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On Long Kong there hides a group, a family of sorts, taking in hoodlums, the desperate, and desiring a place to call home. Shady, underhoofed: sometimes it pays being naughty. Here are some highlights to the group as it is built and grows; The Divine Protectorate, aka the Triad of Long Kong.




Poke me if you've any questions or toss in an app if you wish to join the ranks.

I'll be posting an OOC thread regarding it's members and open positions soon.

Long Kong Lore

Long Guo Lore




Ranks are the simple state of the hierarchy within the family. There ranks instill a sense of power and place to a group who are otherwise outsiders and casteless amongst the Long.




There will be limited positions for a rank, but no limitation on what sectors one can work in. Long Kong is divided into four sections, all being controlled by the Da Family within the Redoubt's District. All members know where they live and which Dragon Head they report to.



"Mountain" or "Dragon" Master (or 'Dragon Head') is the boss of the family group

“Patron” an individual who provides fundings and laundering services, part or separate from the family.

"Deputy Mountain Master" is just that to his or her boss.

"Grass Slipper" is the Mountain Master's proxy, a son or daughter

"Incense Master", who oversees inductions into the DP.

"Vanguard" assists the Incense Master.

"Red Pole" refers to a "military commander" overseeing defensive and offensive operations.

"49" denotes the position of "soldier" or rank-and-file member.

"White Paper Fan" provides financial and business advice

"Straw Sandal" functions as a liaison between different units.

"25" refers to an undercover law enforcement agent or spy from another gang, and has become popularly used as a slang for "snitch", i.e. informant

"Blue Lanterns" are uninitiated members


Long Kong Dragon Head: Da Jian-ya

Patron: Yu Kinokawa (Cat Constellation), Open Slot, Open Slot


Dragon Head

Port Town District Head: Open

Downtown District Head: Open

New Town District Head: Open

Celestial District Head: Open 


Deputy: Open Slot, Open Slot, Open Slot, Open Slot

Grass Slipper: Yin (Horse Constellation)Subjective Slots

Vanguard: Open Slot, Open Slot, Open Slot, Open Slot

Incense Master: Open Slot, Open Slot, Open Slot, Open Slot


White Paper Fan: Open Slot

Red Pole:  Yángguāng (Ox Constellation), Corva Pardus (Ox Constellation), Open Slot, Open Slot

Straw Sandal: Open Slot, Open Slot


49ers: Unlimited Slots

Blue Lanterns: Unlimited Slots

25; The Snitch, Undercover Law Enforcement or Spy: ???



Four Pillars



The Four Pillars of the Divine Protectorate, also known as Trines, control a section of family’s business to ensure the overall, unified goal of the family is met. Each pillar runs its own business front to generate a profit which is sent to the main house on a monthly basis for purchase of land deeds, equipment, and other amenities. Weekly stipends are often sent to the local Dragon Heads to provide extra allowances on luxuries the clans re not usually able to afford. Sometimes these stipends are called bribes by lower members because it keeps the Deputies in favor with the local Dragon Heads.


Within the Trines there are Three Sects called Constellations. Each sect is named after a unique, skyward constellation to identify their roles in the family. It is often considered more honorable or preferred to be part of certain constellations as they make higher profits and can afford more free time while other constellations are more militaristic in their nature. Whatever the case there was a place for everypony. There is a thirteenth constellation known as the Cat that is not regarded as part of the House Trine. They are outsiders who have been given place in the family or members who have been cast out of the family, but have to be kept close and under an iron hoof due to their knowledge. They are always watched. It is not regarded as honorable to be cast out to the Cat constellation, as you are now an outsider and can never be part of the family, even if though marriage.


First Trine; Business Sector

Members of the First Trine handle much of the local and foreign business involving the paperwork regarding formal and informal contracts. These paper trails are meant to keep authorities off their tails and present their businesses as legitimate giving them official sounding names. They are also known for buying out local businesses who have been threatened or forced into financial ruin by local DP members.


Rat:  Businessponies by their nature those of the rat constellations are at the forefront of these deals. Accustomed to wearing the suit they have a keen eye in spotting risky deals and are remiss to risk the family's profit.


Dragon: Hard workers those of the dragon constellation drive themselves to the bone to ensure everything is perfect when it comes to the loss ends. If ever one finds a loss end, it wasn't a dragon.


Monkey: There is hardly a more relatable constellation than the monkey. They are the talkers. They convince the shopkeeps, foreigners and other individuals to keep business with the Da Family, under the assurance they have no ties with the Divine Protectorate.



Second Trine; Security Sector

Members of the Second Trine are the enforcers of the family's rules and laws. While not prone to any questionable behavior, it is not unheard of. They are the muscle to the brains, often being hired by the Business Sector for guard jobs or clearing riffraff in areas they are looking to raise property value on.


Ox: This constellation works with what they have. Never needing more than a target they are independent and capable of getting the job done with as little instruction as possible. They are often more permanent fixtures in neighborhoods run by the DP. One can never know who is an Ox so it is always best to behave when crossing the train tracks.


Snake: Leaders by their nature this constellation is well known for executing jobs using hired mooks either from within the ranks of the uninitiated, the Roosters, or outsiders who have done wrong by the family and seek penance. They are mobile so are never in one place long, often used by the Construction Sector as security officers with small teams.


Rooster: In this constellation they are better suited in teams and strategic planning. Brain within brawn they excel in the lin kuei arts and other forms of espionage.



Third Trine; Public Relations Sector

Those in this Trine deal in the public image of the family businesses as well as covering up individual incidents that could lead to exposing their secrets to law enforcement.


Tiger: More comfortable in large groups this constellation often hold public offices as secretaries or managers to important figures such as provincial governors or celebrities. The money paid to charities are often funneled into DP funds.


Horse: The motivational speakers: this constellation are often the mouth pieces to the Construction and Business Sector, allowing the groups to wedge into business using their charm and precise expertise in the situation. They present these often unfair practices of forcing our business as financial and social opportunity for the pony being extorted.


Dog: The counters, the measurers, and thinkers. This constellation is revered for “carrying an abacus in their saddlebags” as they are excellent problem solvers. They are kept by Dragon Heads to ensure profits aren't skimmed off of by Deputies and assist the Business Sector with larger trades and numbers.




Fourth Trine; Construction Sector

This Trine is responsible for all the construction business in the family. From shipping construction materials to purchasing land they are in charge of the general infrastructure that provides the DP with advantage over the local government. If their demands aren't met it sometimes means strikes from local teamsters causing a halt to businesses in Long Kong.


Rabbit: The climbers, this constellation strive to buy as much possible always fighting to be seen as better than their peers. They are favored by the Dragon Heads for their insatiable drive to market themselves through their work. They are often in charge of listing, buying and selling property for the family to build on, tear down, or build up around.


Sheep: A solitary constellation who prefer the dark office to field work. They are suited to the constant crunch required of the bureaucracy that is the nature of business. Office decorations they sometimes slip into privately owned businesses and funnel funds into DP projects without ever being discovered.


Pig: Given roles as leaders to a union of teamsters or on the docks as ship captains this constellation benefits from DP funds by delivering material goods and workers into DP hooves. Functional members of society they have usually found their way into DP through financial strain.



Fifth Trine; Outsiders

This  constellation is for outsiders, the dishonored and scattered gangs who wish to retain their freedom but remain disassociated with the DP.


Cat: Loners, outsiders and the shamed. This constellation is a catch all for those who will never find ascension in the family but are either too valuable to turn away or have proven themselves valued allies. A place is a place and for casteless or outcasts this is often better than banishment.





Wow you're still here? Well if you are interested in joining just post below with the character you are interested in using. It does not have to be a Long, it does not have to be a pony, but they do have to be selfish and interested in doing the crime despite the time. This is for naughty ponies not good guys, unless yer a copper. Than we'll talk.




As a criminal organization the group needs a proper hang out where they go to pick up jobs and get news. The best place to do this is directly from the big boss himself: Da Jian-ya. The big boss is often seen hanging out at the bar, talking to clients. As a son to a decorated naval officer he has his place in the real world. The underworld is where his family has all the power. Below, when it is open, I shall have the link posted to the headquarters. It is a karaoke bar just at the edge of the busiest street in the Celestial District. At any given time this place can have ponies form off the streets coming in to find some fun in the arcades, a bit of friendly hangout in the karaoke rooms, or getting some locale cuisine to munch on at the bar. Some are looking to-- find opportunities or make them.



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Not so much joining as contracting the services of to procure exotic goods and information. In exchange, laundered money and safehouses could be arranged.


I give you: gold snek.




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She was created with the intent of being a Grass Slipper for a Long Kong Triad, so here's Yin!



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Temporarily inactive due to lack of interest.

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I should learn to be more vocal about my interest, cus I certainly don't lack interest in this =o Yang's always ready to bust some heads...or fix up some noodles. Maybe both.

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Yeah. Corva’s ready for some action. Or a hang out session, whichever. 

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