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Bramble Rose

Baron von Hoofington

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Name: Bell Curve von Hoofington, aka Baron von Hoofington ( of the Hoofington Hoofingtons )

Sex: Male

Age: Stallion

Species: Pegasus

Pelt Color: Deep green, almost black

Mane/Tail/Markings Color & Style: Blond mane, kept neatly trimmed and under a hat.

Eye Color: blue eyes

Cutie Mark: A bell-curve with an x-y axis.

Physique: Whipcord Lean

Origin: Hoofington

Roleplay Type: Mane

Occupation: He iz ze villain! A gentleman villain!

Motivation: He vill show zem. He vill SHOW ZEM ALL!

Likes: Bits, power, bells, and hats


Character Summary:


Baron von Hoofington usually has a crowd of unnamed minions around. If they're not actively doing his dirty work, they're probably in the next room *waiting* to do his dirty work.


Bell Curve always loved the sound of bells. The small, tinkling bells of a cash register, the chimes at a shop door, the small hoof-bells rung during the midwinter season, all were lovely. Bell choruses were some of the most beautiful music ever... the clang-clang of the pony-drawn trolly was a symbol of the busy, modern city! Bell Curve especially loved the deep, booming gongs of the larger bells. These bells only rung for important reasons - to mark the time, to close the market, for weddings, for coronations... and he got his mark the first time he was able to ring the bell himself! And he knew, that someday, all these important bells would toll to mark his own greatness!


Bell Curve was not well-accepted by his family during his foalhood. For starters, neither his dam, the Baroness, nor his sire, the Baron, were a pegasus ... but Bell was. His sire was distant from him and his dam, and his dam sometimes yelled at him as if it was his fault that there was a rift between them, that it was his fault that his sire no longer trusted his dam.

He never understood why he was different from all the other foals around him - why he had wings and they didn't. When he was very young, he hated his wings, and he often went crying to his dam. He tried to match the earth ponies on their own terms and couldn't - he wasn't as strong as they, as stable and solid as they ... but he was faster, and when he started learning how to use his wings, he became faster yet. When he finally, finally was able to win the school races and do well in gym, the other young colts started accusing him of 'cheating' by using his wings. Why should that be cheating? The other students weren't accused of cheating by using their greater size and strength!

This taught him an important lesson - that the world will crush you underfoot, try to force you to their battlefield, unless you use EVERY advantage you possess. They were born stronger, to nicer families. He was born with wings, to a richer family. It wasn't what you were given, it's what you did with it, and he was going to do great things, no matter what these small-minded earthbound foals thought. He poured himself into his studies, into gym, into working out, into understanding everything he could, till he was the finest in his class.

One day, he got into a fight when another colt accused him of using his sire's money to pay off the teachers. His sire showed up at the acadamy headmaster's request while the fight was being taken care of. When asked why young Bell would get violent after such a mild accusation, the young, battered colt stood tall, though half the size of the unfazed colt he had attacked. Bell said, with fire in his voice, "Because no one else will help me! No one else will do anything for me, so I just gotta do it myself! I'm going to be the best all by myself, no matter what I have to use to do it! He's just jealous cause all he got was muscles, and I got brains!"

After that meeting with his headmaster, Bell's sire started acting very strangely. He would meet with Bell to talk about the young colt's homework, about what happened at school, about Bell's friends - of which he had none. At first Bell thought his sire was trying to make sure Bell didn't embarrass him, and strove all the harder to do magnificently, and never let his temper get the better of him again. After a long time, though, with his sire continuing to show interest in his life, and buy him small gifts, Bell finally realized - his sire was proud of him! What a strange thing!

His sire started teaching him about ponies - how to get them to like him. How to withhold compliments, and give them sparingly, so that the compliments had an impact. How if you were kind all the time, ponies took you for granted - but if you were sparing with your words of praise, they came to crave that praise. How to manipulate them, to get them to do what you want... and more importantly, to think it was their idea in the first place. It didn't matter what you did - what mattered was how you did it. Ponies could excuse any evil as long as you were civil and stylish about it - but what ponies truly could not stomach was impoliteness and honesty.

This was when Bell started collecting hats. A pony could never be truly stylish without a good hat.

Bell fully realized that his sire was using these same techniques on him - but his sire was just all the prouder when Bell started pointing it out. Bell didn't care if it was his idea or his sire's idea, didn't care if he'd been manipulated to do it, but he became the first of the Hoofington family to make some valuable business connections in Cloudsdale, and his sire swelled with pride. His sire's good opinion meant more to Bell than a whole wagonload of bits.

When his sire died, the rest of the family maneuvered to get Bell declared illegitimate, and despite all he could do, they succeeded. They had the advantage, after all - his sire was the only one who'd ever given him a chance.

Fine. Despite them stealing the title from him, he still considered himself the true successor to his sire - Baron von Hoofington. And he would gain enough bits, enough power, that they had no choice but to acknowledge him. His family would HAVE to call him Baron, and kneel before his power! And if they wouldn't, vell, he vould make zem PAY!


Baron von Hoofington will deal with anyone; diamond dog, griffon, noble, or commoner; as long as they can get him one step closer to the money and power it will take to claim his rightful position. He will pursue business contacts, manipulate nobles, or dig for ancient treasure. Really, the ancient treasure part is the best part - to take out from under somepony's nose something valuable that had been there for thousands of years, but they were too blind to see it. What a rush!

However ... he started running into ... competition. Goody-goody treasure-hunting ponies that kept foiling his wonderful plans. Doctor Whooves, with his ridiculous contraptions. Doctor Brazil Nut, with that magnificent hat the Baron had somehow consistently failed to steal. Oooo, how he wanted to steal Brazil's hat! That would show him! No matter how many times he stole some ancient artifact from under Brazil's nose, that pony always got away with that stylish hat, and the victory just seemed hollow. And of course, the times Brazil got away with the artifact too were just too frustrating to consider! DAMN that pony!

Oh, he'd show them. He'd vould show zem all!

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LOL.. I love the cartoonish and stylish villain; he isn't grimdark or anything too off from the themes of this board. :(


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