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Life after death (zombie combat rp interest check)

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Her name is neuron cortosis. Everyone heard of her. The brilliant scientist funded by celestial. She produced the bio enchanted apple, and the venomous tentacular cure. For a long time she was a household name. A celebrity scientist like twilight. 


But only those in the science community; knew her true goal. Her parents were miners. Killed in an accident ... and every bit of research and education. Was to bring them back. 


Science articles and news claimed she made progress. But then ... discord reformed and he demanded her resarch end. "We all miss the dead ... in times I wish I could join them. But as sompony who can do this; I say that it is not for ponies to play with" he said. And like that she dropped into obscurity and other news took precedence. 


But a few months from now on, hearths warming eve! The streets of mainhatten shriek! The evacuation happen in moments! Shining armor and his guards pulling out thousands setting up barriers! 


Princess celestia makes a statment 


"friends! Ponies, family! For unknown reasons. The dead have risen! And are attacking the living! Please stay calm. If you are still in mainhatten. Hold up. Protect your house. And stay put! We will put an end to this as fast as possible!




(was going to make a James Bond montage with sexy pony silhouettes fighting zombies. But I don't have the tools)


inside mainhatten was the main six. And in there haste 3 out of the six elements of harmony were left behind! A h.o.t (hastily organized tactical) team has been orginaized to save us all!




this is a zombie rp. A short one that we can hopefully reach the conclusion! It is a linear story with action. But in then end it is empathy, and kindness that will guide you. I hope people are intrested and we can finish!


i hope I can get some players and breath some life back into the sight.


HOT team application 


name: (birth name, and nick names and the names they have a reputation for)

species: (all species from ponies to dragon are on the hot team)

physical description including cutie mark:

specialty: (close range combat, Merle, speed, survival)

pysche eval: (how well can your oc or selected character handle stress and teamwork?)

history: (hot teams except anyone. From convicts, explorers, and honered solders. Which are you?) 


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name: Ember Blossom. 

species: Pegasi

physical: Ember looks tough, scars on her burning red fur. Her eyes are a glowing amber, and her hair is a delicate silver. Despite that, she grew up in the gangs and, despite being female, looks as tough as nails themselves. Her mark is that of her signature weapon, a Scythe.  She has strong arms, legs and carries the scars to show she earned them. When it comes to clothing, Ember likes to make a statement. Jeans, typically ripped, combat boots and jackets are beloved by her, mostly because when she rocks up, ALL eyes had better be upon her. 

specialty: Close Range Combat, Area of effect combat, stealth. 

pysche eval: Despite her past, Ember is proven to be an effective member within a team. While the girl isn't ideal for a leadership position, she truly shines when given simple orders and freedom with how they are carried out. Point her at your enemies, and they'll die. Ember, outside of battle, is laid back and uncaring, and this carries onto the battle field. She has a single love. Conflict. Unadvised to give leadership role due to past history. 

history: Ember was infamous as a Serial Killer, nicknamed 'Death' due to her weapon of choice being a large double-ended Scythe. She played a deadly game of cat and mouse before the authorities caught up and she was arrested. Despite her crimes, when she was located, she willingly surrendered without causing a scene despite the knowledge she could easily have fended off the royal guard. Once inprisoned, nothing had been heard about her. Of course, the girl was located in Manehatten Prison. 

When the city fell, she broke out. She carved her way out through the chaos, Scythe in hand and grin on her face. When she arrived in Canterlot, she turned herself into the Royal Guards. It eas clear that, despite her history, she had a warped sense of honour when she turned herself in. With the promise of a lowered sentence and a job, Ember was attached to the team, with the threat of death should she deivate from her orders. 


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(Symphy has arrived! Prepare the snacks!)


Name: Yang Xin Li, goes by Castor when she wears her guild mask.

Species: Qilin

Appearance: She has a light purple mane that is cut to a really short bob with a long thin ponytail from the bottom of her bob that reached down to the bottom of her torso. Her bangs covered the right side of her face while a white mask covered the left, a mask that looked like it was crying tears of blood. Under her mask she has golden eyes and she also has a very light grey coat. Li wears a white sleeveless cheongsam shirt that has burgundy buttons and designs on it and black tights. She is a young mare, but her height and appearance makes her look much younger. Cutiemark: Light yellow serpent dragon silhouette shaped as a ring with a white circle in the middle, though it's usually hidden by her clothes.

Specialty: Close-range combat, melee, speed, stamina.

Psyche eval: Li has only worked in three-man teams who she trusts can make the right decision,  so working with large groups where communication is required will be a challenge for her, though it wouldn't be permanent as she is quick to learn and adapt. She is good at following orders, but if needed she may also give them. 

History: Li was born and raised as a member of the guild, she did not know who her parents were as she later on thought it was not important. The guild had many business ponies, so they naturally needed assassins to take out those who oppose the guild as hiring them would be quite expensive in Long Kong. Li and her twin sister started to learn how to fight when they were little fillies, going through rigorous training to learn most styles of Kung Fu. Close to the end of her training, she was given a weapon, her twin broadswords that she will use until...well, until she doesn't want to anymore. 

Li started to work as soon as possible when she was a filly, the guild leader wanted to take advantage of her size and age to deceive his opponents. Though she was very young, she thought killing people was just a job (even if it's wrong) so there was no trauma from it. She often worked with her instructor too, learning about things other than assassination, which is why Li feels she has to help people in need as it is the honourable thing to do. 

Li still works with the guild, though she is also up for hire by anyone who does not plan on using her against the guild. 

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Im in!!! Just doing other stuff as of this exact moment, buuuuuuuuuuut i shall make a character before i sleep!

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Name: Anu Hur


Species: Diamond Dog (Anubian Jackal)


Appearance: The only thing he has related to hair is his black dreadlocks that he ties back into a ponytail, which also has a few streaks of gold in it. His body is covered in black fur, golden Egyptian markings breaking up the mono-color fur. The most special of these designs is the eye of Horus around his right eye, which he can use to increase the senses of that eye in exchange for keeping his left one closed. His eyes are purple in color. He has the physique of someone who fights for a living, lean and agile while still maintaining a good amount of strength. 

His typical outfit consists of a somewhat fancy robe befitting his former station, as well as a simple black collar with the only decoration being a gold ankh hanging from the front of it. His robe, while mostly white, also sports golden trim and designs on it. 


Speciality: Hybrid combat (i.e. using his dual kopeshes or unarmed combat up close and switching to his bow for range.), speed, stealth, leadership experience. 


Psyche Eval: Given his past, it is understandable he would be hesitant to not be the one calling the shots, though less understandable is his inability to swallow his pride or to let even the smallest slights go unanswered. The only time he seems to accept taking orders is when there is something in it for him, usually a method or increasing his strength. All-in-all, Anu seems a serious individual and a fierce fighter. 


History: Anu had always had the silver spoon, so to speak. Born the only child of his pack's alpha, he led a privileged life up to the point his father decided to step down. A series of contests were held, with him consistently placing in the top 5, at least, and ended with him chosen as the new alpha. He led the pack peacefully for a time, though that didn't mean he shirked his training. Still, one day he was taken by surprise and that, coupled with being outnumbered, led to him being defeated by insurgents unhappy with his rule. They exiled him and ever since he has been wandering the world in search of ways to make himself strong enough to reclaim his throne, taking merc jobs or fights at arenas when he found them. 

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Love the applications. I think 4 is the perfect number for this rp. And we can get started soon. 


It will start with your characters being recuited, having them go about there day. 

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These two will also be members of the team.

name: vitas Bearing, doc

species: unicorn

physical description: has a green fur and a short crew cut mane which is dark blue. Gold eyes. 6 feet tall, approx 210 pounds with a muscular build. His cutie mark is a red  cross and caduceus. 

specialty: leadership, medicine, firearms

pysche eval: doc is a trained expert. He works well with others and can always keep calm. He is friendly. But deep down he is very antisocial and has anger issues 

history: doc is an experienced recon corpsman. He went thru many intense trainings and did well on many missions. 



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name: Rock Eater, the barbarian, 

species: earth pony

physical description: a Very large pony with grey fur and a black mane. Cut short and clean. 

His cutie mark is his coat of arms which is a skull with a hammer behind it 

specialty: leadership, Heavy weapons


psyche eval: rock is boisterous and intelligent. He works well with others only if he's in charge and can butt heads if not. He has a warriors heart that loves to fight but he deeply cares for the ponies under him


history: rock was born into a long line of warriors who can trace there roots back to early barbarians. He is very proud of his linage and trained his whole life to emulate his ancestors and make them proud. He joined the military at a young age, but got after a few years to seek his fortune. Working as a mercanery and drifter he found happiness with his beautiful wife. The married and had 4 children. He re joined the military for a stable job to support them. Becoming the leader of a special forces group 

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Name: Aquilo Breeze, QC


Species: Earth Pony


Physical description including cutie mark: Despite being an Earth Pony, Aquilo is a skinny stallion with a slender body. His coat resembled that of ice, as his short and spiky mane and tail resemble that of pure white snow. His cutie mark depicts a snowflake being blown away.


Specialty: Sense of direction, withstand extreme cold temperatures, CQC (close quarters combat) if need be


Psyche Evaluation: Aquilo is easy to become discouraged and often hides when he feels discomforted and hatred nearby. Nonetheless, he takes orders well, sometimes to the point where it would seem he is a pushover and does whatever anyone ask/tells him to do.


History: Aquilo was born and raised in Manehattan. When he became older, he always journeyed out to the mountains, finding comfort and peace within the chilling winds usually too cold even for most pegasi. He was in the city that fateful day when he heard announcements for the evacuation, unfortunately, he was near the source of the attacks making it very difficult to escape. He managed to do so, however not before getting bit on his right back leg. Once he made it out of the city, he was immediately sent off to a hospital a ways away, but not in another big establishment in fear of this unknown virus getting loose and spreading more. Instead they took him to an unmarked location that had it's own lab set up with part of it now focused on this event and trying to prevent it. He now sits in a cell, very weak and tired as they continuously test him and take samples. Eleven hours later, and a feeling of eternity to him. He would soon look to be like one of the zombies, and not because of  the virus that they believed coursed in his veins now.

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name: Skyzipper, known as Sky

species: Pegasus

physical description including cutie mark: Signature is him :)

specialty: Melee, Survival, Improvisation

pysche eval/History: Stryder doesn't like working in a team, for the sole fact that he works better as a lone operative. Before everything that happened with the apocolypse, he had been a solo operative, surviving missions he really shouldn't have. Having seen a lot of his friends die, both to other sources and the apocolypse, he dislikes going out with others in fear of watching them die.

History: Sky was born in Cloudsdale, but moved to ponyville at a young age. He enlisted young, learning how to use all sorts of firearms and how to fight, but his superiors saw the potential in him and put him into a unique regime. It taught him advanced melee techinques and how to survive in the wild, though the rest he had to learn himself. As an operative, he quite had to go out in dangerous missions, and despite his job being stealth, more then once the whole area errupted into gunfire. Due to this, he can keep his cool under pressure and is able to use any weapon efficiently, though not masterfully. The only weapon he had ever been able to master was any form of sidearm, or an M4A1, which he had done extensive training with.


During his jobs he also had come upon situations where he had nothing, no weapons, no food, nothing, and due to this he got a good sense of how to improvise, learning how to do a lot of thigns he shouldn't have.

That was his military life at least.


It wasn't long before he had left the military at a young age of only twenty two, having already been through enough. He went home to noone, but continued doing his own jobs when he could, going back and helping when they requested it, but other then that he relaxed and trained himself to be stronger.


When the apocolypse hit, he had managed to survive barely, being in the city when the whole mess had started, and as of right now, has just escaped the city with the other survivors.

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