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  A stallion who was sneaking by trying to avoid enemy sight over heard the yelling of other ponies and thought to head over to where the voices came from. He hoped he would finally find other ponies as his current mission of body recovery wasn't going so fell for this medic. His horn was glowing an emerald green color as he was levitating a few medical supplies over him while also wearing typical field medic equipment. 
  To avoid being heard by the enemy he decided to sneak over to the barracks where he heard shouting instead of teleporting as the noise and use of magic would attract them to him. When he reached the mesh door he slowly approached it and saw another pony already in front of it peering in. He trotted over and tried to softly speak to get the pony's attention, but not lure the enemy to their position.
"Hello? My name is Sanar Enfermera. Or just Sanar. Are you a fellow soldier?"

  The stallion quivered a bit as his specialty was healing and supporting other ponies and not really combat. He had ammunition and guns to defend himself of course, but he wasn't all that great with them. His aim was a little sloppy, but he has managed to injury and fatally wound some enemies before even if the kills were sometimes by accident.
  "Please tell me you're an ally." 


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(((Name: Sanar Enfermera
Position: Corporal 
Description: Average body type, pure milk white coat, black messy mane (I'd say it's medium sized and fluffy kind of), Light purple eyes, lime colored healer cross cutiemark with yellow and grey boarders surrounding a green circle. Optimistic and blunt overall. Rather relaxed about everything and can sometimes forget the severe seriousness of the situation at hand. A little bit unconfident in his ability as a field medic. Low self esteem at times due to the impending danger at times.
Items: Bandages, Syringes, pocket watch, Medical tools he carries around with his magic. Flim Flam Mark 22: Semi-auto pistol 

                -1 P16A1: M16 knockoff, semi-auto/burst rifle

                -Assorted Medical Gear

                -2 M18 Smoke grenades

                -Bitaca 37: Ithaca knockoff, short barreled pump shotgun

(in case i was complete **** with the description I have a pic) Photo Just reposting this cause i changed his name to something more original and better than White Hoof.)))))

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"They're in the trees man." Solar Line said, aiming his rifle at the empty skies like he was starring in some kind of Fillywood action movie.


The stallion was clad in his full suit of armor and equipment, his helmet leaning forwards awkwardly, going over his sunglasses and making him look borderline ridiculous. "Worst of all... they could be any one of us." He mused in his deepest action hero voice, now slowly turning a three sixty, aiming at everything with his rifle.


Yes, you might be thinking why is this lunatic going about with a rifle in the early hours of the morning. Well, you see, he was ordered to serve as a night guard but there were...complications and he ended up guarding this very spot from the sundown to sunrise without a break.


Less can drive a stallion crazy.

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(Should we like skip over stormchaser and just do it ourselves?

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