Crystal Clarity [Ready!]

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(This character belongs to the whole fandom for creating her. The bios are a combinations of what the fandom has came up with. I have no artwork of her but you are able to find some on google or deviantart!)


Roleplay type: FFA

Name: Crystal Clarity

Nicknames: Claire, Clarity, Crystal

Sex: Mare

Age: Mare

Species: Half dragon half pony

Coat color: Claire's coat color is lilac, with purple spots where her cutie mark would be

Tail: Claire's tail is lilac, but with purple hair at the end 

Mane: Clarie's mane is fairly short, it goes to about the bottom of her head. It curls out at the end

Extras: Claire has claws connected to the end of her hoofs. She also has white horns that are long and curl out at the end. Her horns work like a normal ones of a unicorn. Her magic is weak, but she uses it to make light and levitate things in front of her. When using fire, it can drain her energy fast depending on how much she uses or how fast. Claire is very agile and a fast runner. Having sharp fangs, the rest of her teeth are ones of a pony's. She prefers pony food but can be seen eating tiny gems at times. 

Occupation: She owns her own jewelry store

Cutie mark: Claire does not have one, being she is half dragon. Instead, she has purple spots covering her flank. Her talent though, is making jewelry. She can find them easily like her mother but uses her nose to sniff them out. She uses her fire to refine them and melt the metals she makes them into after. 

History: (It is not going to be that long, since she does not have MUCH history)


Claire as a filly, is aggressive and was quite hard to take care of. She would often cause trouble which made her mother, Rarity, work harder. It took her father Spike to roar at her to stop what she was doing at the moment. Claire soon started school, and would often get picked on for being different. Claire would shrug this off, but she continued to get picked on. Because of this she has trust issues and sticks with the friends she currently has. She met him in the form of a pony, but was surprised as he showed his true form. This was the beginning of a long friendship!


Claire lived in Canterlot for quite awhile (being born there). A few years later, Rarity had another child. A son names Turquoise Blitz. He was also half dragon, half pony, but was a Pegasus having dragon wings. Claire was often protective of him and wouldn't let anypony be mean to him. Well, except for her parents. As Claire grew more and more, she learned to stand up for herself and roar at the haters who judged her from her looks. 


Claire grew friends with the other generation of ponies, and would hang out with them often. Claire soon finished school and found liking for jewelry since she always had seen her mother wearing it, or making clothes. At first it was an extension of Carousel Boutique. It grew popular and Claire's jewelry sold quite well. In a few months, with the help of her parents and the others, She opened her own jewelry store. She named it, Hearthfire Jewellery. 


Personality: Crystal Clarity is a mixture of her parents. She is intelligent and witty, but can have her 'dumb' moments. Crystal Clarity can get very aggressive when someone messes with someone she cares about, or herself. Crystal Clarity can be very cold and scary when this happens. Crystal Clarity doesn't hesitate to knock a pony out who gets on her nerves. When speaking to her normally she can be kind.


Character summary: Crystal clarity is a hybrid of half pony, half dragon. Being the intelligent and witty pony she is, she can have her dumb moments. She can have some trust issues because of things that have happened in the past. Clarity can get quite scary when someponies mess with her or her loved ones. Claire owns her own jewelry shop in canterlot and will visit it whenever her mother visits Carousel Boutique. 




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