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I just worked up the courage to make a post for this, but I'm looking to see who's around who wants to rp~?


I've already made a couple profiles of the characters that I rp, though I don't have any specific ideas to toss out to garner interest. I mostly just wanna toss myself into rp to see what sticks, and just let things happen as they come along. I'd also be happy to go along with any ideas, just as long as they're not too out there or involve humans, heh. I mainly have interest in rping Sombra for w/e, though I can use someone else if wanted.


(If I haven't responded right away I've probably passed out and I'll answer when I wake up; its pretty late and im crazy sleep deprived)

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I can't believe no one else has replied to this yet, what luck! (for me that is) 

I am, like you, a fellow sombra lover and i would absolutely LOVE to roleplay with a king sombra roleplayer! I'm very proficient at coming up with clever plots and starters, though that kind of planning i prefer to do in the DMs, wouldn't want to embarass myself in public with a silly idea, eh? 

I'm a lengthy roleplayer, but i adapt to fit my partner's size, though my standard is at least a paragraph. However, i can (and have) gone up to several paragraphs! I'm totally okay with private or public roleplays, and i also roleplay on Discord (Starsteemer#3152) if that's more convenient! 

I dislike slice of life type roleplays, everything else is a go! You can expect replies to be fast with me, the absolute latest i've replied to a roleplay would be up to a week, but as long as good communication is maintained i'm patient enough to give you all the time you need! I like to befriend my roleplay partners, no need for roleplay partners to be stiff with eachother! 

Ah and the cherry on top, when i say i love sombra, you can trust that i will not attempt any sort of OC relationship, whether romantic, pre-existing, familiar, or otherwise. I've read the comics and every scrap of lore regarding sombra, and cleaned out his fimfiction stories! I respect the character and love him as he is, though i keep an open mind for any personal touches you add to his character! 

If all that looks acceptable to you, i think you've just found your next roleplay partner~! If you're interested, please DM/PM me and we shall go from there, you won't regret it! 


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