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Roan Quake

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Name: Roan Quake
Gender: Male
Age: Stallion

Species: Unicorn
Eye colour: Black and beady
Character colour: Mostly red. Except his head, which is a naked fleshy pink color due to a skin condition.
Mane/Tail/Other: Onyx, a small tuft of hair is what passes off as Roan's mane. His tail is also onyx
PhysiqueLarge and hefty, though oddly has above average physical strength for a unicorn, and possibly even surpasses an Earth pony's
Residence: Everfree Forest
Occupation: An active caretaker of the Castle of the Two Sisters
Cutie Mark: A dark-brown circle that appears to be fractured like a glass pane.
Unique Traits: Roan's head is mostly bald, he wears a tin collar shaped like a satellite dish/lampshade called the Talisman of Asclepias to not only keep himself alive but to also bolster his physical prowess to the point where it surpasses the strength of even an Earth Pony.

When Roan was brought into the world, his parents worried whether he would be able to live a normal life due to being born with a condition that would eventually see him slip into eternal slumber. Doing whatever they could, they traveled to the far east in hopes of acquiring some means to make sure that their foal would live comfortably and happily. As luck would have it, their prayers were answered by an Earth Pony blacksmith seeking to sell what was a strange and supposedly worthless tin-wrought collar that was in the shape of a common lampshade. As if calling to him, the little foal cried out for the collar and immediately wore it around his neck when a sudden sensation of relief took hold of him. It wasn't until much later on that the parents found out through a unicorn scholar who was knowledgeable in exotic artifacts that the neck-worn lampshade with the engraved twin snakes coiling each other was the Asclepias Talisman, an enchanted item that took the inherent magic of its wearer and converted it into vital energies that helped bolster their constitution, with the unforeseen consequence of bestowing abnormal bursts of strength and other strange abilities while under the influence of strong emotions like fear or anger. In short, it was a health-correcting device that was only effective so long as the one wearing it had magic. The downside to the collar, however, was that removing it would result in undoing-- even reversing-- whatever benefits the user was given, meaning that the talisman was only capable of sustaining the user's life until a more permanent solution could be implemented. 


Over time, Roan's parents were able to learn how to duplicate the enchantment on their own, which allowed their foal to live out his life in relative normalcy. Or so it was hoped, as Roan grew from being an unusual colt to an equally unusual stallion. There were various things that made him stand out from the rest of the young unicorns, and this was not always in a positive fashion considering as he didn't display a desire or aptitude for magic, most of his whole head lacked hair, and he was almost always quiet save for the occasional whinny. While Roan was approachable and often served as the occasional set of ears for somepony to confide their thoughts to, he mostly preferred the comfort of solitude and of the machinations that his enigmatic mind invents amid the exploding happy rainbows and television static. One day, despite his parents' warnings discouraging him to wander, Roan found himself in the Everfree Forest and gained from it a sense of belonging despite it being in a place that he and many others didn't understand. After a great deal of effort was spent in proving that he was capable of surviving in the forest on his own-- which in the process has led him to neigh so loudly that he scattered a Timberwolf to pieces while in a state of terror-- he was made a caretaker who oversaw the maintenance and slowly progressing restoration of the Castle of the Two Sisters. He now enjoys the wonders that are inherent of his job, how plants just appear on their own, how the animals seem to just know what to do in order to get by each day and how clouds simply moved without a pegasus having to push it. To him, it felt as though he were home. A number of reasons were weighed as to why Roan was made a caretaker, mainly his surprising eagerness to venture into the Everfree Forest as well as the augmented strength originating from the collar that Roan has come to rely upon. It was during his time as a caretaker that he has earned his cutie mark after so spending so many years as a blank flank, and it was as a result of his attempts at restoring parts of the castle. He, in a sense, established a relationship with the various mechanisms and features present inside. His came to understand that, just as each plant and animal within the Everfree Forest moved in accordance to each of their own purposes, so too did simple objects. By resonating and finding rapport with passageways, doors, and facilities, Roan came to learn naturally what needed to be done and was able to not only restore but improve upon how the structures worked without drastically changing their appearance. As two trembles come together to become a quake, Roan took what was before him and made it greater than how it started out as.

Character Personality: Roan is often absent-minded, preoccupied with what sort of things his imagination invents in order to keep himself entertained. This absence of mental faculty also extends to his common sense, as he trots into places or situations that could very well prove to be unsavory and even life-threatening. When Roan does perceive danger to himself or others, he tends to act out of instinct, either fleeing out of fear or violently lashing out like a cornered creature. In very rare instances, Roan is capable of performing undertakings that appear to have had much forethought and meticulous planning. It is through action and not words that Roan is able to properly convey his thoughts and feelings to others. 
Character Summary: Roan is the kind of pony that appears dumb and his presence in the world doesn't seem to have any definitive purpose. While whatever motivates him to take action may remain vague, when he does take action, it is bound to elicit some surprise. Whether he is directly involved in an event or if he is only making a minor contribution, it is bound to have some effect however small.

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