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Hello there, I'm new!

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  • About Myself

Hello there! My name is SilverStarApple, and I love MLPFIM. I'm a writer, artist, and upcoming indie dev. Well, I'm teaching myself how to make games, I haven't released any yet. But that still counts, right? Anyway, I'm here to make friends and chew bubblegum, and I didn't bring any gum. I like Video Games, Anime, Books, Cartoons, and practicing my art. I hate Toxapex, Bugthesderp's Micheal Bay-like take on the Fallout series, Microtransactions, Paid Mods, Lootboxes, and how Bayonetta is in Smash. She's great in her own games, but she's too good in Smash. My goal in life is to release that one game I always wanted to make when I was a kid, only refined and improved upon with what I know now.

  • How I found Canterlot.com

I googled "MLP Forum" and picked this one. I loved roleplaying when I was younger.

  • How I became a fan of MLP:FiM

It all started so long ago... If I remember correctly, it was a pony meme I saw on a World of Warcraft forum that made me decide to watch the show. I started watching through season one while season two was still airing, and this show got me through some really bad times.

  • My favorite main cast/pony

Twilight Sparkle. She was my favourite from the start, and she will always be best pony. Pinkie Pie is second, Rainbow Dash is third.

  • More about myself:

My computer's hard drive failed recently, so I had to reinstall everything. I recently started replaying Fallout New Vegas, it's a great game. House/Wild Card for life!

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Welcome to Canterlot.com!

I am Kahoot :D 


I am more than positive you will enjoy your stay, to start off of course... You should probably read the site guidelines and protocols of RP before getting started. The rules are easy to follow and simply a way to allow everyone to have fun. Now, anypony is allowed to post a thread in the Free For All section without making a character application... This is where things may seem a bit confusing, but do not fret! A character application is basically a description of your OC or a character you would like to use in the World of Equestriaforum. In fact, they're not at all hard to make, here is a guide on how to make one and here is an example of one (As you can see in the comments of my thread, a Senior RP Staff or Moderator put an approval message, this is when you know you're all set for RP fun in the WoE section). As you can see, under your profile image it says "Member", once it says "RP Certified" like under my profile image, that is when you know you're set and ready to RP in the WoE section as well. Also! It may take a day or two for you to become RP Certified, for me, it took a bit longer and if you've been waiting a while, don't hesitate to contact staff... They're really nice and helpful!


Free For All- You do not need an approved application or be RP Certified, your OC can be anything you like... From an alicorn to some weird hybrid of a monster... It's all up to you!

World of Equestria- Your character has to be more realistic, here are some examples of animals your OC may be... Staff may ask for you to change a few things before they can approve it. If you want to use a pony or animal from the actual MLP show itself, you will also need to make an application for them... Here is a list of cast members from the show!

Crossovers- Want your pony in a video game, anime, show? Look no further! For here is where your pony can live in Narnia, maybe even the land of Ooo? Anything!

Multiverse- Basically a place for Alternate Universe's.

Out of Character Discussion- Now, they're two of these... One for the Free For All forum and one for WoE forum. Here, you can plan out your RP's, it's a great tool if there is more than you and another pony!


Don't forget to title for RP's with Open (If you're still welcoming more players), Closed (If you're no longer welcoming anyone else), Ask to Join (If someone would like to join, this title tells them to contact you for permission), or Sign up in OOC (This directs an interested pony to go to your thread in the Out of Character section to sign up... This basically means they will provide a description of the OC or character they would like to use... This is good for long-term RP's with a lot of players)


Now I know, this may seem really complicated but it isn't once you get the hang of it! I went through this process myself and now everything is going by like a piece of cake :D 

Already have OCs? You will need to make an application for them if you would like to use them in WoE as I stated above, although, you can freely use them in the Free For All forum without them being approved.


If you still feel lost about a certain forum, there is a description in small letters underneath the title!


You can make a character log to hold all your OC's and playable cast members, here is an example. Character sheets are the Free For All version of a character application, here is an example.


Hopefully, I cleared up most things... If you're still lost, simply ask for help! I am more than happy to help a fellow member out :)

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:monokuma: Welcome to Canterlot! Don't forget to have fun! :catbug: 

3 hours ago, SilverStarApple said:

I'm a writer, artist, and upcoming indie dev. Well, I'm teaching myself how to make games, I haven't released any yet. But that still counts, right?

Awesome! When you do release something, please share it! I'd love to check it out!


3 hours ago, SilverStarApple said:
  • I like Video Games, Anime, Books, Cartoons, and practicing my art.

Heheh, I like you already! 

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