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Kahoot (Final)

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(Created on Generalzoi's game)


Name: Kahoot


Gender: Female


Age: Young mare


Species: Pegasus


Likes: Theater, Flankspeare, Painting, Kazoos


Dislikes: Traffic, waking up, School, anything involving Mathematics.


Coat: White, her snout has a jade patch, a beauty mark passed down from her Mother's side.


Mane/Tail: Dark teal and black, medium length and wavy, the waves overlap one another. Her mane reaches just below her neck and bangs are swept to the side.


Eye Color: Dark Teal (Similar shape to Rarity's)


Physique: Slender, thinner than the average pony with just about average height, no muscular build which gives her the feminine shape.


Residence: Manehattan


Occupation: Theater Actress (Specifically acting, featured in classic and modern plays that are performed all over.)


Cutie Mark:  Comedy and Tragedy masks (Black)


History: Kahoot was boring in Ponyville, the oldest sibling, having a younger sister and brother. Kahoot grew up surrounded by ponies who always seemed happy, there was never any real action or drama, which was good but absolutely boring. The young filly had always strived for some news, something entertaining... Anything! Though it never did happen, her siblings were too absorbed in their own lives to pay any real attention to Kahoot, her mother being the same way. Kahoot's mother was too busy working to really pay attention to all three of her children, especially since she is the eldest, her mother assumed she would be fine with little to no attention. This didn't do anything really to Kahoot, in fact, she didn't care much for the fact she got less attention since it gave her time to herself.  Kahoot would often deal with her loneliness by listening to calming songs with gentle and slow beats and lyrics that touched you yet made no sense at all, those songs always seem to give her this sort of comfort that no one else could. While Kahoot may have been lonely a majority of her life, she always found ways to entertain herself, this including making mini skits alone in her room where she would play multiple characters. 


She really found her passion for theater when she was still a young filly, she happened to spend a lot of her time in the library during lunch and recess, giving her time to read as many books as possible. Kahoot eventually stumbled upon a book by somepony, it was tragic romance novel about two ponies who were believed to be 'star-crossed lovers', although, their feuding families made their love nearly impossible and they eventually took their own lives, reconciling their clashing families. The book was far too "Grown" for the young filly, though, her passion for such literature is what made her join the Drama Club after school. Kahoot was fairly shy and quiet during her years in elementary school years, often shying away from her peers. While Kahoot may have acted by herself with her own imaginative skits, she never had to do a play by a script, so the pressure of memorizing one nearly drove her to quit the club.


Her Drama Club instructor saw true potential in the young filly, always pushing her to go farther than she could, and it sure did pay off. Kahoot slowly came out of her shell, becoming more passionate, energetic, dramatic, and an overall amazing asset to the Drama Club. The way her words held emotion when she was sad, happy, scared, or sick was truly mesmerizing. During a certain play, her character was known to have "Personality Switches", acting one way with other ponies and another with himself. Around other ponies, the character acted happy and humorous, though, around himself he was sad and depressed. As Kahoot portrayed the role, she could truly show the switches and pain that was deep within the eyes of her character. On the very stage of her school, she earned her cutie mark... It was black Comedy and Tragedy masks. That was truly Kahoot's "debut" into the theater community, eventually, she was offered roles from places all over, though, she didn't want to abandon her theater group at her school.



As the young filly soon moved to Secondary School, she was introduced to another Theater Group, one that would travel around Equestria to perform plays of all kind, it was truly a moment for Kahoot to fulfill her dreams. Kahoot had always dreamed of traveling to Manehattan during her years in Drama Club, and she was finally given the chance to when she was offered to perform there. You see, Manehattan is home to all sorts of companies and industries, including tens of hundreds of Theater and Acting Industries that she could surely impress. While Kahoot's mother didn't approve of her career choice, she knew she couldn't stop her daughter and eventually gave in, allowing her eldest to fulfill the one thing she desired. To entertain others. All Kahoot's life she felt empty and bored of her boring lifestyle, while she will not only be having the time of her life traveling all over to do the thing she loves, she will also entertain others who are bored as well, a feeling she knows all too well and just how irritating it is.


To this day, Kahoot continues to act, often visiting her family in Ponyville when her group travels there, though, her actual apartment resides in Manehattan.


Character Personality: Kahoot is an extremely loud and energetic character, often seen hopping around all over, practicing scripts, or just throwing a party wherever she goes with her ridiculous attitude that shouted "wacky". While Kahoot may be a very outgoing and loud character, she, of course, has her down times, especially when exploring libraries for anything made my Flankspeare or simply reading novels in general, that is the only time aside from sleeping you will find her not hopping and running all about. 


Character Summary: Kahoot started off as a shy filly, a boring and shy filly that wanted nothing more than peace and quiet. Though, her passion for acting brought out her true colors. While she may be a loud and somewhat obnoxious character, she can easily make friends and turn frowns upside down with her strange humor. Kahoot uses her theater career as a way to perform some of her comedy acts when given the chance. Kahoot is a bright pony with a boring past, which drove her to push forward and make her dreams of acting come true, she didn't want to live a boring life. The mare strived for success, adventure, action, and fun.

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