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Name: Howaitorōzu, Gingitsune, Kuroi Chō, the list goes on. 


Sex: Female


Age: very old


Species: Jorōgumo


Eye Color: Her current main disguise, that being Howaitorōzu, almost never has her eyes open enough for anyone to tell the color anyways, but they share their color with her true form, a Midnight blue. In fact, all three disguises share this eye color. 


Coat Color:

Kumo: Black with toxic green markings

Rōzu: Pure White

Gingitsune: Purple with sky blue hooves

Kuroi Chō: Sky blue



Rōzu: She has her mane in a rather wild state, very spiky while also having a part hang down over one eye. Her tail is likewise spiky and wild, ending around her knees. Both are a sky blue in color.

Gingitsune: His mane, while rather short and barely reaching past the bottom of his head in the back, is somewhat messy looking. His tail, also short and slightly messy, shares it's gray color with his mane.

Kuroi Cho: Her mane is very spiky, being swept behind her with a hair band to keep it out of her face, including a butterfly clipped to the band. Her tail is tied up with some hair ties, raising it up a little bit before the rest of it spills out rather gracefully and ending up before her knees. Both her mane and tail sport a green color with a bit of light green present in there as well.


Physique: Being the size of a small dog, her true form is not all that physically imposing. That is something also shared between her disguises, which makes sense given their given occupations. Kumo's markings, which are on top of a silk-like covering that grows out of her back and drapes down to the ground like some kind of organic cloak, are in the shape of a spider's web. Her face also has some markings on it, though looking more like a tiger's markings than a web.


Residence: A manor on the outskirts of Polohama.


Occupation: Owner (and former founder) of a large and prosperous fashion company.


Cutie Mark: Her true form and Rozu do not have cutie marks, but the other two do. Gingitsune has a mark of a puppet being controlled with strings of spider silk, connected to a spider's leg. Kuroi has a mark of a spider weaving it's strands into what almost looks like the start of a scarf from stiching.


Unique Traits:

Weaving: Over the ages of her life, she has built up her skill in the use of her own strands, eventually making them into clothing that was light and comfortable, soon enough adding fashionable to the list. She can still do more traditional uses of her threads as well, of course, like webs and traps, but she has less reason to use them that way nowadays.


Magic: On top of levitation and disguises, she has developed the ability to create magical clones of herself by studying the methods used by the bird yokai that were their own flocks. She never could get it to work to that extent, but she has managed to create clones that are essentially puppets. If she does not control them, they will simply stand around doing nothing.


Enhanced Sight: Given her true form has as many eyes as it does, it was unavoidable that she would want to alter some of them to be more useful. She has changed a couple pairs to see magical energy and the emotional energies that changelings feed on. She left the other four alone, allowing her to still see normally with them.



Personality: Her personality can switch at a moment's notice as she changes disguises, but in her true form she typically remains as a kind individual, if a bit playful, in more ways than one. Being how she is though, being playful can translate to a web of deceit and manipulation for nothing more than her enjoyment. These webs are harmless, typically, but she does so enjoy weaving them. Love is really a concept that tends to escape her though, as despite her constantly playing at being a family and her long life, she had yet to find anyone to interest her in that way. 


History: In her opinion, her early years, before she left the nest so to speak, were rather boring. Kumo had spent that time learning the basic skills she would need to survive and blend in, but that was mostly it. For reasons she is still not sure of, they were living very isolated lives, just her and her family in a cave. 


Eventually though, despite her parents' wishes, she found a way out of the cave and left. They must have agreed she was old enough to leave though, as they never chased after her. Or maybe it was fear of the bears wandering around the mountain, which was understandable given it took all she had to not get caught multiple times on the way down. 


She made it though, meeting up with a pack of wolves that were apparently enemies of the bears. They were much nicer though, especially since she could actually talk to them without getting attacked for existing. She was granted refuge, and volunteered to help when the talk of bringing the fight to the bears eventually came up. She had established herself as a trickster already, making this come as a bit of a surprise and with some suspicion. 


Still, she helped them overcome their enemy through traps and hit-and-run attacks, though she wasn't usually involved in the attacks herself, simply setting them up and organizing them. Eventually, the final assault came, and she was sent to help the larger forces make the assault easier for that small group. 


After the war, she went her separate way from the pack, though she made sure to visit every now and then, especially Taira. Instead, she had been searching for her own territory to belong to. There really wasn't much success with that though, until she found a small town that felt like it could use her, so she stayed. She made a name for herself, though not her true name, as a wonderful seamstress making everything from clothes to blankets, whatever they asked of her. She stayed there through the next war, keeping the hoards of caribou away from the small village where she lived until they were gone, leaving a newly united Neighpon. She began her climb of the social ladder soon after, as well as the financial one as she managed to bag one of the new nobles as a customer. Over the years, her little business evolved into a full-blown company, employing mostly unicorns as they could more easily replicate what she did with the clothing. Of course, she wouldn't turn away other skilled ponies, and she definitely would welcome more of her kind. 


At some point, the business outgrew the town it had started in, and she moved the headquarters to the bustling city of Polohama. From there she continued passing down her company to herself, her own little dynasty. 


Summary: A playful, ancient Yokai, Kumo is ready to take on the world with the backing of her high status and her coffers. 

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How's progress on this app coming along? :)

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Things are coming along nicely?

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