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Dusting the Cobwebs off{Open}

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It had been FOREVER since Cashmere had stepped hoof back into Ponyville! He'd been so busy touring the great country that he'd neglected to come home, well now was the time to do so!  Cashmere missed creating, missed chatting, but most of all, he was HOMESICK, and wanted to rekindle feelings between himself and his fellow mares and stallions.  The grey Unicorn was practically humming, as he threw open the curtains of his shop, and let the light in,  fixing his mane with his magic in the mirror, grinning at himself as he did so, before strutting out onto the bustling city streets!

Hello World! Cashmere was back and he was here to stay! The air felt so good he'd almost break into song, if he had time to actually think of one, instead humming "Winter Wrap Up" would have to do.

"Good morning~!"

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4691926342536297591%253Faccount_id%253D1 Cherry Blossom



The very pink young mare continued with her daily doings, that being to take in the flowers as the weather slowly changes to a temperature that could possibly harm them. You see, flowers were this mare's passion and no way will she ever bring harm to them, she treated them as ponies, like they're her very children. Cherry Blossom lifted another pot onto her small cart, only taking around two at a time so the flowers don't "feel" suffocated or have other plants invade their "personal space".


Just as the mare turned to pick up yet another pot, this one is painted a lavender shade with small paisley designs on it, she hears a cheerful greeting. The voice didn't sound familiar, although, that didn't stop the mare from being polite... Something her shyness often got in the way of, though, it isn't nearly as worse as it was when she was just a filly. Cherry Blossom turned to see who spouted the greeting only to catch a stallion that stood out a bit compared to most pony-folk in Ponyville, he had an exceptionally fine mane that looks like it had more effort put into it than most stallions would give. Even his coat colors stood out, Cherry Blossom immediately came up with the assumption that this stranger may be from Canterlot... Although, plenty of ponies move to Ponyville year round so it's possible that the pink mare may have missed his arrival here.


Cherry Blossom realized she had been staring and felt guilty, having been taught by her Mother that staring is not a very nice thing to do... Cherry herself didn't like being stared at either, to clear the guilt from her mind, she decided to respond to the stallion's greeting with an almost as cheerful, "Good morning, sir!" Her voice quivered a bit, immediately causing the mare's eyes to widen and for her to quickly shift her head away to hide the fact that she was mentally cursing herself for being as shy as nocturnal animals during the day.



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