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Sorry, you guys. I’m sure you get these kinds of questions all the time. ^^; I was wondering if someone could direct me towards a technology-thread or something? I tried looking for it in the search option, but it just brought up old links that don’t seem to work anymore.


Or, if you want to be super awesome, I guess you can just answer my technology question here! I'm trying to plan my first character application. I have a pony who works as a radio host and wants to do voice over work (not TV/animation, but for audio books!). I know there’s at least recorded material in MLP, but I wasn’t sure about the radio part. Are radios a thing in this world?


Edit: I'm... guessing this place isn't very active?



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Radios are definitely fine.


Things are slow here nowadays, but you shouldn't have any problem finding an RP thread that moves -- or infusing some fresh blood and starting one yourself.

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