[Age of Heroes] Love and Distain. Again. [OPEN]

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.......The feeling vibrant green grass under her stomach. The shining, clean, cerulean sky above...


And the air. So fresh. So....alive....


She was back. After so long she was back!


"Ufufufufufu...AHAHAHAHA!" Ossia laughed in triumph as she got back on her hooves. So much effort, so much frustration....but finally her endeavors were rewarded!


"This is wonderful! I can feel power surging within me just by being here! Now I just need to..." she mused before pausing.

"No....this attitude is what forced me to go through so much trouble in the first place. Just because I am supreme beauty doesn't mean I can underestimate those gnats like before." she reminded herself "Speaking of gnats..." Ossia added before turning back.

As expected, the anomaly in space time - a gateway of sorts, one that she tore by herself was still there.

"Despite everything, I wouldn't be able to get through if not for the 'fabric' getting weaker from this side as well. A fortunate circumstances indeed...although I wonder how it happened that they aligned with my actions so well?" di Nerezza pondered as medalion around her neck started to glow. Slowly, with great effort she extended her will towards the rip in space and time before herself. Seconds extended into minutes, but finally the bridge between worlds was closed - Ossai learned well from her past defeats, no one will be showing her the door this time! She will be staying until she discovers the reason for gaining so much power in this world! However....


"<Pant> This was....<pant> more taxing then expected. To break is far easier then mend...." pink mare reflected. With the most pressing task taken care of, it was now time to explore her surroundings. Where was she now, exactly?


With the confident stride Ossia approached the cliff-side to gaze at the sparkle in the distance. It was....

"Canterlot. Of course." she said to herself. That said, it was somewhat different from the usual Canterlot's she visited. Oh sure the same could be said for many other versions, but those usually were distinguished  by various states of ruin and decay.,

This time the city was different. Absent was it's trademark castle, instead replaced by what appeared to be university of sorts. The city also appeared to also sprawl farther - not limited to plateau like its counterparts but also hugging to the cliff-side and ground below - this Canterlot had to be as big a Manehattan. This was something worthy of checking out. That and to - if she wanted to accomplish anything here - get information about state of things in this dimension. However she couldn't go as she was now.


"The though of concealing beauty such as mine is a revolting, but it can't be helped. If I would descend as I am now, everyone would be overwhelmed by my radiance - making any efforts at subtlety impossible." Ossia mused to herself as she approached a nearby pond. "There is also a chance that my entry was detected. Who knows how much time passed since my last visit? Perhaps denizens of this dimension became more alert in-between?" she further mused as she begun casing the concealing spells. When she finished and leaned to look over the water, it wasn't her pink visage that stared back - but instead a slender and tall gray pegasus mare with a white mane.


"Hmph...this will have to do. Well I found my way here...." Ossia said before adding with a sinister smirk...


"Let's see what else I can find."


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Canterlot was, as always, a scene of beauty.  Both the stones that built the city, and the ponies that populated it, all tried to live up to the aesthetic standard and reputation the city bore upon it's shoulders.  That included stallions, as well as mares.  Or, at least, one stallion in particular.  


*So nice to not have to do much of anything today, save letting the world gaze upon me.*  Blueblood remarked to himself, as he went upon his constitutional.  It was indeed a peaceful day for him; no public political duties, no social appointments, and no... secret plans populated his calendar.  The fact that this placidity triggered no alarm bells in his mind spoke poorly of his survival instincts in this world of superpowers and general weirdness, but hey, not everypony was a winner in the cortical lottery.  As far as the tradeoff between brains and beauty went, Blue was gifted in the latter, and wasted no time, though a whole lot of effort, in showing it off...

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Ossia had to admit, Canterlot always was aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Even when turned to ruins it retained that sense of haunting beauty that drew ponies towards it.


So it was going without saying, that in this dimension - when Canterlot was still standing tall and proud - visiting it was even more enjoyable experience.

Ossia touch down in the middle of Canterlot many squares, which immediately drew attention from the passerby's.

And who could blame them really? Ossia may have masked her real appearance, but it didn't helped much with avoiding attention. Her good looks were simply too splendid. As such she only managed in downgrading herself into simply gorgeous, attractive appearance she had now, instead of unremarkable form she was aiming for.

"Now, where should I go?" di Nerezza pondered why subconsciously raising her hoof to flip her mane.

"Library seems like a good choice. It would never hurt to expand my knowledge about this realm. But wouldn't this require a proper documentation? Hmmm....?" Ossia train of thought was derailed as she noticed the familiar visage passing through the crowd.


"is that...Blueblood?" di Nerezza quietly mumbled to herself. Why, it was indeed doltish Prince Blueblood on the other side of the square! One of the few remaining descendants of Platinas dynasty, as well as adoptive nephew to Princess few other dimensions that is. Was she his 'aunt' in this timeline as well? The lack of Royal Castle in the city suggested otherwise, but with her limited understanding of this reality it was hard to tell....


"Besides..." Ossia thought as a smirk crept on her face. "Even if he isn't, he's still a Prince. A noble from ancient and rich family. It wouldn't hurt to use that wealth to build a bridgehead  in this world." she thought. And for all of his lack of brain cells, he still wasn't bad looking. Oh, that things she could tease him with...!


With this in mind, still disguised di Nerezza followed Blueblood from the distance, waiting for a suitable moment to wrap him around her tail...

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