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Roleplay Type: WoE


Name: Vanity


Sex: Female


Age: Filly


Species: Pegasus


Eye color: Deep raspberry hue


Coat: Pale Lilac


Mane/Tail: Her beautiful mane is bright quinacridone magenta highlighted with rose streaks and is done into loose curls with a section of her hair tied back with a black bow. Her tail is long and curly.


Physique: Vanity is taller and slimmer than most ponies her age, and has a more modelesque face.


Residence: Ponyville


Occupation: Student


Cutie Mark: Hasn't received her cutie mark yet. Though, she does like to style manes and tries glamourous styles all the time.


Unique Traits: Wears false eyelashes


History: Vanity was born in Ponyville, to two very prideful ponies. Her father had served in the Royal Army and her mother had been a nurse and both took great pride in helping others.


Her parents tried to get her to focus on realizing her talent was helping other ponies, but that wasn't really Vanity. She liked to help others, but sometimes they could be so aggravating. Vanity began to act out at school, during her only time of freedom before her parents realized that Vanity needed to just be Vanity.


Soon after her parents relinquished control, Vanity assumed she would get her cutie mark, but after three months of trying what felt like everything, she lost hope. It wasn't until another pony in her class taught her how to braid manes, that she began to find a love for mane styling.


While Vanity still hasn't received her cutie mark yet, she still continues to search for her talent. At school, she goes around and asks for suggestions and even helps with bad mane days.


Character Personality: Vanity, as her name implies, is self-absorbed. She views herself as an important pony and often forgets other ponies have differing opinions. She doesn't like getting herself dirty, especially her mane. She only has a few friends that she enjoys hanging out with but tolerates almost everybody. Vanity doesn't always think about herself and offers to do her classmates' manes. She is known to be a bit rude, but what pony isn't? Vanity tries different mane styles on other ponies daily to see if a specific style will yield her cutie mark. She refuses to believe her cutie mark could be in anything other than manestyling.


Character Summary: A blank flank pegasus from Ponyville, Vanity is an adept manestylist who believes her cutie mark has to be in styling. She finds herself to be an important pony and often forgets about others, even coming off as rude. She practices manestyling on her classmates.

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