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Moonlight stood up and walked to her desk and started working. Tikki sat on a pile of books and fell asleep a few hours in. "Aaaaand finished!"Moonlight raised the finished product in the air, and hugged it close to her chest. Tikki's head went up, awaking her form her slumber. She quietly whispered something to herself,  "Plagg thats my cookie.." then shook her head. "Plagg? Whos Plagg?" Moonlight raised an eyebrow.

Tikki waved her hands in front of her face, " pony! Just someone I made up..heh!" Tikki rubbed the back of her head. Moonlight just shrugged and walked over to the other side of her room and put the scarf neatly inside the box. Signing her name, Moonlight put it in her saddlebag. She would give it to him hopefully sometime tomorrow. Then, took a quick picture of the scarf inside the box and sent it to Alya.

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