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Short and sweet: I'm looking for Clan Chiyo operatives, contracts, contractors, family members, and Kakikara villagers. Main families are Kaze (no relation), Josei, and Chiyo, but others do live in the village. And of course all of this is OOC


Council of Elders:

Chiyo Hayate - code name Storm, associated with the colour black

Chiyo Akane - code name Crimson, associated with the colour red

- The two have at least two foals, one of whom (Hitomi) is persona-non-grata in the village.

Chiyo Fumiko 

Josei Mami

Kaze Himeko - has at least one foal, married or mated to Kaze Ichiro


Elite Shinobi:

Kaze Ichiro

Unknown Chiyo sibling

At least one shinobi capable of bilocation, at least one capable of sending scrolls via Breath magic.


Exiled Shinobi:

Chiyo Hitomi - Code name Si Jin, contracted to protect a foreign prince.


Current contracts:

Hitomi is contracted to protect a foreign prince, was originally contracted to protect Ryuichi's prospective fiancée who is now Empress of Long Guo. It's complicated.

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