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“Well it’s your decision, if you want to also take up cooking during the winter that could work.” Ejaz agrees shrugging as he resumed the consumption of his delicious meal, before an idea popped into his head. Quickly swallowing his food, Ejaz felt a little giddy at the possibly that Cherry might like what just found it’s way into his head.


“That’s it! Idea! What if you opened a shop that sells both? It has flowers and is a garden, while at the same time a small semi-resturant that ponies could get an amazing breakfast from? That way you could use the establishment house to protect the plants from the cold and keep them available, while also being able to make a little extra bits on the side through cooking.” Ejaz explains happily as he makes wide geastures with his wings, adding more emphasis and character to his mini-speech before another thought popped into the mechanic’s head as he rubbed the back of his head sheepishly with a wing while letting a nervous chuckle escape his lips.


“Well... then again it might not be a good idea... cause having to do both might take up so much time....but it is a nice thought..... Yet still...” Ejaz  ponders out lout as he makes multiple thinking geastures with his wings before deciding to just let the thought fade from his mind just in time to hear Cherry talk about her friend and the promise. Once the information had been analyzed in his mind, the stallion couldn’t help but smile gently as he could tell how much Cherry cherished this friend, staying silent as he let her finish her other statement before deciding to ask in a gentle and curious voice.


“Are lavenders and purple blossoms your favorites?”

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