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Discord app bot suggestion

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I've been in and started quite a few roleplays, most of which are action and adventure. One of the things with forum roleplays is that fights between roleplayers are difficult. It mostly relies on one to put their pride for their OC aside or else it would be a never ending series of blocking and dodging. By using a discord app with dice, users could use it to implement a roll system in their roleplays to make battles more interesting. A roll system can also be used to see whether a character gets injured, if a character finds something, if they can lift a heavy object, etc, to avoid posts that would be convenient for the character (Suddenly finding an abandoned campsite. Finding iron poles at a container dock).  


I'm still doing some research, but right now I'd like to suggest the Tatsumaki bot. It's a free bot that comes with other tools including the dice. To avoid it's use in channels where it doesn't belong, there is a way to mute the bot.


Sorry if it sounds like a pitch or an advertisement, but I think this can help avoid absurd posts where the chances are only in the OC's hands...hooves.


Link: https://tatsumaki.xyz/

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I'll do some reading up on it!

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