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Persona OOC/Interest Check.

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"Welcome to a world that lays between the consciousness and unconsciousness. Welcome to the world of persona. I am Philemon. In this world, certain people may be granted powerful creatures known as Persona." The man pauses for a moment and chuckles. " But you already know this don't you? Being part of your great band of thieves and all. However, after tonight, some interesting circumstances may put your knowledge, powers and even your memories to the test. I wonder if you and your allies will be up to the task. This will certainly prove to be an interesting series of events." Philemon summoned forth a few sheets of paper from a swarm of butterflies. " Before we continue, I would like you to answer a few questions about yourself. Not many people who come here can retain their identity. Let's see if you can.



Full name. :

Age :


Gender :


Appearance :


Metaverse appearance :


Arcana* :


Initial Persona : 


Ultimate Persona** :


Fighting style/weapons*** of choice


Personality :


Background :


*can be changed once at a later date also no fools.


**preferably same arcana as initial persona.


***melee and gun.


Welcome to the world of Persona! Terrible dreamy RP edition! 

In this RP, you play the role of a persona user who is part of a group known as the (You guys make up a name)'s. A group dedicated to stealing the hearts of bad people in order change them as people. Think psychic brain Robin Hoods. One day however, a new group of persona users move into your terf and seem to be up to no good.

"Now with that out of the way, I'd like to take a moment to explain how combat will function. To demonstrate, I shall need some assistants from the crowd." Emerging from the void, came two young men, the one to the left, a tall Ginger headed boy sporting a black sleeveless hoodie with black basketball shorts, on top of a black full body tights with some black fingerless gloves and some peculiar ear phone. To the right stood another boy standing nearly just as tall who's hair was obscured by a black hood connected to an open black trenchcoat. Under this coat he wore a simple  gray shirt, and black dress pants. On their faces lay odd masks. " Wow, Aren't these two a...Colourful cast. Now, I'm sure you've noticed, the odd masks on these fine young men are wearing. They hold the key to their powers. " Philemon reached his hands toward their masks ripping them off revealing their personas. " Ah, this duo must be a little interesting for them to summon Take-Mikazuchi and Apollo. But anyway, onto the battle demonstration. " The personas disappeared from behind the boys and their masks reappeared.

The boys turned toward each other, " Hey, I'm Slash, Who're you? " The boy on the left asked. " Your enemy. " Answered the other boy. " An edgelord, got it " The boys adopted a fighting stance and lept at each other. The edgelord reached for his mask and attempted to remove it only for Slash to throw a punch toward him  "Now you see, for Slash to connect his attack, he needs to roll higher then his adversary on the dice. Oooh~ But since he rolled a twenty, he gets the hit automatically, no strings attached. " Slash socked the edgelord right in the jaw. The edgelord reeled back from the impact, when he recovered, he reached again for his mask prompting Slash to do the same, Tearing their masks off and summoning their fursonas, both boys jumped into action. Slash used his persona and cast the electric spell Mazionga. " A bold move from Slash, but hopefully he realises that he is drawing from a finite pool of magic and that stronger spells require more magic. Now, their won't be a hard cap on magic, but please recognise that you must run out eventually. With that said, that's not all personas can do. " The edgelord moved to dodge the lightning bolts. Quickly, he and his persona Apollo moved swiftly between the bolts of lightning and closed the gap between himself and Slash. With the gap closed, The edgelord commanded Apollo to attack with a flurry of punches. " Although personas have a vast array of magical spells and physical attacks, they are also capable of basic combat. Their's no need to always bring out the big guns. " Slash attempted to block but was overwhelmed by the flurry of blows and was knocked down. Picking himself back up, Slash scoffed and tore his mask off once more, and cast Elec amp. " Elec amp is a buffing move. It is a type of spell that deals no damage but instead can make your or your parties attacks or defenses stronger. Negative versions that affect your opponents also exist, so make sure to pick and use your abilities carefully. " The edgelord used this opportunity to tear off his mask and go in for a Gigantic fist attack. Only for it to be interrupted by a mass of lightning from Slash " Maziodyne! " " A great time to mention, other then 20's and 1's the number you get is ultimately meaningless. So long as you beat your opponents number, you will succeed your attack or dodge/block/counter." The mass of lightning swarmed all around the edgelord and with no way to avoid it, Edgelord was repeatedly struck by lightning and collapsed. " Alright, so it seems the battle has winded down. Now just like Magic, there won't be a hard cap on Health points but please recognise that you have to go down eventually. Sometimes your opponent is either to strong, to smart or the dice just hate you. However. " Suddenly and without  warning, the edgelords body blipped out of existence and from behind Slash he commanded Apollo to cast his strongest spell. " Nova Kaiser. " And with a blast of Fire and light engulfed Slash sending him launching him deeper into the endless room. " You are thieves, trickery is part of what you do. What will you do with these powers I wonder. "


"I shall now field any of your questions."


Wait rolls!? What do you mean we have to roll dice?

" Yes. This is because in a lot of Roleplays that involve battles on this site have very similar problems. God modding, players endlessly dodging and refusing to take hits, and players attacking and hitting their opponents without any mind or attempt to leave any wiggle room for the other players retaliation. I understand that you might not want to lose, but this is for fairness in combat."

Okay, well how will the rolls even work? does Canterlot have a hidden dice roll feature?

Unfortunately, Canterlot does not host such dice magic. However! Discord has a neat little attachment name Tatsumaki, this little bot has a lot of different functions and one of them is dice rolling. Anyone who joins the RP will gain access to the server for the rolls. "


" Now, for how they will work, It is rather simple. whenever your character attack or attempts to influence a character against the characters intents you will have to make an offensive roll by typing 't!roll d20' into the chat box  and then typing the reason for the roll in the chat box and then the defending playing will have to make a defensive roll using the same command. The higher number wins the exchange. Now, for those wondering about cheaters, Tatsumakis posts cannot be deleted by non mods. So fret not."

Okay, but what if we all roll like garbage and start failing missions and stuff?

" Well then that's what will happen. Hopefully it gets nobody killed, but all that you have to retreat and retry if the opportunity presents itself."

Alright, well how will you measure health and magic?

" Like I mentioned in the battle demonstration, There won't be a hard limit on either but rather an honour system. You must recognise that you have to run out of health and magic at some point. "

Hey, I have a character but I want to make an OC Persona, can I?

" No, I would really prefer that players choose from the established personas that exist within the series. Same with the spells and attacks. Please use the spells that your personas know in canon. If you need access to a compendium of personas, feel free to ask. "

"I am willing to tolorate MILD appearence alterations to have the personas match the characters more."

Will we have access to the velvet room? How will it work?

" You will each have your own velvet rooms and their purpose will be revealed early enough in the story. The velvet room segmants will take place one on one in the personal messages. stay tuned! "


Full name. : Xander Indigo

Age : 16


Gender : M


Appearance : Persona 5 school uniform.  Casual wear: Xander wears a pair of black dress pants and white trainers that he tries to make sure are always clean. He also wears a grey T-shirt with a 9 over his heart. Over this this, he typically wears a black jacket with EX BURST written on the back.

Metaverse appearance : a black hood connected to an open black trenchcoat. Under this coat he wore a simple red shirt, black dress pants and a pair of military boots. His mask is a white wolf mask with a red snoot


Arcana* : The Sun


Initial Persona : Vulcanus


Ultimate Persona** : Apollo


Fighting style/weapons*** of choice: Xander typically fights with his fists, but for range, he carries a revolver.


Personality : Xanders apathetic exterior belies a caring soul who wishes to help those around him. however, this heart holds no love for his adversaries, as he uses his cunning and his morally charged indignation to steal their hearts.


Background : Growing up poor, and in a bad neighbourhood, Xander was no stranger to crime and criminals. He was constantly hearing about break ins and beatings around the neighbourhood. Growing up around all of this and seeing how this affected the people around him gave Xander a strong sense of justice and no love for who he perceived as bad people. This also lead him to growing a sense of empathy as he always tried to help his friends cheer up if they had been wronged or picked on. When he first entered the Metaverse, Xander spared no time trying to figure out how to use these powers to smite the wicked and help the wounded.



Let the Garbage begin.




1: Maple


2: Symphypon





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Full name: Jayden Chrysler

Age: 17


Gender: Male


Appearance: Normal P5 school uniform, always clean and pressed. Casual wear: Short-sleeved button shirt over a white t-shirt with beige cargo shorts and sneakers.


Metaverse appearance: Black sleeveless hoodie with black basketball shorts on top of a black full body tights. He also wears black finger-less gloves, sneakers, and cat ear headphones. Throughout his outfit, there would be orange lines and circles (kinda like Tron Legacy). His mask is black and the nose area looks like a cat's (like a Ann and Incredible's mask mix). There are also orange markings on his cheeks that look like whiskers.


Arcana: Emperor 


Initial Persona:Take-Mikazuchi 


Ultimate Persona: Takeji Zaiten


Fighting style/weapons of choice: Throwing knives. Slash likes to keep his distance and provide support with his knives. He has good reflexes and is quite flexible and fast. Pistol.


Personality:  Jayden is aloof and an unpredictable sort of person when he is in public, but to his friends he is kind, friendly, and mischievous. Away from the public eye, Slash is actually very talkative and at times stupid. 


Background: As the son of the CEO of a weapons company, Slash is expected to act as a person of high-class. It's a wonder why he was allowed to attend a local highschool instead of getting home-schooled, but the teenage boy suspected his mother was able to convince his father. Slash and his father don't have a close relationship; his father is controlling, strict, and doesn't spend much time with his family. Because of this, Slash feels as if he is being controlled by his father, molding him to become the suitable heir to the company. 

While he was in the Metaverse, he realized he does not have to allow his father to use him. He could be free from his grasp by just standing up for himself (cue mask rip and Persona summoning).

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We could start it and then peeps could jump in. It's how Persona works after all lol.



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