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Name: Verrah Ity Dargon 
Gender: Female 
Age: mare (much older than you'd believe)
Species: (in free for all) she is part fairy and part pony adopted by dragons (in anywhere else) just a unicorn that was adopted by dragons when she was young
Eye colour: one bright blue eye the other is covered with a patch
Character colour: grey
Mane/Tail/Other: black and long and wild like Vinyl Scratch's Other:  an eye patch
Physique: she is a short but strong mare she has a bright blue left eye and the right is covers with an eye patch her horn appears chipped and aside from this she appears to be athletic as she is lean
Residence: "I live where ever I am."
Occupation: she travels and helps where she can she lives off the land
Cutie Mark: a bright red blob of color 
Unique Traits: she is except I only skilled in all types of magic but combative magic is her bread and butter (she even uses magic to mime dragon breath) (and in free for all) her right eye under the patch is a blob of bright red magic in a hollow socket (anywhere else) her eye is a blob of magic due to how she screwed up a spell in her teenage years
History: she can't remember before five as that's when she was adopted by the Dargon family of dragons she grew up and then set out on nan adventure she honed her magic and strength
Character Personality: she is a wild and bombastic pony but is also very smart and can be quite rude with out meaning to but if she likes you she will become kind and would do ANYTHING to protect you.

Character Summary: essentuly powerful, smart, and wild with a calm soft side

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