a ring of vivid red around the centers.

Coat/Scales: Salmon colored, although the fur around her hooves transitions into a vivid, brighter red color. Her horns, scales, and hooves all share a neutral beige color.

Mane/Tail: Deep blue-purple. Her mane seems to keep in a persistent tussled state with slim locks that spike upwards on top of her head and at the base, while her tail shares the look. Certain locks in her mane and tail are more brightly colored, ranging from bright blues, purples, and reds. 

Physique: As a Qilin, Yin has a slender frame, more lithe and streamlined than ponies from Equestria, and slightly shorter and smaller than the average Qilin.

Residence: Long Kong, specifically a small apartment in Downtown

Occupation: Officially, Yin has several different jobs that she works for on a case by case basis, based on the needs of her employers and her own schedule. These jobs range anywhere from simple delivery, to peddling wares, and even some security detail for certain stores. Unofficially however, Yin is part of a Triad that operates mainly within Downtown. She is the Grass Slipper of her Triad, a proxy for the Traid's Head Dragon that goes and meets with rival Triads, business associates, and other ponies of note - instances that are too insignificant for the Head Dragon's attention, but large enough to require someone other than a basic grunt.

Cutie Mark: A shined and polished pearl, exuding colorful flames.


From an early age, Yin cultivated a very lazy, entirely apathetic attitude towards life. With the mentality of, "if you don't try you'll never fail," the young Qilin was already resigned to let life lead her where it would, rather than take any part in actively shaping her destiny. Naturally wanting to see their foals succeed, her parents tried coaxing some sort of passion or interest from the young filly in hopes of sparking her inner fire, and were only met with indifference. Yin was convinced that she had nothing to offer and would only end up as another cautionary tale for her village to sadly shake their heads at. 


Eventually, her parents decided extreme measures needed to be taken. They ended up playing a trick on her by convincing Yin that they had found a Long Pearl in the nearby river, and that they wished for her to experience its power. In truth, the pearl was only a pretty bauble, but Yin was intrigued as she followed her parents down to the river. There was, indeed, a pearl embedded in some rocks near the shore, and Yin was so surprised that she immediately ran over to it, despite her parents' cautioning - however, her sudden rush dislodged the pearl into the fast flowing river. Yin's parents were disheartened and the unexpected turn, but before they could console their daughter, they realized she was, quite suddenly, no longer there - and instead, was falling into the middle of the river.


Yin later got the full story while she was recovering in her room, as she only remembered bits and pieces. According to her then horrified parents, she had managed to teleport herself into the middle of the river in an effort to chase after the pearl, and it had only been thanks to a passing ronin that Yin had been fished out before losing consciousness in the fast paced and rough waters. Her parents were more than mortified, ashamed that the lie they had made up for the sake of their daughter had almost gotten her killed...but before they could even begin to apologize, a bright light filled the bedroom. Yin, amazed that she had managed to teleport herself to achieve her goal, received her cutie mark that day, and although her lazy attitude would persist all through her years, never again would it stem from outright apathy towards life. She had something to offer the world now, and she would never forget it.


Unique Traits


Yin is a naturally talented user of breath magic, and it is the one facet of her life that she worked diligently at during her younger years, to be able to reap the benefits later. She is innately talented enough to learn and make use of most normal breath spells after only brief study, though she doesn't bother retaining them past what use they have in the moment. However, Yin's magical calling card is easily her teleportation abilities. Utilizing a combination of a metal and wood breath, Yin can transcend her material self and rearrange it in a different location in the blink of an eye. Yin is also able to create portals with this ability by enchanting an area - usually a section of wall - and linking it with her last placed portal. These portals take time and power to set up and wear off eventually, and need to be maintained and reset every once in a while. However, they are extremely useful to make quick escapes with, and Yin often refers to them as her special shortcuts, though members of the Triad know exactly what she is referring to.


Aside from simple, every-day spells, Yin's mostly makes use of the Fire school of breath magic as her main attacking mechanism. Her fire burns blue when breathed, but otherwise has the same aetheral properties as any other Qilin's Fire breath. While she mostly uses her breath to perform simplistic spells, such as blasting a jet of flame or temporarily burning her inner fire to greater and more powerful heights, Yin is also able to compress her fire breath into a more compact form that mostly consists of light. The technique takes more time to prepare than a normal flamethrower, but it results in something akin to a blue laser blasting its way from her mouth - essentially, faster and more powerful than a regular jet of flame.


With all of her efforts solely spent on raising her magical skills, Yin is rather lacking in the physical department. She is not overtly strong - she is, in fact, weaker than the average Qilin, and falls far behind other Triad members when it comes to physicality. She also has very low endurance, tending to tire out relatively quickly, and can be taken down for the count with just a hoof-ful of strong, well-placed punches or kicks. However, Yin is exceedingly fast and has a brilliant reaction time. She supplements her lacking physical capabilities by using brief bursts of speed to stay ahead of an opponent and out of harm's way. 


History: Born into a small village nestled at the base of a mountain pass that was famed for its sprawling forest of maple trees, Yin grew up surrounded by rather depressing ideals. The village in question used the mistakes of their ancestors in order to teach their young, and while well-meaning, Yin became used to hearing about the failures in her family and the families of others, how they tried to do good in their lives but ended up failing, or even ending up worse off than they'd begun. And rather than enticing the foal to better herself, the endless proverbs and lessons unintentionally had the opposite effect.


With such negativity heaped onto the young filly from the beginning of her life, Yin rapidly cultivated a warped mentality, deciding that the only way to avoid failure was to simply not try at all. She became apathetic towards life, content to simply lounge away as the days passed. Yin only did what she wanted to do, and only if she was actually able to do it. Trees remained unclimbed after the first failed attempt to reach the bottom branch, produce remained with the stall vendor after the first failed attempt to barter a better deal, friends were never asked over to play after the first refusal due to conflicting schedules. It got to be so bad that Yin's parents actually consulted followers of the Path of the Spirit, wondering if she was being possessed by some evil being.


Eventually, however, Yin learned that fear of failure should not equate to complete apathy, and that it was important to keep trying when it was necessary - especially when it was necessary. The young Qilin grew out of her continuous state of apathy, reverting back into a healthy young filly once more...even if her newfound laziness didn't fully dissipate. Still, Yin was out and about, and just in time, too - around this time, her brother became taken with the idea of joining the Imperial Watch. Seeing the fire blazing in her brother's spirit prompted several long days of introspection and self-contemplation for Yin, wondering what it is she wanted to do with her life. Eventually, she settled on an answer that surprised even her parents.


While he brother went off to train for the Imperial Watch, Yin was inducted to the Harmonious Path. With her innate talent for teleportation having served as the catalyst for her cutie mark, Yin was fairly certain that she could cultivate those skills into something more, and was soon proven right. The young Qilin was a naturally talented breath mage, and could pick up new spells with hardly any training on them. Getting her to retain and remember those skills proved far more difficult, but Yin was still happy, pleased to be raising and feeding the inner fire that had snapped her out of her daze from her younger years. 


Seasons came and went, and so did Yin's training, having long mastered her special talent and current breath capabilities. Though she was a fan of the peace of quiet of the monastery, Yin had grown somewhat bored of it, and in a rather impulsive decision, decided to leave and settle down in a complete one-eighty. Long King was almost overwhelming in its hustle and bustle, but it was new and different, and broke the mold from what had started to become a boring life. A chance meeting soon had her running into a new acquaintance, as well - apparently a recruiter for a local Triad, it didn't take long for him to realize Yin's abilities with breath magic, and immediately suggested she join. Joining a Triad had never crossed Yin's mind before, but the idea wasn't as off-putting as it should have been. In fact, it sounded kind of exciting, and with a mental shrug of her shoulders, Yin agreed, dropping her given name in favor of her nickname.


Yin has since settled in nicely with her new family, working her way up from a green grunt to the position of Grass Slipper. Despite her easy-going and outright lazy attitude, she's made herself a valuable addition to the Triad, and she, in turn, finds the life a Triad member intriguing enough to continue onwards.  


Character Personality: Though she has never once become as apathetic and disengaged from the world as she was during her foalhood years, there is no denying a certain lackadaisical whimsy to the young Qilin. Yin is casual, laid-back, and easy-going, to the point of being downright lazy at time. Much preferring to do her thinking with a nice long nap, Yin takes the time to relax whenever possible, and sometimes even when she shouldn't be. Her affinity for taking things easy also translates into a calm and serene attitude that is almost impossible to penetrate, even under the worst of conditions - a pony commenting on how ugly she is will be met with a grin and a statement of agreement from the Qilin herself. There is very little that can rile Yin up enough for her to figuratively sit up in her seat, and although her tranquility and laziness can often make the Qilin appear to be indifferent or uncaring, nothing could be further from the truth. Yin cares for her family and her friends


The young dragon mare also has a penchant for humor in nearly all cases, whether or not humor is actually warranted or not, and getting laughs from others is one of the few instances that can cause Yin to break her otherwise calm state, breaking out in full-blown laughter or giggles. Yin likes to spout off jokes like nothing else, and use puns in the most ludicrous of situations. While she partly likes getting a reaction for the terrible jokes and puns, Yin's attempts at humor have mostly become a side reflex of her laziness. When it became only natural for others to berate her laid-back approach to life, Yin began using humor in an attempt to calm down yelling parents or illicit chuckles from disappointed friends. Often, the suddenness of a bad joke became enough to startle them out of their ranting or raving, unintentionally calming them down to match Yin's own mellow. Now, telling jokes has become a gut reflex of Yin's, to the point where she doesn't even do it to get people to back off - she simply enjoys being humorous, and watching that reluctant smile pull at the faces of others.


Despite giving off an air of apathy or indifference because of her laid-back nature, Yin does care about those closest to her. She is emphatic and caring, and more often than not simply doesn't show it. That doesn't stop her from caring in her own way however, whether it is to follow a pony home to make sure they get back safely, or to simply offer her quiet presence as a form of support. Threats against her loved ones are one of the few things that can get Yin off her behind without any prompting whatsoever, and Yin doesn't bother hiding that fact. Whether or not the Triad falls under that specific subset is still, at the present, a toss-up - Yin genuinely enjoys the work and the environment, and has made some great friends within the group. However, thinking of her brother within the Imperial Watch can sometimes twinge at her heart strings, as if she is involved in something that goes beyond the laws of Long Kong and more towards the matters of the heart. 


Character Summary: Overall, Yin is a laid-back and casual Qilin who prefers taking it easy to working hard. With an affinity for cracking jokes and delivering puns like its going out of style, Yin approaches life with very little white noise to color it, taking everything in stride and letting little rile her up. Underneath her lazy exterior, however, Yin holds her loved ones in high esteem, and will never forget that, no matter how many failures her future brings her.




[[ This OC involves one of PrinceBlueblood's characters, so I'd like him to review it, please! ]]

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