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Hello, i have a friend that may want to join this site sometime, and their OC's special talent would be resurrecting the dead. They play the character as a villainous type, though i doubt anything large-scale (enough to attract a princess's attention) would come of it. On their behalf, i decided to ask about what kind of limitations there are for people wishing to roleplay an antagonistic character, whether they'd be barred from WoE roleplay or if it can be managed by playing your cards right and keeping lowkey as far as villainous things go, or if raising the dead with malevolent intent is even allowed in WoE. 

In addition to this, i feel like it's also important to ask what the limits are on an antagonistic character's history are, as villains are often shaped by troubled pasts. I know that generally, common sense would be used like... no murdering your own parents and consuming them, but felt that knowing the limits would be important regardless. 

Both of these inquiries are posed at WoE roleplay, as i realize FFA has a bit more flexibility. Thank you in advance to whomever answers my questions!

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You are allowed to play villains. Our general belief here is that as long as the character feels like it could belong in the show or in our expanded lore, we're fine with them having more of an edge to them. Just don't go overboard and ensure that your friend's OC is more than his/her powers, more than a plot point.

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