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Astral Star (Ready)

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Name: Astral Star

Gender: Male

Age: Young Stallion

Species: Unicorn

Eye colour: Calm Crimson

Coat: Dark Crimson color

Mane/Tail: Crimson and Black

Physique: Astral is tall as he is strong. He’s very physically active than most of his family. Broad chest with a slightly longer horn than the average unicorn.

Residence: Canterlot Mountains

Occupation: Doctor and Adventurer 

Cutie Mark: A Falling Star

Unique TraitsAstral’s magic is quite strong. Although, his real unique trait is his imagination. He loves using spells in different ways other than what they were intended for or using it in ways than what many ponies may have never thought before which leads to unexpected, yet beneficial  results. Astral’s cape is imbued with magic, mostly wind magic. It does a number of things but specializes in mobility.


History:  Astral was born in Ponyville alongside his sister, Sarune. Unlike his sister, Astral usually stayed in his room reading books about adventures and Equestria as a whole as well as magic. He wasn’t very socially active when he was young because of it. Though it wasn’t like he suffered for it, his sister was always around him every step of the way whenever she came home after hanging out with her friends. His mother, Celestine, always made sure that they had everything they need while growing up. His father, Crimson Star, worked in Canterlot usually and never home a lot but did whenever there was any sort of holiday or when he could get away. Astral hit a growth spurt during his younger years and grew to be very tall unlike his sister who was a bit on the short side.


It was long soon after when Astral craved to have an adventure like one in the books he had read. Not just him but his little sister as well. They got their wish their wish the day Astral received one of the last gifts he would ever receive from granddad, a map. Crimson, when asked from Astral, told him that it led to something special though he wouldn’t tell Astral what it was neither did he tell his daughter Sarune when asked. Telling them that they were old enough to set out and follow where it led. That was all Astral and his sister needed to hear before they set off in Equestria to find where it ended. Which it stopped within the Canterlot Mountains, what lied there was something Astral would come to use everyday just like his sister. It was older belongings from within their family passed down through generations.


Character Personality: Astral is a bit of a shy stallion considering he never had a very active childhood and only a few friends, one including his sister. Even though he was taught by his father and mother to have a bit of ‘cool’ personality whenever he starts to feel nervous when meeting new ponies. Although, he’s kind although with an open personality meaning he doesn’t hold back what he thinks or feels. He knows how to have fun but also when to be serious.

Character Summary: Astral is a stallion who craves adventure even when the risks are high. He’s very outgoing and kind, considerate of others. He loves magic and follows it closely like those who think highly of it in Canterlot. Above all else, Astral may be shy but he does things with action rather than words.

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