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Elysium [Ready]

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Roleplay Type: WoE

Name: Elysium
Nicknames: Ely, Elli

Title: Spellbinder
Sex: Mare
Age: 25
Species: Unicorn
Eye colour: Yellow
Coat: A very light, faded purple, and faded blue.
Mane/Tail: A pastel blue-violet with glittering flecks of white
Physique: Slender and slightly athletic.
Residence: An abandoned cabin out in the woods some distance from Canterlot's mountain.
Occupation: Witch, magic practitioner; formerly a soldier
Cutie Mark: Two swords crossed over a stylized sun
Unique Traits: The two different shades on their fur create strange markings, with a few stripes at their middle where the colors meet. Their tail, while a little short, is styled like a more traditional unicorn's.
Other: Elysium often wears dark colors if they wear clothing, and has a set of light armor with a faded purple cape. There are gems on the leg guards and the neck armor for holding extra magic or enchantments. They have a bombay cat by the name of Ghost. Has an interest in art that they mostly keep to themself, and a fascination with dragons. Elysium is an ex-soldier.


History: Born outside of Equestria in a mountainous region close to the city of Kastrot, Elysium was mostly raised by their stern father. Their mother was somewhat distant, but they learned a lot about nature and magic involving it from her. Other forms of magic were taught to them by their father, though the more academic views they would take on magic was, to some extent, born of rebellion. If they were to learn, they felt it would be best that nothing be restricted.


Eventually they would move into a part of Kastrot where Elysium would eventually be swept up into the military to get by in their late teens, training how to fight and learning offensive magic. Becoming a soldier was the only way to get by when they could find no other jobs fitting their skills. It worked for them at the barest minimum, but they didn't like how strict everything was nor did they like the treatment. By adulthood, Elysium managed to find a way to slip out of the city and escape Maretonia, choosing to head to a country they'd heard a lot about: Equestria. Elysium felt that they'd be able to find something better there, despite how mixed the stories involving Equestria were. They haven't quite found a place to settle yet, but they're still searching all the while taking advantage of all the new information that was so freely available.


Character Personality: They are a calm and laid back pony, albeit rather distant to the point of aloof. They're also very focused and serious enough to be mildly intimidating, though they can often be easily distracted depending on the situation and how much is going on around them. It can be difficult when there is a lot of noise and ponies. They have a love of reading stories and various magical tomes, as well as creating new spells where possible. Their view on magic is a peculiar one- they believe that all magic should be explored for the sake of knowledge, and that simply because its labeled 'dark magic' doesn't make it 'evil' and that denying the learning of certain kinds of magic is a poor decision and a lost opportunity of understanding.


Character Summary: A unicorn with a foreign-born family who has an understanding and skill in the occult, mostly relating to magic/offensive magic. They don't restrain themselves on what type of magic they learn, whether its dark magic, forbidden or not, because they believe knowing any kind of magic would prove helpful in any situation. They spend a lot of their time alone, pursuing their interests and spending time with their cat, Ghost.

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