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Ochiru [Ready]

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Roleplay Type: World of Equestria

Name:  Kyūsoku ni Ochiru Sakura no Seishin, which translates to "Spirit of the Swiftly Falling Cherry Blossoms." She no longer remembers her full name, and is simply called Ochiru, or "Falling."

Sex: Feale

Age: Unknown, presumed very old.

Species: Ōkami Yokai.


Eye color: Unknown. Ochiru has no discernible face, but instead has a white mask with black eyes on it. Occasionally, bright green pinpoints of light seem to shine from the mask,  but for the most part the eyes of the mask remain wholly black.

Coat: Ochiru's body is mostly a pale cream, with a white underbelly that runs from her neck down the insides of her legs. Her coat has a speckled pattern that vaguely resembles falling cherry blossom petals, which dots her back down to the tops of her legs in soft red and pink hues. Part of her fur rises and transitions into a ribbon-like material, starting from the top of her forelegs and wrapping around the back of her neck. It floats and rustles of its own accord thanks to Ochiru's innate magic.

Mane/Tail: Various rainbow hues make up a long and flowing tail, which tends to arch around her head in a crescent moon shape whenever she is sitting or standing still. As with the scarf-like material that wraps around her neck, her tail shifts and floats due to her inherent magic. She also sports two antlers on her head, which mimic cherry blossom branches, complete with shifting flowers and leaves during the changing of seasons. 


Physique: Ochiru is lithe and slender, moreso than most of her Ōkami kin. She stands about the height of a lean and tall Unicorn, but is about three times the length from snout to quarters.  


Residence: N/A. She wanders around Neighpon, and has yet to really settle down anywhere to call it home.


Occupation: N/A.


Unique Traits


After the destruction of her cherry blossom grove, Ochiru lost most of her magical abilities. Because of this, she is not as powerful as most Ōkami Yokai are. She can use basic telekinesis for the most part, and a little bit of illusionary magic to help her escape from tight spots. Her ability to shape shift has become limited to the form of a small foal, and even that she cannot manage to hold for too long. Ochiru also has the capability to make flora bloom and grow, though this power tends to come and go seemingly at random. Her magic is, however, stronger whenever she is around cherry blossom trees, and she is almost always seeking them out wherever she wanders.


Thanks to her waning powers, the Ōkami is not as physically fit as she used to be as well. She can move swiftly with large bursts of speed, but otherwise moves at an almost meandering pace, a languid shuffle as if she has all the time in the world to get where she is going. Ochiru is still capable of moving in ways unnatural to wolves and other wild animals, meaning a walk along a steep ledge or across treetops is no trouble - at least not for extended periods of time. While not overtly weak, Ochiru tends to get tired easily, sometimes even resting for days at a time.


Ochiru's antlers and, to a lesser extent, her coat and tail change with the seasons. Much like a normal cherry blossom tree, the antlers will grow flowers for most of the spring, before dropping them for leaves that change from green in the summer to various reds in the fall. During winter, her antlers remain bare. Her fur and tail, on the flip side, do not fully change colors, but become more vibrant during the summertime, before becoming more saturated as the colder months roll in. 


History: Ochiru, formally known as Kyūsoku ni Ochiru Sakura no Seishin, has lost track of time over the years, but remembers her first memory being that of blooming cherry blossom trees above her eyes. She would later discover that that moment had been the first blooming of the recently planted cherry blossoms in spring, but at the time, Kyūsoku ni Ochiru Sakura no Seishin knew nothing other than the fact that she was home.


The Ōkami Yokai kept mostly to herself as her grove grew, and more cherry blossoms kept being added to it. She was a peaceful and curious sort, but never adventurous, preferring to stay reclusive and simply watch the going-ons around her. As her grove grew, it became a popular spot for locals and some foreigners to visit and enjoy. Oftentimes Kyūsoku ni Ochiru Sakura no Seishin hid when this happens, but sometimes, she would grow curious and go out to meet these ponies. Soon, it became commonplace to offer food and baubles to the peaceful Yokai that would shower visitors with petals or provide fresh water for their travels. Alhough she was known to the locals in her immediate area, the grove became known nation-wide as the home of a cherry blossom spirit, thus earning the Yokai her name. 


Those peaceful days came to a sudden and abrupt end, when a fierce conflict broke out in the nearby village that spread to her cherry blossom grove. The grove was irreparably destroyed in the fighting, but Ochiru was able to keep herself hidden enough for the fighting to pass by, leaving mostly ash and charred tree trunks. She doesn't remember exactly how long she sat in the destruction, nor does she remember her exact state of mind during this time. Her next coherent memory would be looking up to see the face of a Spider Yokai, approaching her in the middle of the grove's remains.


She learned that the Yokai, named Nosk, had returned to the site of the battle after watching it for some time, and even attempted to regrow and replant it himself as Ochiru blankly watched. However, his efforts failed, causing him to realize that the grove have been damaged beyond repair, even by the efforts of another Yokai. Nosk's actions, though, had regrown one thing. After years of listlessness and misery sitting in her destroyed grove, Nosk's efforts proved to be enough to spark something within the Ōkami, enough for her to slip out of the fog she'd been living in and take note of the world around her once more.


With his efforts having failed, the Spider Yokai ended up leaving the grove to question himself, attempting to discover for himself the nature of fighting and its purpose, and Ochiru ended up going along with him - less asking permission and simply following along behind him. Rather than rail at or seek revenge against the other, it was a natural instinct for the peaceful Ōkami to cling to the other Yokai, propelling her onward in life where she might have wasted away in the remains of her home. It took years for the Spider Yokai to come to some sort of internal peace with himself, but with no purpose in her own life, Ochiru continued to follow along behind Nosk, and he would soon turn into her closet companion.


Soon Ochiru was well enough to begin wandering on her own. She and Nosk split up from time to time, but always found each other again. It was during her most recent solo venture, however, that the Yokai ran afoul of some hunters, who were quick to capitalize on the weakened Ōkami and sell her on the black market. Ochiru became the prized possession of a wealthy family, who - ironically - provided a large, enclosed garden area with a plethora of cherry blossom trees for her to reside in. The young daughter of the family took a special shine to the Ōkami, one that was returned. Where other Yokai might have despaired or sought to escape, the familiar surroundings of the cherry blossom trees, plus the friendship she formed with the daughter, actually brought peace to Ochiru, to where she became quite comfortable in her new home.


It was after the daughter had grown up and left her family that Ochiru began to wilt again. Having lost her pet project in nurturing and tending to the lonely filly, the Ōkami grew restless inside the gilded walls of the home. Being around cherry blossom trees for several years had provided some measure of her strength back, and with a little bit of illusion magic and some help from a clever and sly Nosk, the Ōkami was back out in the wild. Despite her previous experience, she made no effort  to avoid settlements or small cities of ponies, especially now as she has taken to wandering with her long-time friend once more. Traveling close to villages, and even the high density cities, has proven much easier with a disguised Yokai as her companion - even if said Yokai has to often explain the Ōkami trailing closely behind him.


Character Personality: There is something just a little bit off about the Wolf Yokai that wanders the wilderness of Neighpon, especially since said wanderings tend to bring her into actual pony cities and villages. Ochiru is a mild-mannered and passive sort of Yokai that likes going on her business with an unassuming air, her lacking magic cautioning her from utilizing too much energy in any one sitting. Combined with the expressionless mask that makes up her face, it is often difficult to get a read on the Yokai's feelings, almost as if she isn't really thinking anything even while she's talking. Seemingly as blank as her mask in the way she approaches life, Ochiru is an enigma to many ponies that attempt to discern her true feelings. 


In truth, something became broken in the Yokai after the destruction of her home, which has culminated in an almost child-like approach to the world. Ochiru likes peace and simplicity, and can be joyous and playful when in the company of other, excitable ponies, usually expressed in her body language and by how much energy she uses to leap from place to place. Conversely, the Ōkami doesn't really express negative emotions that well - if something saddens her, Ochiru is most likely to express her feelings in a single, solitary word, rather than an outpouring of emotion. Stillness and quiet become her friends as she takes in the negative, responding with an almost childlike manner as if she doesn't really understand what is happening. The mask doesn't help conveying her feelings at all, which can make her appear to be aloof or completely removed by whatever is going on at the time. 


The destruction of her grove also destroyed Ochiru's purpose in life, to protect and cherish the cherry blossoms she resided in. The Wolf Yokai wanders Neighpon without any sense of direction or purpose, other than basic survival and enjoying Nosk's company. While she has grown to enjoy traveling to distant areas and seeing the rest of the world, Ochiru misses having a sense of purpose, and unconsciously searches for fulfillment of that feeling. If she were any wild animal, some might call it a misplaced maternal instinct. Ochiru tends to take on simple projects and nurture them wherever she goes, be it an individual pony who's suffering for some reason, or a small group of plants that are not flourishing well. 


This has caused some problems thanks to her inability to shape shift. An adventure into Polohama was once met with a swift retreat, but otherwise, the wandering Yokai has gotten a reputation in settlements and villages outside the major cities, thanks to her tendency to simply wander inside them at will. Even despite being captured and charted around on the black market, Ochiru still has no qualms about wandering near ponies in her true form, almost as if she simply doesn't care about her own safety. Traveling with Nosk in his disguised pony form greatly dampens the dangers she faces when alone, but in truth, Ochiru is simply too listless and simplistic to think and strategize about potential threats, only responding when said dangers actually arrive. Otherwise, she goes about her life as if she is completely removed from it, only inserting herself back into the world when desired.


Character Summary: Seemingly an aloof and mysterious Yokai that seems almost as blank as the mask on her face, Ochiru is simply a peaceful and quiet Ōkami that desires a purpose in her life again. While generally friendly and cordial, there remains something off about the strange Yokai and her eternally expressionless face.



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