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Ophelia Rose [Ready]

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Roleplay Type: WoE
Name: Ophelia Rose

Nickname: Rose
Sex: Mare
Age: Adult
Species: Pegasus
Eye colour: Green
Coat: Pale pink
Mane/Tail: A rich red
Physique: Average for the most part, bordering on a dancer's slimness.
Residence: Canterlot
Occupation: Florist; she proudly grows a species of beautiful, long-lasting roses in a variety of colors, sold in her upscale flower shop as decoration more than consumption; she would be loathe to think anypony would waste her flowers by eating them.
Cutie Mark: A light pink rose with a thorny green stem.
Unique Traits: A guilty pleasure for vampire stories, horror stories.

History: Hailing from a foreign land, and the only child of a rich family, Rose grew up in relative comfort as well as seclusion. A tutor provided her with the education she needed, as well as teaching her social etiquette she would need to know. When she was not busy with her studies, or asking something of her parents who freely gave her what she wanted, Rose filled her time in whatever ways she could, pursuing anything proper that seemed remotely interesting- fantasy stories, various fashions.. It would be when she tried out gardening that she would find her cutiemark, and her love of growing flowers she found most beautiful. They could be difficult to grow, roses, but she poured her time into learning all the little details that would help them thrive. Her parents neither approved.. or disapproved, as distant and busy as they were. Their overall attitude had always hurt her, but she could do nothing about it except cope how she could, and eventually give up on impressing them.

As she grew older, she would be sent overseas to a prestigious school in Equestria to continue her education, which was something of a relief for her to get out of her family home. Rose socialized with others of her status when necessary and with politeness, but otherwise kept herself focused on her tasks. However after graduation, and achieving adulthood, she would make the decision to remain in Equestria where she would pursue her passion as a florist. She moved around a few times until she found Canterlot to her liking, where she settled to eventually open up her own shop.

Character Personality: Rose acts in the same manner as any other rich pony. She holds herself proudly because of her lineage and fortunes, even haughtily. As with any other member of high society, she is also disdainful of other things or ponies that don't fit the standards set by those at her level and, naturally, looks down upon others for their lesser states. As a lady, she is also on the vain side; obvious in her well groomed appearance, jewelry and fancy dresses; ones that could be noticed to look a little old fashioned, but pleasantly so. Although most ponies strive to keep up with the ever changing fashions of the modern day, she has chosen to ignore it and proudly wear what she enjoys most, and what she believes she looks best in. In any case, despite obvious downsides, she has proven to others to be quite charming, if not slightly manipulative. She does not shy from being flirty with ponies depending on who they are and how they appeal to her, though her interests never seem to exceed sly flirtation; it is as if she wishes to avoid letting ponies see more of her, and opening herself up to getting hurt. This often causes her to come off aloof.

Character Summary: A pegasus mare from a rich family that has settled in Canterlot, where Rose has further pursued her passion in flowers, and opened up a flower shop so that she might sell her hard work and symbols of beauty for profit.

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