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Princess Luna [Ready]

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Roleplay Type: WoE

Name: Luna
Sex: Mare
Age: Over a thousand years old.
Species: Alicorn
Eye colour: Teal
Coat: A deep, slightly desaturated blue
Mane/Tail: A brighter blue that's flecked with stars.
Physique: Slim, athletic, head and shoulders taller than most ponies.

Residence: Canterlot
Occupation: A princess and one half of the diarch that rules Equestria
Cutie Mark: A white, crescent moon
Unique Traits: A large black, spotty blotch on her hindquarters. Her mane is airy and seems to flutter and float with every little movement; it flows freely when she wishes to display power. She has partial immortality- long lived, but not invincible.



Dreamwalking: During a time when she was still imprisoned in the moon as Nightmare Moon, Luna discovered that she could still influence ponies in Equestria through entering dreams and sowed nightmares. Now, she chooses to make up for it by helping ponies confront their fears, and helping them deal with their problems so they will no longer have recurring dreams.

Magic: As one of Starswirl's students, Princess Luna has a skill and understanding in magic, especially of the more dark variety to the point she created something called a Tantabus, and she is capable of dreamwalking, something nopony else is capable of, much less has the power to do.


New Moons: Princess Luna is closely connected to the moon. She is strongest during full moons, but new moons leave her weaker when the moon is eclipsed by the planet.




When they first came to Equestria, Celestia and Luna were approached by Starswirl the Bearded and the representatives of the three tribes, who asked them to lead. They felt the sisters would best represent the three tribes because they were alicorns- a combination of all three races. The two sisters tour Equestria searching for a place to live and build a castle for themselves, and eventually settle in the Everfree Forest for its privacy, the location picked by Princess Luna. Unknowingly, they built the castle on the cliff over the Tree of Harmony. They encounter some trouble with building their castle, involving a manticore angry over ponies trying to dismantle its home when they go out for more stone. Luna assists and discovers she can speak manticore and fixes the situation, earning the manticore, Melvin's, friendship. During the building, Luna comes up with various secret passageways and trapdoors to add to the castle, which Celestia initially finds odd and eventually accepts so that her sister could add her own touch to the castle. The two sisters are crowned princesses, and are uncertain in their roles- neither have their cutiemarks yet which is not unusual for alicorns of their age.


The two settle into their castle, with Luna befriending Princess Platinum, despite the latter's initial resistance to their rule, and is given newly woven tapestries from the unicorn tribe to decorate their castle with. Starswirl the Bearded (presumably) begins giving the two sisters lessons in magic, bonding with Celestia over their love of reading and magic, while Luna simply wants to attempt spells and skip reading entirely in her impatience. Luna also spends much of her time exploring the Everfree Forest with Melvin, and discovers the Tree of Harmony- she learns what it is from Starswirl, and the sisters curiously study the markings on its bark. They feel the symbols of the sun and moon calling to them and do not know why.


In time, they are called upon to deal with various issues. Renegotiating with the griffons for the pegasi's right to Equestria's airspace, and helping Princess Amore and the Crystal Empire retrieve the Crystal Heart stolen by the dragon living in the mountains north of them, who viewed the entirety of its crystals as his hoard. The dragon angers Celestia, provoking her to using the Royal Canterlot voice, frightening him. Luna has never seen her sister so angry and finds it a little scary, but the two return the heart to the empire so that the crystal ponies can celebrate their first official Crystal Faire.


The day comes when they awaken to a still-dark sky, and discover that the unicorns end up depleting their magic entirely when they raise the sun and moon. The last of them lost their magic trying to lower the moon, and even a powerful unicorn like Starswirl loses his magic at last to attempting it by himself. He encourages them to try to move the celestial bodies and they do so: Luna lowers the moon, and Celestia raises the sun. It is not until afterward that they discover they have earned their cutiemarks, and find they match the symbols on the tree.


It is unknown how long it would be before they were forced to face off against Discord and wield the Elements of Harmony against him, with Celestia using magic, kindness, and generosity and the elements honesty, loyalty, and laughter falling to Luna. Together, they turned Discord to stone and ended his reign of chaotic tyranny. In the following years, they would deal with locking Tirek away for his attempt to take Equestria, betrayed by his brother, and they would deal with King Sombra, called to action by a lone crystal pony mare by the name of Radiant Hope who was, for a short time, their student because of her developed magical abilities. They flew to the Crystal Empire, fighting and finally banishing King Sombra to the ice of the Frozen North by only their magical might combined.


What finally put an end to their role as diarchs, as sworn guardians of Equestria rather than princesses, was when all the past years began to take a toll on Princess Luna. All the times she'd noticed when she received less acknowledgement, less admiration, had begun to notice that she was noticed less, and even her own sister didn't seem to see it. Her concerns were dismissed, and Celestia continued to bask in the admiration of those they protected. It slowly grew on Luna to the point that she grew angry, jealous, unappreciated. Those negative emotions would eventually corrupt her on the fateful day that she would confront her sister, determined to do something reckless in order to finally get what she desired so much. They would transform her into a nightmare. Dropping her old name, she called herself Nightmare Moon and vowed to rule night eternal. After a lengthy battle, Celestia was forced to wield the elements to banish her sister to the moon, and she would not return until a thousand years later, where six friends would cleanse her of her corrupt magic through the Elements of Harmony. Luna would go on to adjust to a changed world and regain her former strength, as well as do what she could to fix the harm she'd caused.



Character Personality: After all the time she'd lost to being imprisoned in the moon, Luna's manner of speech and views are more old fashioned, although this is slowly changing the more she adapts to the modern day. While she may not share her sister's playful sense of humor, she is known to fall back on her more prankish nature from time to time when the opportunity presents itself, although her duty as princess and her experiences have prevented it. Luna works towards her improving her social skills with ponies of the modern day, and while she is occasionally still shy and uncertain when she is among ponies, she is becoming more comfortable as she settles back into her role as one of the diarchs of Equestria and keeps a calm facade amidst troubled times. Luna still struggles with her guilt over what she's done, and it often weighs heavily upon her shoulders. She feels she must make up for it somehow, and she has found that she can do so through dreamwalking- helping ponies deal with their nightmares and facing what troubles them most. Her kindness and willingness to help are most often expressed through her dreamwalking, and on occasion in person as well, when she sees that somepony is in need of help or a guiding hoof to steer them right. Her way of helping them avoid what she had become. The Element of Honesty shows most strongly in her- Luna never shies from speaking her mind or telling a pony the truth. She feels lies do more harm than good and she is adamant that she never be lied to.

Character Summary: One of the diarchs of Equestria, Luna shares her sister's burden of ruling their kingdom and is the opposite to Celestia in many ways; quite literally the night to her day. She is the one responsible for raising the moon and beginning the night, and has also taken on the task of protecting the dreams of ponies to make up for once causing nightmares during her long imprisonment in the moon; the only way she could still influence Equestria. She has slowly regained her power and she's still adapting to the many changes the modern day has brought with it while struggling with her guilt. She is slowly getting better, and she has become much more comfortable in her role as one of Equestria's princesses, although she does not speak much in public unless it is necessary for an event.

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