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The Candycolt [READY]

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Roleplay Type: World Of Equestria

Name: Lollipop Candy

Sex: Stallion

Age: 23

Species: Earth

Eye Color: Yellow/Orange


Coat: White

Mane/Tail: Shades/Tints of red

Physique: Lollipop is fairly tall with a slim form, which is odd considering his diet; His metabolism must be crazy!  He doesn't possess excessive amounts of muscle, but has a few defined outlines, specifically in his hooves.

Residence: No permanent residence.

Occupation: Traveling salespony.

Cutie Mark: Two lollipop's in an X stance.

Unique Traits


Clownish Appeal: Given his demeanor, and sometimes even his appearance, Lollipop has a way of attracting attention. Not that it is bad, mind you. His happy smile and seemingly never-ending amount of confidence is all it takes to win over most he meets. His near overflow of charisma helps a lot as well. This makes it neigh impossible to avoid meeting ponies and becoming friends with them rather quickly. His goofy behavior and kind-hearted nature makes him both fun to be around and come off as a pony that can be trusted; The only deceit to be found on his bright face being his painted red cheeks.


Circus Freak: Despite his diet, Lollipop maintains a slim form, and is the tallest member of his family. On top of that, most of his bones are double jointed, allowing him to twist and bend his form in some unnatural ways. However, he never uses this little skill with ill intent. More often than not, it's either to help him with work, or just to put on a small show for anypony wanting to see something neat. He also keeps a fair amount of props on hoof to use during these to keep things entertaining and fun.


Don't Blink: Lollipop is surprisingly light, given his size. This allows him to be quick on his hooves. One second he could be standing in front of you, the next he's across the room staring at something shiny! His speed usually relies on how he's feeling or if he does something out of instinct. He uses it the most when working though. His quick hooves are strangely efficient and have kept him from falling behind when he would become crowded for his products.



History: Lollipop is the second-born in his family, the middle child. Despite growing up under the same roof, none of them ever behaved exactly the same. He was a lot more excitable and upbeat than his other siblings, always finding the bright side to even the worst of situations. He was constantly moving, unable to keep still for more then a few minutes at a time. He loved to explore, roaming around towns to see what they held and what wonders could be found.


Time passed and as it did, several dreams and ambitions began to surface. While in school, on top of being the class clown, Lollipop learned that he had a knack for cooking. Discovering this made him curious as to how far this talent of his went. He experimented left and right with different things; Common foods, pastries and eventually candy. There were times of trial and error, a few fires here and there as well. However, everything he did taught him more about what he could do and his creative mind filled him with ideas of what could be improved on and how. His cooking skills were good, but they paled in comparison to his pastries and candy. Deciding to cut off his weakest link, he dedicated his skills entirely to those two things. Upon declaring that candy was his life, and that it would one day rule the world- obviously just to get a few laughs from his classmates- he found himself overcome with joy and presented with his cutiemark.


Staying true to his word, Lollipop focused all of his time and energy into sweets and baked goods. He was given grants to go to special cooking schools and excelled in the very subject he dedicated his life to, even graduating at the top of his class. He would never claim to be the best per se, but knew that what he had to offer was close to it. He was also pretty sure that most of his good grades came purely because he befriended his teachers and made them laugh. In all reality though, his teachers loved how creative he was, as well as how willing he was to take risks that most wouldn't dare. His work ethic was effective, his treats were exquisite, and time was never a problem since he managed to move so fast and not once make a mistake in their kitchen.


After all of that, he started a business. He got a loan, bought a building, and in time 'Lollipop's Delight's' was open and ready to take on the world! It started off slow, as most new businesses do. But, in time, word got out and ponies became curious. Ponies would arrive, talk to him, try out what he was offering, and then fall inlove with both him and his shop. After only a few weeks his candy shop became the hot-spot of his town. He catered mostly to the younger crowds, but even parents and grandparents found it hard to resist his sweets. There was one pony in particular that he remembered, it was his first customer. He was an older stallion, roughly in his late sixties if he had to guess. The stallion came in and chatted for about an hour, but neither gave their name to the other; Lollipop figured his own was obvious, given the name of the store. A bit of time passed and the stallion tried a simple cupcake. That one cupcake quickly turned into several and even a few other things he had out. Once the pony was satisfied, he paid his bill and left. Before walking out of the door though, he looked back and said goodbye, referring to Lollipop as 'Candycolt" just as he left. It caught him off-guard, but he didn't complain. In fact, he kinda liked that nickname. From that point on, business started to grow and everypony in town knew him as 'The Candycolt'.


A couple of years passed and everything was running as smooth as ever. Lollipop achieved his dream and made a lot of friends along the way. But, he found himself sad. He didn't feel sad often, but this small wave of depression was haunting him for months and he couldn't figure out why. He thought back to his family. His parents were alive and well, still living in his childhood home with his younger brother. His older brother moved out shortly after Lollipop left for his schooling. He would receive letters from him every now and again, getting to read about all of the places he was visiting and the adventures he would have. Lollipop envied him for being able to go out and see the world, to explore to his heats content. Then it hit him, that child-like urge to go out and explore surfaced and it did so with a vengeance. He didn't want to settle down in his shop, not yet. He wanted to go out and experience the world. But, he didn't want to give up his dream either. That's when it hit him again...Specifically, what hit him was a blueberry pancake he had flipped before becoming lost in thought, but an idea did as well!


It was with a heavy heart that Lollipop closed down his shop. For the longest time, it meant everything and more to him, but he just wasn't ready to slow down. He bought a rather luxurious cart, filling it up with everything he would need to continue making his treats and pastries while on the road. Since then he's traveled nonstop, making friends wherever he goes and never staying in one place for too long; All while whipping up some of his crazy sweets and selling them along the way. That sadness that had plagued him for so long seemed to vanish overnight, letting him know that he had made the right choice.


Character Personality: Lollipop is an interesting pony, to say the least. He's kind of random, a little all over the place, and goofy all around. He is a very open-minded individual, preferring to think outside of the box in any situation. He's adventurous, funny, and probably one of the nicest ponies you can meet, if also a bit obnoxious. He's the very definition of your typical class clown; A generous soul, he'll help anpony if he can. Especially if what they need is a good laugh.


Character Summary: Lollipop is a fun-loving pony with a seemingly endless amount of energy. He prefers to introduce himself as 'The Candycolt', saying that it's what his friends call him. He owned his own candy and pastry shop in his home-town, but closed it down when he realized that he wanted to travel. Now he moves across Equestria on hoof, selling his goods and spreading laughter wherever he goes while still living his dream of being the candycolt.

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