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Rough Opal (Stranger)

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Name: Rough Opal
Sex: Stallion
Age: 20
Species: Earth
Eye Color: Yellow
Coat: Dark Grey
Mane: Dull Red
Physique: Rough Opal's body was built like any typical stallion back in the day. But, his recent activities and discoveries have left him thin and almost skeletal in appearance.
Residence: Unknown
Occupation: None
Cutie Mark: None

Unique Traits:



Strange Body: Exposure to a universe as twisted as the one he now roams has affected him physically. It has taken his biological makeup and added its own personal touch to it, making him nearly as capable as the other beasts that make up the population. Aside from adding a few unique additions, it's turned him into something that should not exist. A hybrid between pony and Strangist (As they call themselves). His skin is made of some tough stuff, difficult to puncture and quick to regenerate. His form can bend in ways that should not be possible, and he is capable of summoning tentacles from his body at will. He also has a second head on the end of his tail which he frequently speaks to in an unintelligible language native to the world he lives in.


Strange Mind: One does not have their entire genetic code rewritten and then come out the same, especially in a place like this. The world he lives in is filled with madness and chaos. Not a day goes by where you don't watch something get eaten by something much larger. Being forced to live in this environment can corrupt ones mind, but that's minor compared to what the universe itself does simply by you existing there. Nearly every logical part of his mind has been removed and replaced with that of a wild animal. That being said; He can communicate with all sorts of wildlife, both inside and outside of this world. On top of that, his mind has become an anarchist's paradise, making it nearly impossible to know what he is thinking.


Strangeland: This is less of a trait as it is a curse. Creatures native to this world cannot survive for more than a few minutes outside of their universe and though Rough Opal is still half pony and it is possible for him to return to Equestria, this world has left its mark on him. Traveling back to Equestria is a painful process that leaves him weak for several minutes. Furthermore, he is not as strong outside of his new home. The longer he is away, the weaker he becomes over time before his body completely shuts down.


History: Rough Opal is the youngest of three in his family. Though they all grew up in the same environment, he and his siblings differed to a certain extreme. Rough Opal was arguably the most curious of the bunch. He always had an odd fascination with mythology and stories of otherworldly encounters. Something in particular that caught his attention was a story his father told him when he was really young. At first, the name sounded like gibberish. But, then his father clarified, "In our tongue, it means Strangeland."

This place his father told him about, though not an ideal world from the sounds of it, was still an interesting one none-the-less. Opal truly believed that there were other worlds that ponies could travel to if they just knew how. It was just a matter of finding out how.


Rough Opal became obsessed with magical theories on teleportation and portals that led to other worlds. He dedicated almost every second of every day to reading and discovering hidden connections that he believed to be present in these writings, trying to discover the secret to inter-dimensional travel. He spent years and a countless amount of bits as he poured himself into his research. Any normal pony would have shied away after so long with little results, but this didn't deter him in the slightest. In his mind, this was the key to his destiny. Perhaps he would even get his cutiemark once he makes his big discovery!


It started off rough, but thankfully for him, one of his siblings was more than happy to help fund his dream. With the second-oldest running a very successful business in their home town, he was able to spare enough money to keep his little brothers research alive. The oldest didn't bother though, emphasizing on a regular basis how Opal wasting his time and shouldn't be playing around with magic.


Fast forward several more years; Rough Opal still lives with his parents, his brother having moved out and started their own lives elsewhere. He would get letters from them, one always undermining him and the other always supporting his efforts. He didn't hold his oldest brothers words in a bad place, knowing that he only said these things because he thought he was helping him. However, it did push him to try harder. In time, his hard work finally paid off.


After so many years of collecting and analyzing data, Opal believed that he had finally stumbled upon something important. If his information was accurate, there would be something quite valuable to his research in the forbidden south. He would be taking a major risk going somewhere so dangerous, but he was close to finding out something. He could feel it. It took nearly four months for him to locate and travel to the exact location where he needed to be. What he found though, was so much more than he expected.


The first thing he spotted was the skeleton of some sort of massive beast. He had never seen anything like it before, or even read about something of this magnitude being in this area. Upon further inspection, he found that the lower part of its body was in a cave. He made his way in and found something that made all of those years of seclusion seem worth it. He found a portal. It looked more like a tear between worlds, like whatever made this was desperately trying to get out. Looking back at the skeleton, he felt a bit unnerved. If something this big wanted so badly to get out, who knows what could be waiting in there. He was tempted to leave, but a small voice was calling out to him. He couldn't understand what it was saying, but he felt as though it was beckoning him.

The small voice continued to whisper into the depths of his mind as he stared at the portal. He got the strangest feeling just from looking into it; It felt chaotic, dangerous, and strangely alluring...

No pony has seen him since.


Character Personality: Manic in every way, shape, and form.

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