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[Age of Heroes] Love and Disdain. Again. [OPEN]

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The explanation of the metaphor... made sense, Platinum supposed, even though it seemed quite foolish for anypony to act like that.  If you didn't want the hay, why get in the manger?  It was all a mystery.  *Foreigners.  Exotic, often attractive, but never fully comprehensible.*  She blushed a bit, though, at the mention of the choker, her hoof tracing a line across her throat.  The selfsame shade of pink deepening to red as Ossia sought, as gently as possible, to dismantle her ego.  Truly, a task worthy of an alicorn.


"Heh, I suppose you are right..."  The talk of 'lessons' could have proved even more disheartening to the decidently non-academic unicorn, until a thought suddenly occurred to her.  "Hey, would that make me your... your personal student?"  Growing up with 'Auntie' as his primary example of family, Blueblood had no other real example of a close relationship to imprint upon.  The royal was lonely, though he was loath to admit so, either in villain or civilian guise.


Such sweet reflections, however, could not be focused on for long.  Not only was Platinum being ponyhandled like a plush toy, she was suddenly warped out the place, throwing the timing way off on her previously-laid plan.  That disruption was minor, however, to the even more troubling apparition before them.  "AIEE!"  The fashion-conscious mare shrieked, covering her eyes as if to protect them from a wave of ammonia.  "They're hideous!  The absolute bottom of the barrel, sartorially, of those darn students!"


It had to be said that the writhing mare in Ossia's magic cut something of a pathetic figure.  But her scream was not out of mere helplessness; it was pitched to carry, and so to alert her maid squadron inside the museum.  In a few minutes, the pair of them would have a backup force sufficient to allow them to escape.  They just had to keep these jokers off their tails for long enough...

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"Why, this is exactly what I am talking about." Ossia said, confirmed her with to take Blue under her tutelage. "And I have a lot to teach indeed. Ufufufu...if you thought your 'Aunt' is experienced, wait until you spend a week with me. I will mercilessly pour wisdom and knowledge onto you at mornings, noons and evenings. Very looong evenings." alicorn mused with a purr.




"Yes, they are an affront to the eyes. Although I am think they are a bit too old to be student." Nerezza agreed with Platinum while adding her own observation.


"..........I loathe basically everything in that sentence." pink alicorn said in completely deadpan tone before turning her head towards the Platinum.

"It seems those jokers don't bother taking us seriously." she mused while setting the royal pony down onto museums steps. If Platinum had any doubts about alicorn's intention's towards the quintet, Ossia's psychotic smirk was enough to lay all of them to rest. "Let's how bothered they will be when they see what you do." she added before raising into the air.


"Haaaaaaaahhhhh......" she took a deep breath, while shrouding herself in the raw power, the spire of aether she was floating in reaching high into the darkening sky. Slowly, but surely the expressions of the five 'heroes' turned from that of confidence into those of horror and confusion. And as suddenly as it started, Ossia's display ended. For Blue's eyes nothing changed, but it was obvious that onl;y now the five could witness Nerezza true form.

"Ahahaha. What's wrong? Nevers saw an alicorn before? Where is it all that prior bravado?" she mocked the quintet.


"Isn't she....? How?" unicorn mage gasped, demanding answers.


"It isn't her. She feels...different. Wrong. What are you?" the quilin mare asked, apparently more distraught then her comrades.

"Me?" Ossia said, quite pleased with bewilderment of the quintet. "I am a heart's true desire. The lover's touch of passion. A mother's first kiss for a child. Every gaze filled with longing. I am the Love given flesh, the guardian angel for this one..." the pink alicorn gave Platinum an knowing look "...but for you five....I will take a role of an executioner." she added, which made the 'heroes' take a step back.


"Platinum Dear...." she addressed the unicorn mare beside her, while the misfits before them were still struck with terror. "Why don't you assist me in this one? That way I can measure how capable you already are, before our first lesson." Nerezza explained while stroking Bluebelle's neck.

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To a mare of any kind of aesthetic sensitivity, and Platinum was nothing if not that, there was little in the way of rough stuff that naturally appealed.  Now, rough stuff to the ugly and mean?  Forgivable, and even, in it's own way, beautiful.  But there was... something in Ossia's look that gave Bluebelle a sinking feeling within her stomach that what was about to happen would go way, way beyond that.  And as the alicorn offered her a leading role in this next act, the genre-savvy within Platinum Gem was put on pins and needles.


*If I do this, I'm about to go way beyond what I already am.  I will go from tolerated villain heroes treat with amusement to someone feared and despised.  Will I lose friends over this?*  She had to pause a moment at that, but a moment's consideration only brought up one name, and that belonged to one who was by no means a goody four-hooves himself.  Certainly wouldn't put them off speaking terms.  As for the rest... the sad truth was, neither Prince Blueblood nor Platinum Gem had real friends beyond that.  And thus, nothing was stopping her from partaking in this baptism of blood.


Nothing, that is, save for a forgotten circumstance.  "DRAGON!!!"  She shrieked, about two seconds before a huge, scaly body arced into view and smashed into the street, scattered cobblestones like skittles and headed straight toward the five heroes in it's skid, aiming to crush them against the side of a bank!

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".....!!!" Ossia was so transfixed on the Blue, and quinted before her, that even she didn't noticed the approaching wyrm. It's only due to the royal pony cry of warning that she had enough time to put the magical barrier to shield herself and Blue from the granite shards.


"What audacity from this beast, to steal both the prey and the spotlight from us." pink alicorn commented, her voice somewhat between disappointment and annoyance - as if it was beneath her to be bothered with being angry at the reptile. "....But perhaps that is what should be expected from a dragon - an avarice given flesh." Nereza pondered for a moment before shaking her head.

"....Normally such malfeasance would be a death warrant for creature such as this one...." she explained while observing the dargon and five 'heroes' go at it. "....but right now it would change nothing. The mood of the scene was simply, irrevocably tarnished, a shadow of what it was. And I, Ossia, refuse to be satisfied with a mere scraps." Nerezza stated, haughtily before turning towards Bluebelle.

"It looks like  we have to seek new means and occasion to assert you, Pretty Gem." she mused with yet another endearing term. "Rejoice! This means you have a chance to better yourself in the meantime!" pink alicorn proclaimed.


Right then - following the yelp of shock and pain - the sword in black and gold flew the direction of the skirmish, and got embedded in the stone stairs.

"Hmmm? What's this?" Ossia mused while pulling the blade out. "How surprising. While this faker-knight and his colleagues appearances are affront to the eyes, this weapon is of excellent craft. Not really my color but this is something that can be remedied..." she mused while studying the blade. "Ufufu....I will keep it, as a reminder of my promise to those jesters, and of the insult towards us."


"You....witch! That's not yours!" the golden 'knight' protested while struggling with the dragon's jaws.

"Hmph." Ossia scoffed. "A lizard's chew toy has no right to claim ownership over anything." alicorn dismissed the stallion' objection before turning towards Platinum Gem.

"The wizards interference is gone, and we lingered here long enough. There is nothing else for us in this unsightly scene." Ossia declared.

"I trust you servants are shrewd enough to find way on their own? Grab my shoulder Pretty Thing, and think about place you desire to find yourself in and I do the rest." alicorn instructed, her aura flaring up around herself and their loot in preparation for teleportation.

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