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Goutou Wa No Shippo (Final)

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Name: Goutou Wa No Shippo


Alias: Goutou Washippo, Taizoku, Konoha, Horo-sha, and nowadays Gotohiko


Sex: Male


Age: … Old enough


Species: Tanuki (racoon dog) Yokai


Eye colour: Purple


Coat: Rich shades of brown


Physique: In his true form, Goto is a racoon dog only slightly larger than a pony with a long flowing, and voluminous tail. While a great deal of the ‘bulk’ in his form could easily be assumed as fur, he is still remarkably very strong and practised and usually, the guises he takes will follow that theme.


As of now, he appears as a somewhat roguish looking young earth pony with a curious fluffy tail and a mane of messy curls along with a fluffy tail with a ringed pattern.


Residence: Has a large territory in the Neighponese countryside, tends to rest in the long ruined remains of a temple to the Harmonious Path.


Occupation: Bandit and Master Thief


Cutie Mark: Has no natural cutie mark, but will usually appear with a tan jug with a racoon tail around it.


Unique Traits:


Master Combatant: While Goto has been separate from his clan for many years, the skills they had taught him back when he was with them have not dulled. Goto is a very fit and considerably quick. He has an impressive knowledge of neighponese martial arts that has accumulated over his long life.


Yokai Magic: Goto has honed his skills with the illusory magic of yokai to very impressive levels, His magical skill strong enough to cast a detailed illusion of a nobleman’s large estate, and detailed enough that it was nearly indistinguishable from the original. It can be very tiresome to maintain large illusions though and a result Goto tends to stick to more small scale illusions or the simpler spells such a telekinesis. Thanks to some bad experiences with fox’s in the past, he’s refused to make use of the ghostly fires and instead makes heavy use of...


Leaf Magic: Due to his close relationship with forests, Goto has learned how to magically manipulate and control leaves, even channel his magic through them. He has learned to enlarge and strengthen them enough to serve as shields tough as steel or as handy getaway gliders.




History: Long, long ago in ancient Neighpon. There was a clan of tanuki who lived in a large patch of land in the countryside. This small clan were a curious lot, often playing games with Ronin and other travelling warriors. Some of them even began to learn how to mimic them and practised their moves. This became something of a fad around the clan with many pups following along to their elders as they taught them the amazing things the ponies had learned to do.


One day though, a threat arose. Large horned beasts from across the great seas, they brought with them fire, strength, and suffering for all who settled on this land. In those long ago days, The Narushippo clan would rise up alongside the united ponies, kirin, and ryuma and assist in fighting for their home. They’d gained the support of the daimyo of their land and would join with the troops, sewing illusions for the raiders who came. By the war's end, they had gained some notoriety in the daimyo’s land… and so he allowed them an official plot of land or at least legitimised the land that they said they already claimed.


Goutou had been born into this clan. He had not been born to witness the tails of heroism from his clan and the war with the savage horned beasts. He did, however, grow up hearing about all of them. The little Tanuki being exceedingly proud of his clan and lineage when he was young, he would often spend hours practising his magic along with some martial arts, trying to recreate the incredible events with his youthful imagination. Days were full of mischief and excitement most days and save for the semi-regular poachers, things were alright.


Over time though it seemed that the memory of their clan’s contributions had faded. Few ponies would come to their forest anymore. Houses and other things were beginning to pop up on the outskirts of their home, it wasn't a very welcome occurrence. Seeing as this was being built on the edge of their territory they let it pass. After the winter had come, gone and Goutou's clan entered hibernation, they had woken to something that in most of his clan inspired sorrow, but for Goutou, it only inspired anger: A large temple for the followers of the Harmonious Path had been erected in the middle of their territory!


Most of the clan had decided that this was a sign that the Neighponese had forgotten them, that there was no sense in fighting this and that they had best move on to live with other families of yokai hidden away. Goutou thought that was a cowardly notion and took off almost immediately to the monastery. Disguised as a humble traveller, Got infiltrated their home and snuck in a large jug of sake, disguising it with his magic to look like tea when he offered some to the monks as thanks for their offer of shelter. By the night’s all the followers of the path were raucously drunk and after luring all of the monks out locked them out of the monastery, but not after convincing the head monk to relinquish his robes and that weird staff of his to him. Feeling thoroughly pleased with himself and hoping to send a message to the followers of the path, the entire complex burned throughout the night until it was left a ruin in the morning.


When Goutou got back to his clan, hoping to be hailed a hero… he only received a scolding. Saying that his actions were brash and foolish, that they were going to leave this land and he would not be coming with them.


As his clan disappeared from the horizon he shouted that he would be perfectly fine on his own without them. It didn’t take long before Goutou began to regret saying those things to his family, but he would never regret sticking it to those hooved creatures who stepped on his family-- then it hit him. Now this territory wasn’t just his family’s… It was entirely Goutou’s now. The tanuki for several years of his life had spent it scaring and playing pranks on any ponies, kirin, or longma until he eventually grew bored of being alone in the forests with no intelligent company.


In order to fight off the loneliness, Goutou began to spend time around the ponies to amuse himself, taking a variety of forms in order to blend in and not be recognised when he came to the towns again. Goutou would make regular trips to the taverns bars and things so he could have some merriment, but even then that became difficult to satiate the strange restlessness in his being. One day, he would decide to take up a challenge. The local daimyo was showing off a very expensive jewel encrusted scabbard, as he paraded it downtown a certain inebriated bar-goer said someone should steal it and show that crazy noble what for, seeing as that money could probably have been used better. Goutou, who now extremely drunk on that night… woke up the next morning with the scabbard in paw and a severely freaked out Daimyo shrieking about their treasure being stolen by some ring tailed earth pony. That night had been rendered a blur in Goutou’s mind but he did recall having a good time.


When another daimyo not far from his territory wound up parading a majestic tapestry around his land, Goutou decided he may as well try again. This time, however, he decided to let his victim know he was coming. Even with the stepped up security, Goutou managed to get into his compound, steal the tapestry and managed to do it without harming a hair on the heads of the guards or anyone inside.


This was getting more and more fun. Over time Goutou began to play the role of a new member of a family of magical thieves who would harass nobility nearby the forests and steal their most valuable possessions. This hobby of his went on for a few generations with him taking on a new guise each time he appeared. Eventually, though he came into conflict with a fierce mare who was calling herself the queen of bandits: Tsuyoi Kazan. For the first time in His career of thieving, Goutou was foiled and her treasure remained in her grasp. Goutou never forgot his defeat and did find a measure of respect for the queen… enough that he managed to spend some time working for her in another disguise, it lasted long enough that he got to meet a few of the ‘queen’s’ children. One, in particular, seemed to stick out, her oldest, Jinsoku. Eventually, he ran into some trouble around the winter… when he would need to hibernate and return to his forest. Tsuyoi didn’t take the idea that he wished to leave well. On the night he tried to depart he had been tailed by hunters under the queen’s employ.


Losing them was surprisingly difficult, and towards the end, he had no choice but attempt to fake his own demise. It was simple enough when they had cornered him on a cliff he ‘stumbled’ and fell down into a deep ravine below into the valley at a fall that would have ended to the story of a normal pony. Thankfully, Goutou wasn’t normal or a pony.


Now free to live his life once more and go back to his home he went into his hibernation, waking the next spring and seeing what had changed. Not terribly much it seemed although according to rumour the queen’s family had grown larger. He knew he couldn’t show his face (or at least his previous one) and so he went to work fine tuning his appearance. Changing his visage until he looked different enough he could pass for a son of his last persona. Now with that done, he’d approached the bandit queen once again… introducing himself as Gotohiko and having come looking for his father. She told him her side of the story and he nodded along, deciding to join the band (Again) if only because he was sure she wouldn’t let him leave without paying back his ‘father’s’ debt. It was hardly an issue for him as this again allowed him a chance to acquaint himself to young Jinsoku. Soon enough he noticed some curious expressions and moments in which she would excuse herself… and eventually put together that she was up to something. Once he saw what she was up to… it piqued his interest.


It seems the bandit princess had been running her own little gang on the side. Stealing from the rich and corrupt and giving back to the poor. If anything it was an interesting concept. When he approached her saying he’d like to join… he was rather surprised how quickly she agreed, only on the condition he does not snitch to her mother. He agreed to those terms, simple as they were and went on to join Jin’s gang as an illusionist later on when he grew to trust the princess enough to confide in her about his secret, meaning after enough jobs and one really long drinking night he let it spill and she was fine with it.




Goto is a fairly relaxed individual if somewhat rough and tumble looking.Around fellow members of his gang he tends be a generally light hearted presence, if flirtatious and rather fond of the drink. His closest relationship of this day he’d say would be Jinsoku, After becoming interested in her project he’s become very supportive and treats those closest to him in the fold like family sometimes.


As evidenced by his past he may be sometimes quick to anger, his retaliation is usually in the form of non-lethal if somewhat intimidating pranks. He still harbors a good deal of ill will to any followers of the harmonious path, and perhaps in the interest of messing with them he continues to wear the garb of the head monk of the old temple back in his forest, he even still carries the staff which he tends to chew on when he’s nervous.


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