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What was Left Behind [Open, Walk-in]

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7jenQJa.pngTeleportation was Discord's specialty! But there was also the law of funny that the chaotic spirit tended to follow. If, in some way, the act wasn't amusing: it seemed a waste of effort. He crosses his claw and paw over one another on the table as he pondered the rotund pony's ponderings on the poffered parchment. 


"Well go on pup," he encouraged the canine. "You owe me at least this favor." He looked over to Psmith, his declarations of his son's aide meant to prove useful. "Hmm it makes sense that you could depend on your flesh and blood..." The concept made the spirit think, only for his thoughts to unsettle by Roan's query. 


He examined the map from where he sat before shaking his head. "You must understand I can't just will myself around the Everfree forest. It has a means of disrupting my magic. Annoying things." He murmured before floating about for a moment. 

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