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Corva Pardus [Ready]

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Name: Corva Pardus


Sex: Female


Age: Young Adult


Species: Griffon


Eye Color: Gold


Character Color: Being part raven and part panther, her fur and feathers are completely black. 


Mane/Tail: The feathers on the top of her head are styled into messy spikes and are dyed various shades of red. 


Physique: Despite her personality, she boasts a physique of one that does plenty of exercise. She is quite lean and of average size for griffons her age. She also has multiple tattoos on display, the most distinctive being the starburst-style target around her right eye. The outer shape is a vibrant orange, with the inner one a blood red. Another distinctive tattoo is the fiery snake circling around and making its way up her left leg, with the mouth of the snake open at her neck. 


Residence: Apartment in Long Kong


Occupation: On the surface, she works private security and occasional deliveries, though in reality she is an enforcer for the Triad. 


Cutie Mark: N/A


Unique Traits: Due to the training from her father, and the natural talent she possesses, she has the ability to use almost any item as a weapon. She almost never misses, even able to hit her target by bouncing projectiles like rocks off of walls or other such objects. She doesn't carry much in the way of weaponry herself, just a couple knives typically hidden under her wings. 


History: Corva is the product of a former Aquilan general for a father, and a simple Long Kong shopkeep for a mother. Her entire life has been spent in and around Long Kong, she was used to the layout and the way the city worked. From as early as he felt he could, her father began training her to become a soldier like him. He was only partially successful on that front, the skills sticking with her even though his ideals were not getting through to her. Still, he kept at it, even as she clearly grew apart from him and drifted more towards her adopted sibling, spending more and more time with them and her friends out on the town. She shirked pretty much everything but exercising and training at the insistence of her sibling, that being she continue training, not shirk stuff. The only other thing she'd really do besides laze about was stuff with friends, such as going out into town and making trouble. 


Eventually, her parents couldn't take her attitude anymore, kicking her out of the house to fend for herself. That very night, while she was hanging out in a bar, she would meet someone who changed her life. She was already angry when she got there, for obvious reasons, a disposition that wasn't helped by the fact that a drunk stallion immediately began hitting on her. She tried to walk away from the whole thing, but he kept jeering after her and she finally snapped as she reached the pool table. Grabbing one of the balls, she threw it hard, missing him by millimeters. Or, at least that's what appeared to happen at first as the ball ricocheted off a metal pole and struck him right between the eyes as he tried to watch its progress. The stallion was knocked out cold, and Corva left feeling a bit better. The night only went up from there as she was chased down by a mare that had been in the bar as well and suggested she should join the Triad. She did so, being promoted to an enforcer as her skills really came to light over various jobs. She liked the Triad, being paid to cause trouble often times. 


Personality: Despite her father's attempts to turn her into a soldier like him, Corva ended up being a rather lazy griffon, rarely ever doing anything that didn't involve her sibling or her friends or things she already wanted to do. If not for her sibling's insistence, she likely wouldn't even keep up on her exercise and training. On top of that, she is rather impatient with strangers or really anyone she's not friends with, violence being a fairly common response to problems. Regardless, with her friends and her sibling she is a very laid-back individual, very nice and friendly with them if a bit sarcastic, though she does that with everyone. In truth, her adopted sibling is the only family she has left aside from the Triad, which she considers a sort of pseudofamily. 


Summary: A lazy, sarcastic griffon that loves to get into trouble with her finely honed skills. Corva can easily lose her patience with others she doesn't care about, occasionally resulting in violence to some degree. 

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Nice scientific name combo :) have fun with this one!



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