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Character Application:

7658704_wxZ4IrawxHGx7hz.png6608261_HMf8p8GherBs8gD.png6608269_iJiCBV7x4u5IjId.jpg7114195_j0xVu0RrvHnTucF.png6611911_h1yjULla6k3eMLB.png6731302_4FaXMMMFAnO8m02.png (All art and characters by me)


Roleplay Type:
Name: BlueBook
Sex: Female
Age: Young adult (around the age of Rainbow Dash)
Species: Pegasus
Eye colour: Blue
Coat: Blue
Mane/Tail: Dark brown with light brown streaks
Physique: Shorter than the average pony, not by much but she is considered petite
Residence: Ponyville
Occupation: teacher/childrens book author
Cutie Mark: An open book with a paintbrush behind it; the paintbrush has green paint on it
Unique Traits: Mute; Had a spell cast over her to help her speak through magic bubbles that appear over her head

Likes: Mares and stallions, food, kids, anything creative/artsy

Dislikes: Loud noises, lewd stuff, other adults (most of the time), being active (sports and such)

Extra: Always wears her glasses (can't see without them) unless she's crying, hardly does anything special with her mane, only lets specific friends call her Bookie, has a pet phoenix that her younger brother gave her

History: Born to a pegasus stallion named Value Scale and a unicorn mare named Music Note, BlueBook is the eldest blood child of the couple. Music wasn't able to have children due to a genetic fluke. Thinking that they had no other choice, the couple adopted a young bat pony whom they named BlueBolt. Bolt was only a fe months old at the time and has no memory of his birth parents. A month or so after adopting Bolt, Value and Music were approached by a powerful unicorn who heard about their predicament. He offered his services, as he had been working on a spell that might help. Desperate for a blood child, Music agreed to be the unicorn's test subject. Many spells later, it was done. Music was finally able to birth a child. Because of the unnatural way, however, when the child was born something was different. The spell had affected the baby girl that later became BlueBook in a strange way. The primary feathers on her wings were a different color than her body and strangest thing of all, she could not speak. When the unicorn that helped Value and Music learned of their daughter's strange condition, he granted them one last favor. By casting a spell on the baby, making thought bubbles appear over her head when she needed to speak. "I cannot give her a voice," he said. "But, this will surely help her in life." That unicorn was never heard from again. BlueBook now lives as a happy young pegasus with her adopted elder brother BlueBolt, their younger brother Blue Phoenix, and their parents.

Character Personality: (BlueBook is a ponysona) BlueBook is a naturally laid back pegasus with a wild imagination and a big heart. She loves to help her friends, mostly because she's scared that if she doesn't spoil them, she'll loose them forever. Despite not being able to speak like everypony else, she loves to talk. In fact, get her talking about something she's interested in and you'll never hear the end of it! If she seems clingy, it's because she tries her hardest to love everyone, but cannot bare the thought of losing them.
Character Summary: A pegasus mare born without the ability to speak found a way to exceed the expected by becoming an author and a teacher. Her friends mean the world to her so she often showers them with attention and gifts, thinking if she doesn't, they would leave her. 


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Howdy! I'll be happy to review this app for you! :D 


First thing to comment on is her pet. Phoenix are extremely rare in the show and there has only been one pony, Celestia, to keep one as a pet. As such BlueBook would need to have some outstanding reason or an anomaly of a situation to make the merit needed to keep such an exotic pet. This is to keep the character within the boundaries of the FiM series on WoE RP.


I'm also a bit hesitant about the thought bubble spell. It seems to me a cover up for a mute trait that I'm not sure really adds to this character. Why is it important to her development as a character that she "speak" in thought bubble instead of having a voice?


The other "difference" she has due to her magical birth, the two toned wings, is acceptable as a normal attribute in our WoE RP setting. There are a number of accepted pegasi with this feature and so this does not need to be listed as a difference in this character.


At the moment this character would be perfect for play in our FFA section. If you would like to use her in WoE, you will need to make some adjustment for her to fit the criteria.   


If you do want her in WoE, I'm happy to help get you there! Please ket me know here when you've had a chance to make some adjustments to this app ;) 

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How we doing with this? Need more time? ;) 

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8 hours ago, RainbowFoxxy said:

How we doing with this? Need more time? ;) 

I think I'll just have her as a FFA character instead. changing her doesn't feel right since she is my ponysona 

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