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Nira Dana Garcia (Niradaña)

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Name: Nira Dana Garcia (When in human form) Niradaña (when in Draconic form)

Age: 33

Gender: Female

Earthen Race: White with Hispanic Heritage.

Earthen Magic: Light, Novice; water, Beginner

Mythical Race: Dragon

Mythical Magic: Pure Arcane Energy, Legendary, (19 points); Regeneration, Master, (16 points); Ice, Adept, (8 points); Light, Adept, (7 points)



In her human form, Nira Is about average height and a stronger build than most in her profession. She has grown very fond to the color of violet and deep shades of purple. When not in her current profession, or if she is attending business conferences between hospitals, she is always seen if a very deep purple two piece suit dress with a crimson blouse. Her skin tone is a bit darker than an average caucasion from her hispanic descent. Her eyes are an unusual color for a human as her irises remain the deep amethyst purple that her eyes have when she is in her draconic form, but they still take on the normal human appearance.

In her draconic form in the Mythical Realm, she stands about Twenty feet from the top of her head to the bottom of her paw and she nearly thirty in length. Her wingspan sits around thirty-five to forty feet. Her scales are a very, very dark metallic purple on her back and sides while her underscales, and wing membranes are a very dark shade of crimson. She has a line of black spines running down the spine of her back from head to toe, and two large horns protruding out of the back of her head. Her body itself is more slender than it is bulky for a dragon, as it appears she was built for speed and agility rather than brute strength like some of her brethren.




Nira can be as fierce as she can logical. This comes from spending years in the medical profession. She will be the first to tell you if an idea you have will be beneficial and will be the first one to think of a pro-to-con comparison of the course of action being determined. She doesn't make friends very easily as she is not very trusting. She'd been screwed over many times in her life by friends that she thought that she could depend on, so she tends not to let anyone get too close to her anymore. Less collateral damage that way. However, she will maintain a very professional attitude, and as everyone would in her field.... she has a rough time trying to tell a parent their child won't be going home again.




Born on July 15 3114, The doctors knew that Nira Dana Garcia was going to be unique growing up. The could tell that by her eyes. Most, if not all babies are born with blue eyes. Then, as the age, the eyes turn into there more permanent shade that they will remain for the rest of their lives. Nira's eyes were a deep amethyst upon birth, and have stayed that way. Otherwise, there wasn't really much of a way to tell her apart. As she was growing up though, she definitely didn't take after the girly girls. She was definitely more of a tomboy, looking to collect dragons, and medieval memorabilia rather than dolls and playhouses.


Furthermore, as she got older, the doctors noticed that vaccines started reacting with her in ways they had never seen in a patient previously. Her body was completely rejecting them, and every attempt to draw blood from her failed. They could penetrate the skin, but for some reason could not draw. Doctors were puzzled by this, but later discovered why. After an accident that lead to her falling on a sharp piece of ice and jamming it through her shoulder. The puncture should have been more than most could handle without the risk of possible shock. The doctors prepared Nira for surgery to close the wound that the ice had caused, before taking a sample of the blood that they had never been able to obtain before.


However, as they were finishing the prep, they noticed that the wound was already starting to heal, and that there was almost a light of sort that seemed to be glowing from it. Before they could do much of anything else, the would sealed on it's own. Because of the nature of the circumstances, the doctors kept Nira overnight. They came to the conclusion that either she had some regenerative properties, or that they had just witness a divine miracle in the flesh. Regardless, something had saved her.


From there, Nira returned home, and any injury that she had suffered during play as long as it wasn't a major injury, was gone within minutes. Nira didn't discover that her new ability would work on others until her friend had a biking accident that caused her to take the skin off of her knees. Seeing her friend in distress, she thought of anything that she could do, and out of instinct she reached for her friend's leg to take a look when her hand started to glow, and the wound began to close. As bit as it was, it didn't close it all the way, but it made it a lot better off where a simple bandaid would cover it.


After this discovery, Nira became one of the most popular girls on the school playground, as most of the other kids wanted to avoid a trip to the nurse when something small happened. They would just go to her, and she would heal them. The teachers caught on to this, and began working with her parents to get her into some of the more professional studies of medicine. However, just before she could start her heightened education, She noticed something, Something on the school grounds. When she pointed it out to the teachers, they all thought that she was insane or that she had hit her head on something. When she disappeared into what they saw was thin air though, the teachers immediately went frantic and began making calls.


For Nira though, after she approached the gate that she saw at her school, felt a small pull and before she knew it she was getting sucked through. When she found herself on the other side, she found out that.... She was no longer in the form of a human... but that of a Dragon! At first she couldn't believe it. That she was sure that something had happened to her at the school and that she was actually dead. She wasn't though, and seeing the flash from the distance, another dragon, named Skiultna descended to approach her.


Skiultna was wary at first, as was Nira when she saw the other dragon. This dragon was almost an inverted shade of her, The purple was faded, very light, and the red on her underscales were almost pink. “I've been watching you, for thirteen years. Come with me, we have much to discuss,” she said taking off leaving Nira with a bewildered and puzzled look on her face. “Oh, right, can't fly yet... Follow me, we'll fix that.” Nira wasn't sure what her definition of fix was, but it she doubted that she was going to like it much.


As time went on, she spent a lot of time with Skiultna learning about the land before being told that she needed to shift back into hers. That by staying there for prolonged periods of time could lead to problems as she explained that both worlds were connected, and that what happened on one, mattered in the other. That whatever she was already working on within the physical realm needed to be completed before a migration could take place, barring a cataclysmic event that would endanger both realms. Nira nodded and went home.


When she did, and returned to the school parking lot, she was instantly swarmed by officials before taken home to her parents. However, when she got home, there was more than just her parents waiting for her. There was a pair of tall, well dressed figures that intoduced themselves as agents of an elite organization for people like her. The organization was called “Shifted”. They told her that they could advance her training and teachings and work with her on how to properly use her newfound power. Still being a teenager though, she didn't really have much say in the manner as apparently her parents had already signed all the paperwork for her.


In Shifted, things weren't too bad. They were hard, but they worked with her to hone her magic, and uncover another. She was able to create water. It wasn't much, but it was pure. Enough, to create a drink, or wash a wound, and the healing magic that she already had was heightened even more. In combination with her magic, and her advanced teaching regiment, she was able to obtain her masters in Medical Science by the time she was Twenty-five.


Shifted, along with the help of Skiultna, worked on training her draconinc form in the Mythical realm. Teaching her how to fly, turn, and dodge as well as working with the new assortment of magics. Most they already knew that she had from the hints in her human form. The one that they weren't expecting was the one that she displayed almost all too efficiently, when someone made the mistake of pissing her off way too much. Once she reached a point she lashed out and was going for a scare hit rather than anything serious, but almost scared herself as a beam of pure arcane energy shot out of her paw. She was shocked as well as everyone else.


Instantly they began working with Nira on that magic, and they found out that she could not only harness the arcane energy, but she could direct it, absorb it from the surrounding environment, or if needed, force the energy into another being. Such magic would be good for keeping someone alive until more advanced medical treatment or healing magics could be applied. To see someone that possessed the ability to harness raw energy in of itself was uncommon. To see someone of this magnitude was unprecedented.


After her training, with the Shifted organization, she set up as a lead doctor for one of the hospitals in the Kansas City Area. Supposedly it was supposed to be one of the best hospitals in the nation. One look at the surrounding neighborhood though and you'd quickly find out why they were so good. They had a lot to practice on within a five mile radius with all the violence in the area. She still trains with Shifted to keep her Skills sharp and helps with things in the Mylthical Realm as needed while she focuses on making sure she did the one thing she was put on the planet earth for, and that was to save lives. She now leads both the Trauma division, and the Standard Care division of the Kansas Medical Center.

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