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Roleplay Type: WoE

Name: Da Jian-yá

Sex: Stallion

Age: 42

Species: Qilin

Eye colour: Magenta, surrounded by black sclera

Coat: Ebony, Purple, Lavender



His mane is a thick, rich purple with jagged stripes of the same color running down his ebony coat. His hind legs break off into a lighter shade of, almost, lavender whilst the feathered end of his tail and hooves are the same shade of purple as his mane.





Mane/Tail: Purple

Physique: Thin, Fluffy

Residence: New Town, Long Kong

Occupation: Divine Protectorate Leader

Cutie Mark: Bouncing Soundwaves


Unique Traits:



Cold Resistance: Thanks to their rich coat the Qilin has a higher resistance to the colder temperatures of the winter seasons, which is also used as a defensive against bite, scratch and horn attacks against his thin body.


Sub-Sonic Screech: His Cutie Mark allows the deep-voiced, baritone brute to expel sound waves at destructive forces from his dragonfire. At most the barking shouts push out the flames can damage the foundation of properties and at least it can cause ears to ring for a short time. This strains his throat, sometimes leaving him with a low, scratching tone or a complete inability to use his voice for days. Due to the subsonic force his dragonfire is all but immediately doused by it and cannot light anything aflame.


Athletics: Thin beneath all that fluff he lacks brute strength, but makes up for it in flexibility and athleticism. As a result they are rather frail, but quick-hoofed.


• Black Sclera: Due to severe weakness and illness in his youth his sclera had taken on a black coloration that had never healed. As a result he suffers from dry eye and has difficulty reading without a pair of reading glasses (but refuses to wear them because he says they make him look stupid).





Their father, Mariqus Da, was a respected officer of the navy. He served for over thirty-three years and had become a decorated officer renowned for his tactical prowess. His family has lived in Long Kong for five generations, having emigrated from Long Guo’s mainland. He was forced into retirement when his great-grandfather called for his presence. It had been time for Da to take over his role as head of the family. Da’s father and grandfather had, sadly, met the afterlife and could not continue the tradition as they were meant to. Organized crime and a delinquent attitude toward law, Da took over the Divine Protectorate. It was the life Jian-yá would be born into.


Jian-yá was a small foal, underweight and often having difficulty keeping weight on throughout his life. This made him frail and as an heir to the family he was always under the protection of trusted family members or his father. Father and son spent little time apart. When there were meetings held among other families or with rival groups Jian-yá was at Da’s side. The Marquis was diligent in his affection to his son, so he would not come to hate Da as the Marquis had come to hate his own father. Jian-yá did not have many friends. His spoiled nature left him to his own devices which often got him in trouble with Deputies. His life was a lavish one full of imported treats and rich silks that touched the fur like air.


With a manor settled on the coast of Long Kong his family ran the organization from the heart of New Town. With businesses in Downtown, Long Kong employing over 200 New Town residents the Divine Protectorate are both a blessing and a curse for the city, a double-edged sword. Jian-yá frequented the arcades Downtown, often getting into mischief with foals of local Deputies and Poles. In time Da would retire and pass his legacy to Jian-yá when he was around thirty-years of age. Raised in a life of decadence the spoiled prince of crime would become its king. He would want more than he desired and turn the seething cesspool into a deeper trench of debauchery and chaos. Many say he suffered a curious worship of the long-like figure of the emissary of chaos, but it was mere conjecture that was often met with swift punishment or a visit from local Poles, even an increase in taxes.


Jian-yá took over the family with years of training and tutoring to control every aspect of the organization behind him so he could ensure it held Long Kong in its grip for years to come. The Divine Protectorate controlled Long Kong through businesses, blackmailing positions in political offices and being surrounded by leisure all his life the young heir had spent his days training in the martial arts of the Qilin and athletics to train his bored body and keep his mind sharp. He was built to be an heir of the Protectorate and nothing else. Soft-spoken and only speaking when he find it necessary it was the result of his special talent that enforced this stoic nature presented by the thick brows of his sprouted horns. He was a late bloomer. The Da had worried his son would not meet the expectations of the families and he would be disallowed to continue the Da family line on the seat of the Dragon Head.


It was during an altercation with a rival group seeking to take territory from Downtown that Jian-yá would find his way. The young qilin, at this time only at the age of fifteen and been sent to the front to negotiate in hopes the experience would bring meat to his skinny bones, at least that was how his uncle had put it to his father. Things turned violent and Jian-yá was cornered. He was not as physical adept as the Poles, but they were preoccupied with the rival group’s goons. In fear the young qilin, who had struggled much of his life with his dragonfire, attempted to exhale a blast. The beast’s gullet ensured that not only would the attackers be incapacitated but a good portion of the poorly constructed slum house would be damaged and collapse as well which easily sheltered the confrontation from authorities. It seemed his dragonfire produced a subsonic sound that, otherwise doused the heat of his flames, and created concussive damage.


Character Personality:


Jian-yá has a short temper when he doesn’t get exactly what he wants. He does not show it through brute force, but instead uses underhoofed tactics to humiliate, sabotage and demean his enemies. Notoriously snide to both employees and prospective customers alike, the qilin is blunt with his responses and indirectly passive-aggressive with his remarks towards the perceived incompetence of others. Cheap: they refuse to pay more than they have to the qilin will often resort to stealing, undercutting worker pay and taking shortcuts in construction costs. The boss is temperamental, smug and is not known to take ‘no’ as answers. Indulgent, hedonistic, and spend only for themselves. The selfishness is a large part of the reckless deals he makes, never considering later costs and only current profit.



Character Summary:


Raised to be the heir of the Divine Protectorate the young qilin spent his life studying to take if over from his father. Spoiled to the core and a cold, nihilistic snark the qilin uses sonic abilities to deter attackers and will do anything he can to secure more money, more property, and more goods than he would need in the next life. An avid hater of the Path of Harmony the qilin is known to incite riots and dissent among those he can influence and the authorities of Long Guo. Named Jian-yá, for his black whiskers which are black as night, he is known to sign his name as Σ among his paperwork. No one knows what the symbol means, but there are rumors to the symbol having deeper connections to Tartarus.

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