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Ra’nu Senshi [Ready]

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Name: Ra’nu Senshi


Sex: Male


Age: Ancient


Species: Okami (Typically disguised as a kirin)


Eye Color: Red, glowing in his true form. 


Character Color: His true form is black in color, though there are white parts. Most notably, most of the fur on his head is white, giving the impression of a lion-like mane of white hair surrounding his face.

His pony form is green in color, with sky blue horns, scales, and hooves. 


Mane/Tail: His pony form boasts a mane and beard combo that obtains much the same effect as the white parts of his fur in his wolf form. Somewhat wild and long, the mane almost seems to flow into the beard to encircle his face. His tail is fairly short in comparison, mostly just a tuft of hair. Both are a pure white in color. 


Physique: Just as physically imposing as his pack leader Taira, if not more. He is stocky and muscular, also sporting an impressive height. Also like his leader, he sports bits of cloud flowing off his limbs around the ankles. He also has an ethereal scarf floating near him that is red in color. 


Residence: Green Mist Mountains


Occupation: Guardian. Currently wandering in search of his son. 


Cutie Mark: His pony form has a cutie mark of three gray gears interlocked and turning. 


Unique Traits: 

Keen Senses: Being an okami allows him to utilize a better sense of smell and hearing than most others. 

Magic: His magic mostly consists of shield spells as well as levitation and the occasional offensive blast. 

Equipment: He tends to carry around a pair of katanas that are rather unremarkable. 

Scarf: While it is always present in his true form, he has learned to hide it in his pony form, making it invisible while he is disguised. 


History: While his childhood was good and fun, and this tended to transfer into his adult life as a guardian for the tribe, there were some ups and downs. He met his wife, Nise, when she stumbled upon the mountain pack and he was part of the group that greeted her. He knew from his first look at her that she was the one, and they led a happy life together, even birthing and raising a son. 


That happiness was was not to last though, as one day while he was out performing his duties, his son was stolen from him. Enraged, Ra’nu was about to go on a rampage to get him back. His wife managed to calm him down though, sending him off on a rescue mission with a calmer and more focused mind. She even went with him to provide support. 


Though he has yet to find his son, he will not stop until his family is reunited once more. 


Personality: He is a rather serious individual when it comes to protecting others, but he can be a real sweetheart to those he cares about. He is friendly, all in all, and willing to take any number of hits if it means keeping those he cares about safe. He will give his all to save everyone, but he also knows that can be impossible at times. 

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Hi hi! How's this app coming along? Would you like some more time? :) 

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Yeah, life’s been busy lately. I’ll get on this soon. 

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Hi! How's this app coming along? Need some more time? :) 

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